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That's it. I'm supporting KKR in this IPL for Dinesh Karthik.

This victory might not look as important as it was against minnow like Bangladesh but every indian cricket fan will cherish it for long long time given the emotions attached to it.

  • You shitty fans deserve this everyday from your shittier team.

    LOLendra Singh top tweets

    Don't disrespect the guy's efforts. Dhoni couldn't pull this off everyone knows this.

    Give a special "Sapera of the match" award to Dinesh Karthik on fans' demand please.

    Last me thoko taali kahna bhul gaye paaji.

    One of the main reasons I want India to thrash Bangladesh in the final is that the world will be spared from watching the super-annoying naagin dance from those ultra-annoying fucks!

    काले चाहे बाल हो या पैसे, कुछ वक्त बाद सफेद सबके हो जाते हैं।

    We all have choices to make but few have none. The Last Girl is forced to enter prostitution and is forced to solicit in a public place. Let’s help and protect her. Sign here: and support @apneaap @BuzzOne_Co and @Ruchiragupta #FightForHer!

    LOLendra Singh top tweets

    Classic example of how Sachin's timing was much better than all the others.

    Pant is here to stay. He is gonna prove his mettle in longer run for team.

    Think she is going overboard now. Personal issues ke chakkar me bande ka career kharab kar degi ye.

    Infrastructure Development Fee 62,500 !!! Isse to accha hai banda loan leke apne bacche ke liye khud ki school khol le.

    LOLendra Singh top tweets
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