Anurag Verma @kitanurag

ya pls follow him on insta

Me: Mummy mera socks nahi mil raha yaar Mom:

Me, a newbie: let me pimp this good tweet several times, gain followers, and reach the masses Me now: I hope only 7 people read this

When you're out with your friends and they ask you to click their photo


This poll is for those who use it wrong

Frn 1: Main further studies karne ja rahi hu Frn 2: Main further research kar raha hu Me: Main further khaane ja raha hu koi kuch lega kya

*Opens Twitter*


When you wake up at 7am on Sunday

lmao had to google the movie


When you've been avoiding messages all day and accidentally open WhatsApp

Well said

Me: Ugh why is it raining. Car: Just use my wiper you'll see just fine. Me: Cool. Car wiper: [makes bhurji on the windshield] Anyone hungry?

When you wake up to the mess you created during a mad house party. Social Offline looks like that place

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