Kobe Bryant @kobebryant

Inspirational group doing great things. Thanks for having me out today. Never turn your back on an idea! https://t.co/yFGK7CneGC

Haha. Deal 👌 https://t.co/1qeovevuT3

I'm building @DrinkBODYARMOR @BryantStibel and a Media company but get asked if I'm influencing @KyrieIrving #mambaout https://t.co/Nm3PirwKJs

Hope you have an A in this class https://t.co/ABKeJSHPZc

The next Canvas episode airs tonight @ 830pmEST on @ESPNNBA. What to watch for in Game 4? How GS’s democratic system wears opponents down.

Canvas: The Golden Democracy. The Warriors game is as easy as 1-2-3. @ESPNNBA https://t.co/byCFisbfQa

My sis @sydneyleroux is back in her musecage!! #mamamuse https://t.co/3vUVqpHLv2

🙌 #totti https://t.co/8JBHZ6IWQa

#ObsessionIsNatural https://t.co/cY5GiBKCdN

Congrats @DianaTaurasi on being the @WNBA all time 3pt leader #Legend

#81olives @JalenRose haha #jalenvseverybody 7:30 on #ESPN check it out!

Is there an answer to GS’s democratic system? Catch the sequel to Canvas: The Golden Democracy tomorrow at 830pmEST on ABC. @ESPNNBA https://t.co/0UPh2ocOi1

The monarchy vs the democratic system. Canvas: Cavalier Kingdom airs tonight now @815pmEST on ESPN. @ESPNNBA https://t.co/hl69N8Ugjc

👑👑 Canvas: Cavalier Kingdom, watch it here. @ESPNNBA https://t.co/PPjigmGvpa


Here's what it means @Dj_E5QUIRE https://t.co/qqCoUzydlF

💯 https://t.co/e9rbDANCJ3

Not when the #2crowns deliver and more importantly their teammates make timely shots https://t.co/xpYgRDtJRy

Yup but their defensive pressure was also 🙌 https://t.co/0s50Z8dt5I

Doesn't matter to me my man but it was good to see a chippy game with hard fouls finally #nbafinals https://t.co/YekfH9VaMa

Thank you. I had a great time creating them https://t.co/9BYvc46MQn

I didn't realize till now that there's actually footage of this "situation" ha seems like yesterday #musecage https://t.co/PCAeEYXRoh

Congrats @RafaelNadal #Decima #FrenchOpen

We were a democratic kingdom. I should probably do a #MBN piece on the triangle offense at some point 🤔#musecage https://t.co/JEUS0ZzDUG

Congrats @warriors #GoldenDemocracy

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