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Just lifted the ban on female education so our girls can read Times of India and learn.

Our government should stop wasting money on useless Mars missions and focus on grassroot problems like feminism and denim clothing instead.

What is red, has spots, and is the focus of our orbit? Your ass when we find out you've married a girl outside your caste.

Good for Sarita Devi. No one accepts bronze in dowry anyway.

We nominate all women for the clean India challenge.

For our members, Champions League T20 is like feminism. We know it's happening but no one gives a shit.

Surpanakha dressed provocatively and everyone knows how that turned out.

Yesudas > Tulsidas

"Deti hai to de, warna jal le." #dowrypickuplines

Only idiots buy from Flipkart. REAL men demand dowry.

Who says we are against love marriages? We have a whole Arsenal of couples in our village. They're all injured. Lolz.

Someone prevented a few kids from working and got a Nobel. We have stopped thousands of women from doing jobs and no one appreciates us.

"I want you to hurt me!" she cried. "Are you sure?" "Yess. Do it!" "Okay. I married you for the dowry." #50ShadesOfKhet

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to block roads and demand reservation in fish imports and he'll eat for a lifetime.

Due to general lack of interest and fatigue, this handle is shutting down. Thank you for bearing with us for the last two years. Ciao.

Since the Government of India has already banned everything and left us jobless, we have decided to start tweeting again.

In our village, we dump brides for HAVING maths skills.

Before judging Sharad Yadav pls see how provocatively Smriti Irani invited people inside her house in the Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi song.

Say goodbye to your train journeys "@ANI_news: Jat reservation scrapped by Supreme Court."

RT for NH8. Fav for NH1. #Reservation #RoadBlock #Fun #OhYeah

Kohli is a good cricketer but he'll never be as good as Sachin unless he becomes more mature and dumps Anushka Sharma for a same caste girl.

She looked into his eyes seductively. "Suck me till I'm dry" she said. He demanded a Bolero and 20L in cash as dowry. #50ShadesOfKhet

When a girl asks us if she can use a mobile phone like her male counterparts.

1 Reason Why We Hate Buzzfeed "@BuzzFeedIndia: Yes, Women Masturbate Too And It’s About Time We Talked About It"

Hot illiterate ladies pls add us on Snapchat - mahcastemah8itude

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