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It was 20 years ago today. I love these dudes sooooo much. Get that holiday spirit!!!! Thank you @MrHoratioSanz, @ChrisKattan, @RealTracyMorgan and newbie @ArianaGrande. #IWishItWasChristmasToday https://t.co/hcowLugGzf

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[email protected] is here! @arianagrande stops by! If only it were Christmas today... @MrHoratioSanz, @RealTracyMorgan, @ChrisKattan, what can we do about this?? #FallonTonight https://t.co/HhbRcfvoWb

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Tonight!! @MichelleObama is here and we’ve got a lot of fun surprises planned along with a few special guests! Do not miss! #FallonTonight

It’s Hashtags time! Use the hashtag #AllIWantForChristmasIs, and then fill in the blank with a funny or weird thing you want for Christmas. Could be on the show!

#AllIWantForChristmasIs a CVS receipt that isn’t longer than a Harry Potter book.

[email protected] stopping by #FallonTonight!? imagine a world like that https://t.co/soRlFjQwYl

It has been for years - also if you buy my @benandjerrys Tonight Dough ice cream all of my proceeds go to @SeriousFunCamps as well. I can buy a couple and send your way! Hope you like it! https://t.co/7oDOA6Im7k

We have a big announcement with @Lin_Manuel and a fun holiday song round up on the Tonight Show tonight. Set your DVR’s. #FallonTonight

Tonight! @Lin_Manuel Miranda, @Ninja, and music from @blackthought ft. @salaamremi! #FallonTonight

Wooooowww. Well done. Never saw that one coming. #Jimberflake haaa. https://t.co/7NBbf5zX3q

Great show tonight! @MileyCyrus is here, @ReginaKing stops by, and a performance from @chloexhalle! #FallonTonight

Name That Song Challenge with @MileyCyrus https://t.co/0Xy7bSHORl #FallonTonight

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