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Me : We are going to drink alcohol, you want to join? Chakhna hogger Friend : mai peeta nahin, but kha lunga Me :

GF *in romantic mood* : aaj jo mann kare woh kar lo mai mana nahin karungi Gym trainer *starts doing push ups*


Boy :which season do you love the most? South Delhi girl :autumn Boy :aww tum? South Delhi girl :autumn bola hai har baat mei mazaak nahi

Gaddhe surakshit karo #NewProfilePic

Time to mute #NosePinTwitter now

Guy *masturbates thrice within a few hours* penis :

Wow made my day

Jo 2 cup chai peene ke baad phir offer hone pe 1 cup aur pi le woh Rajput.

*Date* South Delhi girl : I’m a pluviophile Me : spelling batao South Delhi girl : then I’m an introvert

When bae sends you’re looking food instead of you’re looking good

If you face swap Sara and Arjun Tendulkar, they’ll still look the same.

#CrackerBan 😂

You go to buy milk from supermarket and see that milk is shopping there too!Check out what happens when #MilkGoesShopping

Ab CM sir odd day pe bhi paidal, even day pe bhi paidal.

Guy : what happened? Girl : my nose is blocked Guy : did you link it with Aadhar? Girl : no Guy : tabhi

Every woman is a Stylewati. Some keep that side hidden while some are flamboyant enough to flaunt. #CelebrateTheStylewati @BajajElectrical

Mothers are busy taking care of the family but when it comes to taking the centrestage, they can be the Stylewati. #CelebrateTheStylewati

Mom has organised a Halloween based kitty party. All the aunties have to come in their regular make up and dresses.

When it comes to being a Stylewati, @MyHyness wins. I have to check my style when I go out with her #CelebrateTheStylewati @BajajElectrical

Aunty : ab nikalti hun Mom : ruk jao Aunty : Ghar duur hai raat ho rahi hai Mom : mera beta chhod aayega khaali hi baitha hai Me :

Happy Birthday bhai @mainbhiengineer. Aapko meri taraf se South Delhi mein party. Bas mai saath nahi chalunga

Avoid pessimists. But avoid the false optimists first. They are more dangerous.

😂 😂

Whenever I have a new roommate

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