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Rahul Roy joining BJP is nothing but a publicity strategy for Tiger Zinda Hai.

It’s okay if you don’t favourite every tweet of the people you follow.

I like how all these protesters now want a free screening of Padmavati to check for ‘objectionable’ scenes.

Roses are red Violets are blue Men are trash

Good men are recyclable trash.

Manushi Chillar. Women are cash.

Guess Karni Sena workers need real jobs. Indigo should do something about it.


Has method acting gone too far? https://t.co/12GL99bjFd

Imagine the amount of publicity Kangana and Karni Sena can together generate.

Rani Padmavati further bringing shame to the Rajputs by leaving her hair open. https://t.co/fd1k0R5m3I

Someone please tell millennials that the ‘rn’ in Karni Sena doesn’t mean ‘right now’.

Dudebro dudebro shamrang dudebro

When the Uber driver reaches you without you having to guide him. https://t.co/BbD1mwMoX9

You can enjoy this whole Padmavati controversy over.........wait for it.......Bun-Maska-Tea. Lmaoooo

Padmavati committed jauhar as she didn’t want to brozone Khilji. #JustRajputThings

"Name an extreme sport." "Watching Padmavati in theatres."

Given India’s gaumata obsession, no wonder an agency with ‘moo’ in it has upgraded India.

So they held a Star Movies Secret Screening of Padmavati? https://t.co/GAasE90CvQ

The first rule of Tinder club is you don’t chat once you match.

Business idea: Uber for cows

Use promo code 'NOPOLLUTION' and get 100% off on your next Uber ride..........................................................by walking to your destination.

Outdoor pollution in the streets, indoor pollution in the sheets.

They should add a scene praising demonetisation in Padmavati. Maybe that’ll solve it.

If you love someone (and they make threads even with 280-character Twitter), let them go.

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