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How can you bring such petty things up when Modi is on the cusps of a historic victory in Gujarat. Go back to your hole.

Why are people wasting time on such an useless piece of transport?

Hahaha hahaha..... Amit bhai... This is getting embarrassing. May 2014 wasn't last week.

2 weeks ago I was expecting a BJP loss in Guj After Modi's campaign, I have come to the astute conclusion that I have no idea what will happen But then 'I have no idea' is my default state in every matter

All this is so confusing. What is the strategy here?

The one thing I like about the Gandhis is that they always throw some crumbs towards their most slavish supporters One can only imagine Pallavi Ghosh's ecstasy today

This is a mindset which every Indian has as an individual but completely absent in us as a civilization

As if we didn't have enough to deal with this year

Rahul Gandhi was last seen dragging a pile of bricks in Ayodhya

Are you the Yogendra Yadav in your organisation? If the honourable thing. Resign.

Have dedicated my life to discovering this secret.

That's a classy headstone

Are you following @YearOfRat ? No? Why not? If you don't have a good reason, kindly delete your account by end of the day.

Why was hyper-honest MMS in the same room with international crook Natwar Singh? MMS's own Govt fired Natwar for corruption & yet MMS chooses to secretly interact with Pak with shady Natwar?

When idiot Rahul tore up MMS' ordinance & threw it at his face in public, was the office of the Prime Minister insulted? MMS is a fraud who oversaw India's auction for 10 years.

No. Executions like these happen every week in Kerala, Bengal & Kashmir They have been justified & rationalized by the media for decades So this death too shall be buried

yes. Shouldn't it be the pugmark of a rat? #BrandConfusion

Paresh was executed in Bharat, not India. Our intellectuals don't comment on affairs of foreign nations

Now that white people say this, perhaps its easier to believe?

The more one learns of this #ZairaWasim incident, the more one realizes the potential harm this causes to cases of genuine complaints.

Congress is still Nehru & Indira's party

Since 2014, BJP has given more exclusives to NDTV than the number of times Congress with 40+ MPs has banned Times Now & Republic Lesson in there.

I want Gujarat elections to happen thrice every year

Magic mushrooms would explain this sea plane nonsense

How big are these mushrooms? Wild rumors flying around. The PM must clarify.

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