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#AutoExpo18 Random man: Babe how much do they pay you for standing here in short clothes? Bouncer: इधर आईयो बे Man: Imma talkin bout torque curve, laden weight bruh, chill

I traveled 2,574 kilometers with my Fitbit, and just earned the Great Barrier Reef badge for it! https://t.co/4502JX7bfE #Fitstats

  • Which banks in india offer car loans without pre payment penalties?

    Pathetic service @IFBAppliances , logged complaint 3 days back yet to hear from anyone

    Hi @Solereview , small help. I bought nike Pegasus 31 and adidas Boston 6 and both fit tighter than usual ones. Is that the idea, a snug fit, or should one buy larger sizes in these?

    Hi @EtihadAirways @EtihadHelp having challenges in web check-in, site not allowing me somehow. ODTRTO is the ref ID, can you check me in please

    Hi @PanasonicIndia can you tell me the default number of trays that ship with the fridge NR-BC40SSX1? Are there two default trays or three?

    Girl boy talking, Delhi metro Boy: let's go to #AutoExpo18 babe I wanna see new cars and bikes Girl: ae aaj padman dikha na kutte Announcement: ये गाडी आगे नही जाएगी

    #AutoExpo18 , Mahindra display booth Man: babe aren't you feeling cold wearing a skirt Model: let me call the bouncer Man: अहा कितनी सुँदर suv दीदी

    #AutoExpo18 Man: boss can I borrow your shades? Man: can I borrow your jacket? *Sits on a super bike, gets clicked* Insta story: great fun driving my Hayabusa with Armani shades and Gucci jacket. Life's good.

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