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I appreciate ya....I truly believe that this is my best work to date. I'm so proud of this hour of material. It's as real as it gets #IrresponsibleTour

Sitting courtside at the Sixers/Lakers game with my team in our “Irresponsible Tour”…

My sixers look good damn it.... Trust the PROCESS!!!!! A healthy sixers team is a problem for the NBA!!! It’s all about growth!!!

Orlando... my #IrresponsibleTour is headed your way on Dec 31st, tickets available now at

Knoxville TN my #IrresponsibleTour is headed your way January 12 tickets available now at

Fargo ND my #IrresponsibleTour hits the Fargodome on January 19th, tickets available now at

Madison WI, I’m headed your way on January 21st for my #IrresponsibleTour , tickets available now at

Minneapolis I’m headed your way Super Bowl Weekend for a special stop on my #IrresponsibleTour, tickets available at

Of course I am


Let’s gooooooooooo


It’s showtime Long Beach CA....Operation punch y’all in the mouth with a hour in fifteen minutes…




Then go get it all!!!!! The sky is the limit damn it....Go take what’s yours!!! Success is a MINDSET

It looks great....good job!!! I love it

I love it....

No labor yet guys....false alarm. We are getting close tho. Waiting patiently for the arrival of our little man!!! #Harts

That time I talked to much shit to my trainer and got choked out 😂😂😂😂😂 Whoever the photographer…

Amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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