Avinash Iyer @iyeravin

Nepotism ox https://t.co/Lh9HnzzVqt

Who called it 'Kapoor and sons' and not 'Nepotism rocks'?

Just like AbhiAsh and Saifeena, can we call them LaluBri? Sounds like a cool Bihari font as well. https://t.co/5pWdd40E6Z

Films such as Mom and Daddy are further proof of how Bollywood shamelessly encourages nepotism.

Who called it nepotism and not fam-inism?

I just got told 'You're so gharelu, man'.

Nepal Tourism should attract Bollywood by rebranding themselves to..........................Nepotism.


In retrospect, 'Bapu sehat ke liye tu toh hanikarak hai' sounds like an anti-nepotism anthem.

Waiting for Shiv Sena aunty's rap in response to Hoezaay's video.

How to be a Twitter celeb?

Do Punjabis download gifs from Gippy?

Who called it Ashok Vatika and not Lankan Park?

Nepotism everywhere https://t.co/fcOcD2ei7O

😘: Dhinchak Pooja calls this emoji dilon ka spitter

#OpenBoxersFor https://t.co/3kSxSigEU7

If her name is Athiya, shouldn't her surname have been Service?

Those kids in Flipkart ads are woke af.

How Tamil Bigg Boss contestant Oviya has gained a massive fan base https://t.co/U33Bh6tXHJ

Harry and Sejal met only to give us such an average trailer.

BMC's reactions so far when told of civic problems: 1: Call you mosquito breeder 2: Accuse of illegal construction 3: Create rap song

#JobAlert https://t.co/9z3cJLf2LF

[Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, now] Tina leaves behind a copy of Anjali's Aadhaar. 8 years later her daughter tracks down Anjali, thanks to Aadhaar.

I just saw some Sonu videos and now I understand why people were using 'Sonu' in context with Malishka's song. My life has changed forever.

But she can help him with homework, teach him to tie his shoelaces. If Galaxy can have a guardian, why can't piya have a pehredar https://t.co/7ejgkt9EKQ

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