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Picture this: you in a bebe shirt, smelling of lovespell, listening to Pardon me by Incubus on your disc man, running (carefully so it doesn't skip) home to AIM your long distance bf on your grape iMac while your bagel bites heat in the microwave.

There's no place like home❗👁why my ❤ beats hardest for LA, every time! More on #Xfinity. https://t.co/2gRaKRtruE


Really appreciate you guys and the risk you take keeping us all safe. 🙏🏻 https://t.co/SOZI1a8ASK

TAIPEI❗️Your 🎟 to #WITNESSTHETOUR are available now! Will I 👁 you there? https://t.co/7muOBucSEl https://t.co/O72HW0yS1E

I👁U SINGAPORE AND MANILA❗Your 🎟 to #WITNESSTHETOUR are now on sale! https://t.co/VNXmphRhJe https://t.co/z7Jpl0pkIh

Saying a prayer for my hometown of Santa Barbara & Montecito tonight 😔 The #thomasfire is still only 10% contained after devastating #Ventura #Ojai & now #Carpinteria. Over 230,000 acres burned... Have many friends & now even my parents evacuate. My heart breaks for the 805.

❗HONG KONG & JAKARTA❗I know you've been waiting ⌚️Will you 👁 #WITNESSTHETOUR 👁with me in the Spring? All the 🎟 info is at https://t.co/VNXmphRhJe https://t.co/9am9HNMakc

🎶a democrat in the senate🎶 https://t.co/yCznAs3u1S

To bring U more 🎉🔥🎊, the March 15 Curitiba show is moving to ➡️ Porto Alegre at Arena Do Gremio on March 14. 🎟 for all 3 🇧🇷 shows, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Porto Alegre 🚨WITH SPECIAL GUEST @BebeRexha 🚨 go on sale Monday, Dec 18 at https://t.co/VNXmphRhJe https://t.co/hOuUbeNaWO

i can’t wait till instagram culture is over so we can all be ourselves again

Meet your #WITNESSTHETOUR concierges, Thomas and Michael! 👯‍♂They 🎉surprise 🎉 the biggest 😻KatyCats 😻so I can 👁 you out on the road along with my @BGCA_Clubs x @GlblCtzn volunteers 💪🏼 and @MakeAWish angels 😇. See what they do and more at #xfinity. https://t.co/Rvk2eFJXa9

🇯🇵 TOKYO! 🇯🇵 I can't WAIT to see you again! 2️⃣ nights at Saitama Super Arena ‼️Your tickets are at https://t.co/vRBm8lNtLk https://t.co/9Kp8Vu9z6a

Woke up to wish my mom a happy 70th birthday today to find my brother evacuating them from the insane #ThomasFire in Santa Barbara County that has kicked up once again... praying for the firefighters & first responders that are fighting it back as best they can. Love you SB 💔

ready for mars @elonmusk https://t.co/g8VZC0fDGi

A big ❤️thank you❤️ to all the firefighters & first responders from all the surrounding areas that have come out to fight these #thomasfire flames... #805strong

🇧🇷MORTA LINDAAAA!!! 🇧🇷 Brazil get your tickets to see @BebeRexha and me on #WITNESSTHETOUR 👁 https://t.co/VNXmphRhJe https://t.co/a5Vq7ssCaK

🇦🇷 BUENOS AIRES 🇦🇷 Welcome @laliespos to #WITNESSTHETOUR. Tickets are at https://t.co/VNXmphRhJe https://t.co/ADTPLPpRCD

Who would have thought there would be a better scent than gingerbread and pinecones? 🤷🏼‍♀🎄Check out my newest scent ▪▫INDI▪▫ available @Walgreens @KPFragrances ❤💚#WhatMakesYouINDI https://t.co/GPo7YLnywq https://t.co/s5JqCzGM8Z

Morty’s #1 stan @ Walt Disney World https://t.co/btolzPXqiF

GUYS here’s an easy and fun way to 🎁give🎁 this holiday season if you’re visiting Mickey❗️For every “ears” photo shared with #ShareYourEars, @DisneyParks will donate $5 to one of my fav charities @MakeAWish up to $1 million dollars 😱 https://t.co/f0o2jaBVoc

TOMORROW https://t.co/VSHR27iOIw

katy-claus is coming down ur chimney tomorrow with a visual gift ok @ Place de la Révolution https://t.co/9ixbwNgDFY

she quick https://t.co/pt4NZ9fyCt

Hiya. I'm writing you from Miami, prepping my last Witness: The Tour show of 2017. I'm… https://t.co/ydBKOePBSz

One of the most beautiful parts of my job is being able to meet people like 👑Rayna 👑 I hope you are as moved as I am by her story, and that you will consider @MakeAWish for your holiday giving. https://t.co/mkv5XB0rcB

tbt to when I put the ho in holidays @ North Pole, Alaska https://t.co/i3DKtSwsBr

#fbf of Grandma Ann and I casually sitting under the🎄this year 📸 @nadialeelee 👠 @kpcollections @… https://t.co/SKEvyxefD2

YOU 👏🏼 THINK 👏🏼 THAT 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 AM 👏🏼 CRACKING 👏🏼BUT 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 CAN’T 👏🏼 BREAK 👏🏼 ME 👏🏼. 👁 behind the scenes of my video for “Hey Hey Hey”: https://t.co/5JytT4f7ij https://t.co/Wnf3ZXD6o6

I don’t want to be current, I want to be transcendent.

Very encouraged by so many magnificent women unifying and standing together in solidarity saying enough is enough tonight. I stand by those women and all my sisters around the world. United we cannot be divided. #TIMESUP

After 90 years of serving L👀KS & smiles as the polka dot queen, it's time she got that recognition 👏🏻! It will be a childhood and grown adult dream come true for me that day! ❤ https://t.co/rw6aYWYfNB

🇹🇭I WANNA SEE U BANGKOK, KOK, KOK, U BANGKOK 😜 🇹🇭 Your Witness: The Tour tickets are on sale now! https://t.co/qaZIsT6NXs https://t.co/VnKavHKnYw

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