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I've written a new afterword for "What Happened" breaking down what we've learned since it was published, how we got here, and how we can heal our body politic. The new edition is available today: https://t.co/RPyFsw96xT

Voting registration deadlines are coming up fast. Take two minutes now to check your registration, and ask a friend to do the same: https://t.co/tTgeqxNqYm

Tyrone Gayle, a beloved member of the HFA team, was known to stay at the office until midnight and run six miles the next morning. Now, his friend (and fellow HFA alum) Jesse is running to raise funds for Tyrone as he fights cancer. Pitch in if you can: https://t.co/gbzLpuVsZn

There are 50 days left until midterm elections. If you're good and mad and ready to rebuild our democracy, I'm asking you to do more than vote this year. Take the next step and volunteer. Sign up with @SwingLeft for #TheLastWeekend: https://t.co/Q72Bmx3ESB https://t.co/OplU9ZwPCm

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My new afterword for "What Happened" is excerpted in @TheAtlantic. It's about the constitutional crisis building in our democracy and why we should all be focused, determined and, yes, optimistic as we work to save our country. https://t.co/HBEvB9919F

The administration is now seven weeks late in meeting its deadline to reunite families they separated at the border. Hundreds of families have spent the past seven weeks waiting and worrying. There's no possible excuse for continuing to keep them apart. #FamiliesBelongTogether

Let's talk about Brett Kavanaugh's past rulings on guns. He's out of the mainstream, even among other conservative judges, in his willingness to strike down legislatures' public safety measures to prevent gun violence if they don't align with his politics.

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