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Happy Fathers Day!!! https://t.co/cVS51TdyKU

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Great show tonight: @JaredLeto is here and @alessiacara stops by to talk and perform! #FallonTonight

[email protected] and I put on disguises and busk in a NYC subway station https://t.co/o73bThJtRn #FallonTonight

Tonight: @jadapsmith, @BryceDHoward, and stand-up from @NikkiGlaser Plus, it's #ThankYouNoteFriday! #FallonTonight

Oh this is gooooood. 180 gram vinyl remastered and cut at half speed Rolling Stones studio albums from 1971 - on. Tubes are warming up. https://t.co/iRvVTg5sYQ

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John Travolta teaches me his iconic dance from #Grease https://t.co/xTUfPUWard #FallonTonight

Thank you so much @TeenChoiceFOX for the nomination! I feel like I have an advantage because I’m actually the lost Dolan twin. Either way - here are some @YouTube playlists with some of our best from this year. https://t.co/y27lKI17U3 #ChoiceComedian

Ha!! This made me laugh. Never stop trying!! https://t.co/y794fc9iEc #DADA #FathersDay

Supposedly there's a rumor going around that @xtina was spotted busking in #NYC? Maybe tune in tonight to find out? #FallonTonight #XtinaOnFallon https://t.co/Esoh0cxP0l

Great show tonight: @prattprattpratt is here, @xtina talks & performs, and some really fun surprises - Tune in tonight! #XtinaOnFallon #FallenKingdom #FallonTonight

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