$$ Aditya Magal $$ @jhunjhunwala

Bank Services are really taking a leap.DYK you can now video call your RM with Hello feature on Citi Mobile App? @Citigold_Hello #HelloCiti

Reliance Home Finance is listing today. Dream home + Dream stock? @RelianceHF #RHFGetsListed https://t.co/hRhxInMnF9

Reliance Jio is tying up with SBI . Mukesh Ambani now owns your money,your petrol and your data. Basically he owns your life. šŸ¤‘

New @Bangaloremirror column. Today I take a look at the business of sickness,hysteria & money at a time of illness - https://t.co/lFeFRC4T6s

Karun Nair has scored a fabulous double hundred. Expect England to bitch and moan and whine about his technique in today's press conference.

Kohli should declare after Jadeja scores a double hundred.

My column in today's @Bangaloremirror on how the city has become a city of IT,Good weather,pubs & sadly molesters : https://t.co/s4qXhcB49X

Put your best foot forward,me taking #OneStepCloser, making our cities safer for our women, join in @SCMM2017 šŸ‘šŸ½ https://t.co/KmQKGitvFR

Om Puri : A Remembrance , my column in today's @BangaloreMirror - https://t.co/nxthHEDFde

True ALL rounder! Power + performance + mileage at an affordable price with uncompromising quality #ForceFZ

If used for bolstering Defence Spending and living conditions of our soldiers in this hostile neighborhood then #TaxesAccheHain

If used to create equitable distribution , rural welfare and spending in social sector necessities then #TaxesAccheHain

Bengaluru desperately needs this. Too much traffic and pollution already! @Olacabs #BLRDoYourShare https://t.co/K6KIKokseV

Please help folks. Get in touch with @TheDnote for details. https://t.co/fipiCUczg3

New @BangaloreMirror column - I write about how champions fight with age : Serena,Federer, Sachin,Amitabh & more - https://t.co/redOpqRnjZ

ā Prospective architect here. Building model homes from Lego blocks. #TimeToGetSmarter

Hitting sixes on the pitch or against congestionšŸš—šŸ #FarakPadtaHai https://t.co/XukoxkbMcA

Lead a life you deserve,sail in luxury overlooking Botanical Garden - Piramal Aranya @PiramalRealty #AnOdetoByculla https://t.co/M3lpV44Bx0

Feel like I'm in a #Transformers movie! New Ola App has been Transformed . #TransformersOnOla https://t.co/HvcgWmicUw

Make love, not babies. Remember copulation > populationšŸ˜˜ @DurexIndia #WorldCopulationDay https://t.co/shd1tjvFM5

Kickass Kabaddi anthem. Amped and charged to watch @FortuneGiants make their #ProKabaddi debut. #GarjegaGujaratĀ https://t.co/p3cKEicZ1m https://t.co/XlIPWj2ao0

Better late than never with #Durex https://t.co/nmMlMIqZJo

The Great Indian Batting Collapse - Plaguing Indian Cricket since forever... #WWC17Final

Just started my #OlaShare ride with an Ex-serviceman. This #IndependenceDay is going to be extra special. Looking forward to the stories.

Here's a nice gesture by @theleela,They're thanking those who have contributed to India's growth & success. #CelebratingIndia

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