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Beautiful https://t.co/TGD2ZALJy4

Those who missed watching Sachin during the duststorm in Sharjah, can now tune into the Lok Sabha

If the day continues to get worse for Raga, Rajkumar Hirani may end up making a film on him.

India is unsafe for women because men like him can boldly tweet like this , unafraid of the consequences of his past actions https://t.co/yuXUvguaCE

You see a clown winking. I see a confident man who knows exactly what is needed to hoodwink a billion people

So I have been getting everything wrong. Great. https://t.co/9wagxWGXLE

So annoying https://t.co/InHyLdhK45

Bezos & Musk is keeping the US far far ahead of the rest of the world as far as conquering the next frontier is concerned. https://t.co/U6PuYwLtyC

No minority in India is as neglected as the Pastafarians Let us come together, fix this & lets #TalkToAPastafarian

No prizes for guessing which story from India has made it to the headlines across all Western media platforms

Hindu monk Agnivesh https://t.co/aELd8EmXqw

I think I just found the first line of the novel I will eventually write https://t.co/QdrI90GKFg

Is it too late to start blogging?

Word of the year - Kinder-Guardians

The French team didn't become so diverse through immigration. It is a direct result of colonialism. Be careful of what you celebrate.

These realities need to be communicated as widely as possible. https://t.co/FFFuWQGqMh

🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/VVh3vYWshg

Everyone who visited Russia for the world cup has been surprised & very impressed by the arrangements Huge soft power victory for the country.

Don't Indian citizens deserve to know whether our elected officials are in a healthy enough state to govern effectively? Especially relevant for a certain CM in East India who has escaped scrutiny for close to two decades.

BJP supporters know that no matter how much the PM tries to address triple talaq or nikah halala, the Muslim community will not vote for him. However the interesting question is whether the Muslim leaders are still 100 percent confident that Muslim women won't vote for the PM.

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