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At a time when WWE's product has become dreadfully stale , Thee ELITE Thee Thee Elite are rumoured to be starting their own Wrestling promotion . Brave New World @MattJackson13 @NickJacksonYB Shows in India needed ASAP. This drops more hints - https://t.co/Xs37aCY0Q3

Good thing they used the word 'reported'. People know who is the unreported richest. *Cough*SHARAD PAWAR *Cough* https://t.co/9mjyCekFSe

Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan serving food at Isha Ambani's wedding. This is what working in #ThugsOfHindostan has reduced people to. https://t.co/gUgg9jmjHJ

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KGF Trailer 2 and song released. Level of hype & swag is awesome. P.S - Not a paid tweet. KGF looks super cool . If the film delivers and word of mouth spreads, Zero will have a tough time. Song - https://t.co/lJX4pIEbWa Trailer - https://t.co/7sV5xpIiAq #KGF #Zero

Definitely not in the South Indian states. Zero and Simmba will fall after 3 days. KGF will run 100 days . And this is just Part 1. This film will do for Yash what Baahubali did for Prabhas. https://t.co/DvBQxtW6G1

This is why people don't trust Congress. They don't seem genuine. Sachin Pilot is the obvious choice in Rajasthan. People want him,party want him. MLAs want Ashok Gehlot. Who will you listen to? People who voted MLAs or People themselves?

One man's food is another man's poison. One man's news is another man's propaganda.

Definitely. It is because of him that Raman Singh is still CM of Chhattisgarh . Everywhere he campaigns, BJP wins. He is Modi 2.0. https://t.co/QIq3XgvxNZ

Pretty sure Vinit Goenka is trying very hard to become the next Sambit Patra. Legends however can never be replaced. cc @Nidhi

Say Sachin Pilot be made Rajasthan CM - Bhakt Criticize Yogi - liberal bastard Criticize Modi - Anti National Criticize RaGa - Anti Secular Praise Kejriwal - Anarchist Talk Jaitley - Stupid fake economist Basically, trying to be neutral means abuse from all sides.

yep https://t.co/4mcjWObLFE

Its a specific phrase generator actually. Bhakts do the rest themselves. They inspire others. https://t.co/CV6TOzFbQk

We are an "accepting" culture. Some riot accused become Prime Ministers. Some become Chief Ministers. https://t.co/mPmFfKoZ3r

My standards are anyway low. That is why I'm arguing with you on twitter at 12:30 in the night instead of doing something more useful. https://t.co/EMPkzdqc2a

Yep.Ok. https://t.co/2h65YZQcDJ

BJP has screwed up the economy so bad that people are rejoicing that Congress won yesterday. Same Congress that people would vomit over 4 years ago. Bhakts won't see the damage from Yogis, institutional interference, middle class apathy,lynchings, economy,spin , farmers.

Economy is run by a lawyer with no knowledge of economics - Arun Jaitley. The RBI governor has a specialization in History and was the Economic Secretary in charge of Demonetisation. All this & I've been complaining that Ravi Shastri is Coach. Kissing ass is the new merit.

BJP thinks Ease of doing business is all that matters to the economy. It helps Ambani and Adani start yet another business.The rich get richer . What use is that if there are no jobs? Indian Economy is complex & ultimately you have to feed a billion people - every single day.

Best lines from today : Mamata Banerjee (On BJP 2019. Don't know how true but liked the way she said it): "Countdown Staart! Bheeginning hoff the end " Rahul Gandhi ( Don't know if he means it ) : "They want Cong mukt Bharat but we don't want BJP mukt Bharat."

Lol, Congress Kamal Nath has already sent letter to Governor of MP. He has time stamped it, publicly displayed it and asked to be invited to form government. Dealing with Amit Shah's governors and malfunctioning fax machines has taught Congress. 😂

We should be grateful its not Anil Ambani 😂 https://t.co/BC9ETqs1IF

Congress needs to send DK. Shivakumar to Bhopal immediately. He is the guy to play the game with Amit Shah . https://t.co/MsYPK14iwY

The Author life. https://t.co/gpCnKHd6O1

Election Commission website is giving Congress 110 and BJP 108 with 3 seats to be declared. BJP has higher vote share. https://t.co/ItRbUKeXhh

Any which way you look at it, the BJP has lost and the Congress has regained. This is a serious wake up call for BJP. Ignore the middle class and rural India,Continue being arrogant, continue trolling & labeling people, continue polarizing and India will vote them out in 2019.

Congress wins Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,Chhatisgarh. Defeating BJP directly in all 3 states. Performs better than BJP in Telangana and Mizoram. Stop the trolling, polarizing , spinning and interfering in institutions. Fix the economy,generate jobs or else pack up in 2019.

😂 https://t.co/saRzMSMJvb

Mallya extradition approved by UK Court. Media spinning it as 'Modi brings back Mallya', not bothering to mention that Mallya can appeal the extradition in a Higher UK court and stall .

Waiting for government to appoint Anil Ambani as next governor of RBI. #UrjitPatel

Tim Paine's leadership is worse than Rahul Gandhi's. Australia without Smith and Warner are weaker than Vijay Krishna Acharya's direction in Thugs Of Hindostan . Rishabh Pant is a better troll behind the stumps than average bhakt on twitter.

Karan Johar's business model is admirable - Makes bad films, acts in worse, makes tons of cash distributing super duper hits like Baahubali and 2.0,then uses all that cash to launch Star Kids. 👌

Wedding Scale. #AmbaniWedding https://t.co/oeCu7j3Zha

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This is either the greatest product placement in history or the worst 😂 cc @VishalDadlani https://t.co/oOqCguOUNk

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Pujara deserved a hundred in 2nd innings . Frustrated the Aussie bowlers, faced 200+ balls, scored 70+. This after scoring match saving 100 in the 1st innings. This man knows Test Match Batting.

Rishabh Pant from behind the stumps ' Aussies have no intent to win the match!!' This is not sledging, this is full on trolling 😂

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