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jhunjhunwala -

This is a must read from @JitendraJain_ - funny and pointed talking about the shitty news of today (pun intended) - https://t.co/kPKD9WizbO

Feel like I'm in a #Transformers movie! New Ola App has been Transformed . #TransformersOnOla https://t.co/HvcgWmicUw

$$ Aditya Magal $$ top tweets
  • Make love, not babies. Remember copulation > population😘 @DurexIndia #WorldCopulationDay https://t.co/shd1tjvFM5

    Kickass Kabaddi anthem. Amped and charged to watch @FortuneGiants make their #ProKabaddi debut. #GarjegaGujarat https://t.co/p3cKEicZ1m https://t.co/XlIPWj2ao0

    Better late than never with #Durex https://t.co/nmMlMIqZJo

    The Great Indian Batting Collapse - Plaguing Indian Cricket since forever... #WWC17Final

    Just started my #OlaShare ride with an Ex-serviceman. This #IndependenceDay is going to be extra special. Looking forward to the stories.

    Here's a nice gesture by @theleela,They're thanking those who have contributed to India's growth & success. #CelebratingIndia

    With the @AsianPaints SmartCare waterproofing range, worrying is one thing I won’t be doing: https://t.co/pPAa9A20OP #ShortcutNahiSmartcut

    Reliance Home Finance is listing today. Dream home + Dream stock? @RelianceHF #RHFGetsListed https://t.co/hRhxInMnF9

    $$ Aditya Magal $$ top tweets

    Bank Services are really taking a leap.DYK you can now video call your RM with Hello feature on Citi Mobile App? @Citigold_Hello #HelloCiti

    The new Love and sex Guru. Meet Rex the #RexBot from @DurexIndia here: https://t.co/PZnYYIJmLA. He looks like @Trendulkar

    A day will come when newborns fresh out of the womb are deemed to not exist because they don't have Aadhaar cards.

    Rest of the time I listen to Metallica and Eminem. During Navratri, I listen to Narendra Chanchal,Falguni Pathak & MS Subbulakshmi.

    Love Football? Crazy about Man United and are as FAN-tastic as MS Dhoni? Join the @GulfOilIndia #GulfFanAcademy⚽ 🏃 https://t.co/TX1TkCnAni

    Priyanshu is 3 years old,son of a daily wager & needs congenital heart surgery. He needs your help 👉 https://t.co/PNqAs1Peda #SavePriyanshu

    Diwali is here and here I am doing the same old thing over and over again...#BoringDiwali https://t.co/JGd9KfLx0r

    Vivo perfectly captures all the #OutOfFocus moments in their Diwali video #VivoDiwali https://t.co/69koAE3ZSx

    The name is bot, #REXBOT - meet @DurexIndia's love and sex guru at https://t.co/PZnYYIJmLA 🤖

    Grab your buddy and watch the @ProKabaddi final. Whose your money on @patnapirates or @fortunegiants. #GarjegaGujarat I say 💪

    From the bottom of the heart, wish you all a very Happy #Demonetisation anniversary . https://t.co/bD4GIZnAXK

    It's World Aids Day, make a choice. Use a condom, choose safety ,choose life. @DurexIndia #ProtectionSavesLives https://t.co/Ak5PwUTNxQ

    Keep your lungs clean with #DettolSitiShield as Team India cleans up the Lankans in Delhi ,a la #MaukePeChauka https://t.co/i0tjt2vWRc

    India is World's greatest Cricket team in India and against West Indies and Sri Lanka.

    Champion Indian batters can score 200 in Chennai and Nagpur anytime. Newlands Cape Town kya hai?

    They should start calling that film 'Problemvati'.

    World class innovation + futuristic styles made with indigenous Indian talent, @LavaMobile is leading the way in the #DesignInIndia initiative #LavaDII https://t.co/9vF9W6aFfR

    $$ Aditya Magal $$ top tweets

    [email protected] for going from making Super Cars to Super Hero Cars . #IronMan or #CaptainAmerica, take your pick #SuperHeroesSuperKWID https://t.co/rlfxKKM32n

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