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Thank you @JohnKerry for hosting today's #YaleClimateConference. We must all work together to combat #climatechange. https://t.co/hQz26KOZe5

[email protected] & US #ClimateAlliance announce states are on track to meet or exceed the Paris Agreement. https://t.co/Jg7K1fXlCq

Great news out of California. https://t.co/Os8w6DaG90

We must continue to fight climate change. Educate yourself and see An Inconvenient Sequel. https://t.co/R3YvFooHo6 #BeInconvenient https://t.co/DhyrsOhwaZ

The Senate repeal bill failed, but the GOP remains determined to undermine health care. Show up & resist on July 29→ https://t.co/fyKJslUwc0 https://t.co/Ept4jmPkF0

This #GlobalTigerDay, help @DiscoveryComm and @WWF protect wild tigers at https://t.co/VHO5ma88T8 #ProjectCAT https://t.co/TbXfsZeXCm

Grateful to all who made the @DiCaprioFdn Gala a success. Get involved: https://t.co/bNWQGc0ukb

Your reps are home for 5 wks. Make the most of August recess w/ 5 quick videos from @IndivisibleTeam @NextGenAmerica https://t.co/1VoBVK4UfB

Sign @world_wildlife’s petition calling for greater action to #SaveSnowLeopards https://t.co/a5eFmYP07P

To celebrate #WorldLionDay, the @dicapriofdn & @wildnetorg are launching the @LionRecovery Fund. Help #savelions at: https://t.co/kPvuIa4x9M https://t.co/FUbXGHbNnh

We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants. https://t.co/aViqCTjScX

All artwork sold in our LDF Auction will benefit @DiCaprioFdn grantees working to protect our planet. https://t.co/ERije7b8m9

Inspired by everyone involved in @Soulardarity for using #solar-powered streetlights. Learn more: https://t.co/9ZIF8KJKqA @100isNow https://t.co/qVSbleA1hY

Flooding has forced thousands in Texas & Louisiana from their homes. Join me in supporting the @RedCross: https://t.co/MoTyKAw8bU

With #SB100, CA can lead the world to a 100% clean energy future–with good jobs, cleaner air, and a healthy planet. https://t.co/V0ewPGLS1b

Thank you @laurenepowell & @emcollective for standing w/ #DREAMers. Watch & share their latest ad. #DREAMAct https://t.co/J25b19axcS

Support the @ElephantCrisis Fund & join @DiCaprioFdn, @wildnetorg & @ste_kenya in protecting #elephants. Learn more: https://t.co/djAZIDjfcy https://t.co/Zbi708UY3T

Sign the petition to urge Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela's leaders to protect the Amazon: https://t.co/xNucSdoYet

Let’s lead the way to a 100% clean energy future, beginning with CA. #SB100 https://t.co/1ui7YQGUoA

Thank you @TiffanyAndCo for your generosity & commitment to #elephants & the @ElephantCrisis Fund. @ste_kenya @wildnetorg

Proud of my production company Appian Way for their role in this documentary. https://t.co/mGQEzgr37r

Support relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey & Irma. Tune in at 8PM ET & give back at https://t.co/fCLHq2Fpk9 #HandInHand https://t.co/yWoKkrw2J1

Let’s pass #SB100 & get California to 100% clean energy for all. https://t.co/b82fXgJ32l

Let's do this, together. Call your assembly members today and let's pass #SB100 to get California to 100% clean energy for all. https://t.co/wlgkiYlBuJ

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