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In 2013-14, 39 Indians felt they had better opportunities to make a living and feed their family in insurgency-ridden Iraq than back home. That is the story. Not ISIS.

This song is appropriately dedicated to the famous young man who is having the worst week in his life https://t.co/kI7B1xaGH6

  • For those keeping track of Arab spring, everything on track for 'change' 😂 https://t.co/CDllwd50dI

    😆😆😆 https://t.co/3rzFsYAI8C

    Twitter is getting almost as funny as Seinfeld. There I said it. https://t.co/sP1GI8uXXS

    Dear @AmitShah please please please ensure you have someone competent closely following this story. This is a lucky break. https://t.co/ZItryGmFIB

    Keep a bottle of acid at hand if this is true. https://t.co/nVLMuEpCKy

    If breaking Hindus officially into spliter groups doesn't ensure Hindu unity at the voting booth, nothing ever will The accountability now lies with the voter. Not the Congress.

    Yes https://t.co/xBnAxioKgN

    I hope Gadkari doesn't accept the apology.... Pests like Kejri are incredibly cunning and dangerous.

    The perfect human American energy German focus Polish work ethic Italian confidence Indian resourcefulness Chinese resilience British cunning French pride Brazilian sociability Russian daring Australian chill Japanese civility Nordic athleticism Dutch candour Kenyan stamina

    😂😂😂 https://t.co/tk1AqWEcpZ

    Xi's One Belt One Road budget has a section specifically dedicated to helping friends who want to establish democracy in troubled nation states. https://t.co/1EhpEhJIgf

    Modern diplomacy Arn't you glad we don't live in the boring 20th century anymore. https://t.co/7LigrzVeNM

    Its almost as if someone travelled back in time from the 20th century just to give a map to Ved Vyas. https://t.co/DpyEQo0NTh

    F*** https://t.co/pRlEXpX3w4

    BJP ke intellectuals always manage to surprise you. https://t.co/UWrBRoMEeA

    In the good old days if you humiliated someone from Exxon's middle management, governments would tumble It is a different world now.

    Even if you are unhappy about what Modi didn't deliver, remember this. https://t.co/PCxSVEuckx

    Trump turned the greatest political and military power in the history of mankind into the greatest reality show in the history of mankind.....in a matter of days. What a man. https://t.co/x2HMaJDw3X

    What a country! https://t.co/WZ2CplK74P

    The evidence is all around us. https://t.co/r6azf81jym

    Read this long thread and pray for the gift of foresight. https://t.co/79HFTfh1ow

    NOTA is equivalent to cutting your nose to spite your face My suggestion saves the nose #AllNosesMatter https://t.co/6LykHawXN5

    Mukesh Ambani must be thinking of declaring Antilla a free country using this 'i-pay-more-in taxes' argument

    Barbarians are still at the gates? https://t.co/B9yOuulJHj

    Zero sympathy for those who voluntarily agree to speak to someone from the Wire.

    A legend retires. https://t.co/KtLZYdBvP0

    The news will sink in the pits within 6 hours tops. https://t.co/rkwZTNpI7a

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Why is Mamata not open to joining the NDA? https://t.co/9Pcv5aZD87

    Decades later people will wonder how we did everything possible to keep our eyes closed to reality. https://t.co/Op3Iwe5dFX


    For decades, we have been hoping for discipline in JNU A very brave VC is trying his best to break the mould Hopefully he will be fully backed in this battle.

    Nothing new. The politically conscious will always get rewarded https://t.co/pOZV9XCljQ

    Rohingyas beating up the media in Jammu receives barely any attention nationally... Chalo, yeh bhi theek hai....

    Does anyone know who are the external advisors who helped the Govt draft the bankruptcy bill?

    Very few people know who lives next door to Mallya 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/ARQGCGxdi2

    How can someone be so young and yet so completely useless? Papa Abdullah should have partied less and spent more time at home. https://t.co/QOHi2TFHez

    All I can say is, thanks! https://t.co/EvxHwqZxDd

    While everyone was busy with the smartphone, Russia travelled back in time and changed the results of the Cold War Nothing else explains how everyone in the West is so pro-Russia https://t.co/gfgimPQHKn

    Rosette Stone should start including videos of Rajnath Singh and Yogi in its Learn Hindi modules.

    Many are asking me this question. Hence will answer this publicly instead of answering everyone individually. NO, it is not necessary to know where #Phulpur & #Gorakhpur is on India's map to have an opinion on how the people there voted.

    Has anyone ever seen Ram Nath Kovind & Mallikarjun Kharge in the same room? If not, then my secret explosive theory may just be correct.

    Not enough people on the TL are pretenting to have read A Brief History of Time What happened folks? This is disappointing.

    Is there a way to turn a good poha recipe into a great poha recipe?

    🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 @republic https://t.co/oOnXWeJVz0

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