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Happy #worldkindessday #WorldKindnessDay THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER❤️ my wish is for you all to know how happy it makes me knowing the whole world is trying to be kinder to each other everyday. Well wishes Twitterverse. #BeKind @BTWFoundation

#HappyTuesday wishing you a sunny day from the inside out. 🖤🤘

On the road to Kentucky. Gas stop. Why do we look like 3 teenagers waiting for an adult to buy us 40s. #SundayFunday #JoanneWorldTour

You certainly did make me cry.

Last show for #JoanneWorldTourConnecticut SOLD OUT LOVIN PERFORMIN 4 U! ❤️❤️lets see ur outfits!! #JoanneWorldTour I’m wearing new @Versace t-shirt backstage

Happy 4 yr Anniversary #ARTPOP Thank u for allowing me to release my rage & passion & fear into this music. “I️ try to sell myself but I️ am really laughing, because I️ just love the music, not the bling.”


Wishing you a peaceful and calm evening. Or maybe even a wild one that lets off some steam. Sending #LoveToTheTwitterverse and beyond. ❤️

Was such an honor working w/@JeffKoons on #ARTPOP & doing artist workshop w/ Marina Abramović this award meant & still means a lot to me. ❤️

Happy evening and good night and #LoveToTheTwitterVerse

Everyone should watch this & maybe they could disability in a new way. Such a powerful video. #BecauseWhoIsPerfect watch me now live! #OneAmericaAppeal #HurricaneRelief 🇺🇸

Now that’s what I call an audience😍 #OneAmericaAppeal performing in a few minutes!

Nothing more beautiful than everyone putting their differences aside to help humanity in the face of catastrophe. #OneAmericaAppeal

#OneAmericaAppeal @BTWFoundation salutes u for establishing a mental health & trauma recovery fund w/ me personally for hurricane victims ❤️

#HappySundayTwitterverse #SundayFunday

My album #Joanne is Officially Certified Platinum in the United States! I couldn’t be more happy thank you from me and my family to you! ❤️

#JoanneIsPlatinumParty let’s trend it! Love you monsters! My family is so happy today!

When you got the best seat in the house. Next to Joe Torre and your best friend since you were 4.

So excited for me & my co-writers Hillary Lindsey from Nashville and @MarkRonson. #MillionReasons is soon to be DOUBLE Platinum in the USA!

A message from me & my buddy Vice President @JoeBiden @ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Go to #ItsOnUs to help. 🇺🇸

I can’t wait to see sing to him again. This is why it’s so important to raise awareness about mental illness. It’s invisible, but very real.

Me too baby!!! Here we go....A-YO!🎤

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