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Me, every weekend. https://t.co/WeX3CB2rmp

Avinash Iyer top tweets

Only 90s kids remember growing up around people who didn't defend the government day in, day out.

  • iDiva South Delhi girls for President.

    We all need to move on and start living in a post-Padmaavat world.

    There’s a wedding invitation in my Uber. #JustNoidaThings https://t.co/ONU6Oy6wT4

    Avinash Iyer top tweets

    Hum pe yeh kisne hara rang daala Khushi mein hamaari humne Aadhaar link kar daala

    Poet. Preys On Easy Teens.

    Angels and Demons https://t.co/Cl3VDjRWb2

    Only 90s kids remember Akshay Kumar not trying to please the government.

    Saw pretty much all that Kala Ghoda Festival has to offer on someone’s WhatsApp status.

    #GirlsWhoLikeDeer https://t.co/T0gRSgNsq0

    Avinash Iyer top tweets

    Only 90s kids remember growing up without having an app for everything.

    Horrible. Ola cab driver beaten to death in Govandi by speeding bikers https://t.co/sD6sQrhy2N

    Fries Ahmad Fries

    Relationship goals https://t.co/TTE4jVkdks

    Thanks to Achche Din, 'Choke me daddy' has now given way to 'Choksi Modi'.

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