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Politics is for day time. Night time is for Telebrands and Slim Sauna belt. Those who understand and practice this get the formula for world peace.

Obligatory - presenting India's national meme. https://t.co/mNju5DfuQ7

This is scary . No human being should have to suffer this. Don't even know what to say. https://t.co/SihBt8Cd1x

Don't worry guys. We will win without Kohli or Pandya.

Star Sports is running 10 years worth of ads every over.

LGBT - Love Goes Beyond Tyranny. #LoveStoriesReimagined Stay Safe . STDs are no laughing matter. Protection with @DurexIndia https://t.co/TzoGbPtiPy

He has a career in politics if he continues talking like this. https://t.co/2sXFFNN4F5

Excellent debate yesterday on TV on the Kerala nun rape .Reminds me of the film 'Spotlight'. P.S - don't know why @nidhi gets so much hate online. She is actually a pretty good anchor. And @annavetticad has 2Ms in her name. You can't hate her!

One day he will become PM. I am sure at that time he will make petrol cheaper instead of teaching me economics. https://t.co/SLO7NkMwpi

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