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If the desecration of a holy shrine helps awaken a zombified community back to realty....is that desecration still worthwhile? I am partial to answering Yes.

This guy is a really smart cookie Destined for a long & powerful innings. https://t.co/rApgDbXYjo

Problem with a very very high moral ground is that you stop seeing what is happening on the ground

To show a middle-finger to Yogi, all libbies should change their name to something the Mughals would have forced them to have if they were still rulling

Lot of anger against vegetarians on TL I don't like this at all. I have always treated vegetarians with extra-ordinary kindness & gentleness. We should do everything possible to alleviate their dry & flavourless lives.

Imagine sacks of sawdust like this one here getting career opportunities which millions aspire to https://t.co/Dmydl9qOpH

Any pressing national crisis which I can resolve with a deep observation? I have five minutes available.

Renaming Allahabad as #Prayagraj is fine When will Yogi rename this Rahul Raj as Burbakabad? #KeepYourPromises

Has anyone raised the Karnavati argument to beat Modi yet?

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