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Celebrate #WorldReadAloudDay today with a MAMA you love! @LitWorldSays https://t.co/NXm8gjy6Ys https://t.co/ePtNMyyzK5

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Tonight: @samsmithworld, Cecily Strong, and magic from @Danwhitemagic! Plus, your funniest #MyWeirdSuperstition tweets! #FallonTonight

  • Right now @elvisduranshow and @z100newyork with @elvisduran!! We will talk all things Super Bowl. Tell Alexa to play Z100.

    You guys are the best!!! So fun!! Thanks!! https://t.co/mHWZwUphLq

    Thank you to the Salzer family in Champlin, MN for the best tater tot hot dish in town. You made me feel so welcome.

    Watch in the mirror for full effect. See you tomorrow! #FallonLIVE https://t.co/lzA0Gzl0jS

    Here is proof that I was really sitting ON the @Pepsi sign (harnessed to it actually) with a drone camera keeping me company just so you don’t think it was CGI. I was there - the breeze coming off of the East River - preparing me for MN - freezing my “S” off. #PepsiHalftime https://t.co/QMDxar5Xbs

    Off to Town Ball Tavern at Target Field. The Tonight Show is having a party. See you there! Happy #SuperBowlSunday https://t.co/4yHFHWwVUE

    On my way to Town Ball Tavern at Target Field. @FallonTonight is having a tailgating party!!!! Food, games, music, @handshigh55 sweatshirts, KOOZIES and @benandjerrys Tonight Dough Pint Slices! #FallonLIVE

    Here!!! Town Ball!! https://t.co/Vx1wV1KkkN

    You guys have been phenomenal. Keep it up - you’re almost at the homestretch. https://t.co/5kWxf9XraE

    Have the parties started yet? Cheers!! @MNSuperBowl2018 @PEPSI #PepsiHalftime #FallonLIVE https://t.co/T3EWgoOhgh

    Go get ‘em Justin. #PepsiHalftime #SBLII #JustinTimberlake

    YESSSSS!!!! THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT!! Magic. Loved THAT! See you in a few. #PepsiHalftime #JustinTimberlake

    Getting ready - we are on LIVE in MN after @NBCThisisUs TONIGHT!!! #FallonLIVE

    LIVE in 10 minutes!!!! @jtimberlake, the cast of @NBCThisisUs, @TheRock and @ChrisStapleton. #FallonLIVE from Minneapolis!

    Thank you Minneapolis! Good night. #FallonLIVE

    What an awesome trip! Thank you for hosting us, Minneapolis! When can I come back?? https://t.co/IrdYQp3eJb

    Back in New York with a great show tonight! @SJP is here, @jessetyler stops by, and music from @diplo ft. @MOMOMOYOUTH & @GoldLink! Plus, players from Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia @Eagles!! #FlyEaglesFly #FallonTonight

    Tonight on the show: Sienna Miller, @TimTebow, and music from @NoelGallagher's High Flying Birds! #FallonTonight

    It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny or embarrassing reason why you're single and tag it with #WhyImSingle. Could be on the show!

    I eat the top layer of my popcorn using only my tongue. #WhyImSingle

    [email protected] and I look at Tebow fan tattoos https://t.co/TjgEuTfbP7 #FallonTonight

    Tonight: Andrew Garfield, @RachelBros, and stand-up from @bonniemcfarlane! Plus, your funniest #WhyImSingle tweets! #FallonTonight

    Some of your funniest #WhyImSingle tweets https://t.co/G7Hbcfsd4o

    Tonight: Paul Rudd is here with a special music video remake, Laurie Metcalf stops by, and @AliceMerton performs! Plus, it's #ThankYouNoteFriday! #FallonTonight

    Beat the best. #USA https://t.co/M66PUZpW5j

    "King of Wishful Thinking" with Paul Rudd https://t.co/crYpQOip4n #FallonTonight

    Made with love. Thanks for the original! Also, I have so many questions... https://t.co/PdnkAuvPzy

    I tried my best. Do you know how hard it is to get Boy London biker shorts? Props to Tonight Show wardrobe and costumes! https://t.co/xR3R4rBclr

    Thanks again to #PaulRudd and #GoWest https://t.co/N24Yr4AviG

    Totally. Go USA!!! https://t.co/Brzz6x4Sr9

    I’m fine. How are you? Love back. https://t.co/zNsI3CLOnc

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Haaa!!! I will! I will! https://t.co/QmBh5R0DrW

    Thank you man!! https://t.co/VHXDiOYOl0

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