FoolishOfficer @indiaspeakspr

People like him are the most important weapon for Islamic fundamentalists. These dangerous creatures provide cover to continuous violence

Little Kanwal still thinks attacking Arnab will make him big. Why not break a story for once?

The things people dig out ......

I agree. I say if you dont wish death, you should be fired.

Tectonic shift? Great. So the next earthquake can be called Modi's fault.

Least surprising news in the world Ask Baingan to write a coherent paragraph.Will take her longer than it takes a glacier to travel 1000kms

Someone ask vampires like Javed Akhtar why is he is quiet. Don't let him get away with his party over dead bodies.

Little Kanwal lies on a monthly basis. Is he sure he wants to take this approach?

Nothing was done in 3.5 yrs. nothing was done in 6 yrs 0 is more than 0 hence proved.

Thank God he was too young. Or perhaps fewer Pandits would have made it out alive

Except doing better journalism, Arnab haters are doing everything to bring him down Pathetic sight.

Rajdeep is such an idiot.

I am stocking up on popcorn and buckets (into which i can cry into)

Donald Trump is going to address the United Nations General Assembly this week. Anything is possible, don't give up.

Master of strategy, Edward Luttwak has words of praise for @narendramodi Min 3:45 onwards

He knows his 'ideas' will never win. So death of the enemy is his only respite.

Is it true the N in NDTV will stand for Nationalist?

I find this super annoying Those who are not left-libs, they are sub-human & deserve to be crushed & ruined When won't you all get this??

The amount of hate and bile in this specimen is overwhelming. Incredible how @BuzzFeedIndia supports such violence

These crimes will haunt us when our Mt Sinjar moment comes.

As we say goodbye to Arjan Singh, we MUST remind ourselves how Sonia & her minions completely ignored Maneckshaw's death

Getting ready to execute the biggest power move of my life Will be unfollowing the PM now that he follows me

If BJP loses in 2019, will @narendramodi be the leader of the opposition?

Can easily visualize Laloo & RaGa inaugurating this a few years later.

Why not improve the consumer rights situation in the country instead? Why not for a change,just for once,only once,help the citizen instead?

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