Justin Bieber @justinbieber

Dubai is incredible... India you are next. @Amit_Bhatia99 u ready? #PurposeTourStadiums

Thank you https://t.co/lqI8U2fX78

South Africa is incredible #PurposeTourStadiums

UK. @BSTHydePark in July https://t.co/cZqFvfZ5Uv https://t.co/gR5sLY4Yrd


See you Sunday https://t.co/FNG2L3LgRY

Nice https://t.co/fgHHK6WVPg

See you soon https://t.co/LVOSJszZTr

#OneLoveManchester https://t.co/dLcK2kYvP3

Elsa Jasmine Sara Romee Stella Martha


I support all sports I'll put ANY jersey from ANY pro team if I'm whack for wearing jerseys they give me out of love then I'm Whack

Leafs above all but other than that u give me ANY JERSEY THAT LOOKS COOL ILL THROW IT ON

I also don't know enough about sports to Really have valid opinion but I do enjoy sports!! And enjoy any high level sports game. Any team


New music. This Friday. Me and @davidguetta #2U

#2U Friday @davidguetta https://t.co/ebRKsxjupg

Friday #2U https://t.co/PWBSM7U6dv

30 minutes https://t.co/V5EyyUzIzf

10 minutes #2U https://t.co/UV9N42v2XF

Out now https://t.co/VtVl2uxjXB https://t.co/RKa7jeLjv8

Out now #2U https://t.co/ebRKsx1T0G https://t.co/uU9FE6Xmac

New single #2U https://t.co/vOH1g22Cl9 https://t.co/B9fFNG8fZb

Congrats buddy https://t.co/kAeQTKJIpy

Thank u https://t.co/OUjKimDMzZ

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