Avinash Iyer @iyeravin

BMC denies permission to BJP to use Marine Drive for an event celebrating PM Modi's birthday https://t.co/DitTtxvKNZ

He protec He attac He eat beef and get killed by gauracshac

Smart Indian Millennial Rages Against Nepotism. Simran

While other kids made friends, Farhan Akhtar formed bands.

Bollywood using iPhone X: Varun Dhawan 1 unlocks Varun Dhawan 2's phone in Judwaa 2.

If 'Jai Hind' is Present, then Absent should be 'Gone To Pakistan'.

They better make a suspense film called 'Who Wrote Simran?'.

Next, we need Clit-iyaan Kalaiyaan. Make it happen AIB.

"This is too good to be true." *checks Alt News*

From Colleges to Jimmy Kimmel, World Goes Gaga Over Malayalam Song Jimikki Kammal https://t.co/A1EF5L6qkW

Rare dengue-linked syndrome claims 34-year-old Bank of America MD https://t.co/82yb5nQgnm

One Side Lover Memes > Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Next Up: Who does the PM right swipe on Tinder

If you love someone, please check their Uber rating.

That Paresh Rawal defence would've worked well in a Priyadarshan film.

So many plugs in KBC, they might as well call it Prashn Bharat Abhiyaan.

Jawed Habib Salon Vandalised in UP Over ‘Offensive’ Print Ad https://t.co/LMVwSfWPt1

Maine chehre ke side pe Dove lagaya aur ek side pe sadharan sabun. #LeftRightFaceOff

Gorakhpur tragedy aside, 981 children die everyday in UP https://t.co/syEOVEtpie

"Why should we hire you?" *shows Uber rating of 4.91*

Today's Crime Patrol was so good.

Have Eno to cure ..... https://t.co/ngYJ2Pq4mt

Only 90s kids know what it was to consume news without worrying about it having to be fake.

When the Uber driver reaches your location without you having to direct him https://t.co/zBwj5vtbrs

Superstar Hussain Haidry's poem - Bhedein https://t.co/p6cepD5ugg

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