Hardik Rajgor @hardism

I write about being Gujarati and sucking at Garba. https://t.co/tKnZfi4Kie

Bandra to Kandivli in 40 mins. Trains on Western Railways towards Virar running fine. Peak hour rush. Leave before it gets bad. #MumbaiRains

Arun Jaitley is special, he inherited a growing economy & managed to drive it to the ground at a time when the world economy is doing well.

Only poll that matters.

When Ronaldo is about to take a free-kick and you have to stand in the wall. https://t.co/ZMq3ajGc3w

India goes full savage at the United Nations General Assembly. Calls Pakistan "Terroristan". https://t.co/ZzSKT77j4k

As I walked from Bandra to Andheri, about 10 groups offered biscuits & water. Traffic cops helped with directions. Mumbai, keep doing you.

Have you guys no shame? Attacking BMC during times of tragedy. They have more important things to do. Like harass radio jockeys for songs.

Heartening to see Arnab reporting from the ground, amidst all the rain. Bit surprised he did not think the solution was bombing Pakistan.

Good Morning to friends all around the world. Except Varun Dhawan. For ruining Tan Tanatan Tan Tan Tara.

Breaking: Narendra Modi to announce a new black and white currency note today at midnight that says "Sorry". #DeMonetisation https://t.co/ib17uP0lwx

Nothing is sacred anymore. https://t.co/F9ZuBIvun8

I'm ashamed of what has become of liberalism. A journalist was shot dead, no one's arrested & national debate is who PM follows on Twitter.

Sreenivasan Jain giving @indiantweeter a #FF on national television at prime time. https://t.co/uMbiapx6wY

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Hurricane Harvey, Irma - the US have already suffered enough. There was no need for us to unleash Rahul Gandhi.

I write about the iPhone, men, and 6 inches. #AppleEvent https://t.co/Mxkp5oBt5w

[watching the #AppleEvent ] Mom: https://t.co/WrHulVuSWe

Whatever Tim Cook, Apple is not the only one to come up with an X jo bahot bhav khaayegi.

Excited to know about the speeds at which Bullet Train will travel, especially in a country where Venkatesh Prasad was called a fast bowler.

This is the new: "Should we spend money on space exploration or help the poor people on Earth first?" Short-sighted, narrow mindset. https://t.co/5mwj2lmTX3

Don't know what's worse, Quint asking for "Bolna Aunty Aau Kya?" to be taken down or Youtube actually taking it down. Free Speech champions!

Every time Free Speech is under debate, people post this stupid meme (pic 1). I'll let the eloquent Brendan O'Neill destroy it (pic 2). https://t.co/7Lvs2xA413

PV Sindhu gets her revenge on Okuhara in the Korean Super Series Final. Clinches the title with a clinical performance. You go Champ!

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