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It’s never safe to look directly at the Sun! Protect your eyes during the upcoming #Eclipse2017 on Aug. 21. Details:

Tomorrow at 10:45am ET, 2 cosmonauts go outside @Space_Station for nanosatellite deployment, research & maintenance:

Celebrate Monday's #Eclipse2017 with a new @Twitter hashtag emoji of totality, when the Moon blocks the Sun:

Tomorrow is launch day for a new @NASA_TDRS communications satellite! Hear the latest mission updates now at 9am ET:

#DidYouKnow: Our @NASA_TDRS comms satellite provides global communications services to more than 40 of our missions:

LIVE NOW: Coverage of Russian #spacewalk outside @Space_Station for nanosatellite deployment, research & maintenance

Q's about the upcoming #Eclipse2017 on Aug. 21? Join our @Tumblr #AnswerTime session at 3pm ET! Ask questions now:

We’re launching a @NASA_TDRS comms satellite at 8:03am ET Friday! Hear mission experts today at 2pm ET: Q? #askNASA

ON NOW: Hear from experts about @NASA_TDRS communications satellite ahead of tomorrow’s 8:03am ET launch Q? #askNASA

In spaceflight, communication is crucial. @NASA_TDRS allows us to call @Space_Station, get @NASAHubble data & more:

LIVE NOW: @Tumblr #AnswerTime session with eclipse scientists:

Join us live from the launch pad at 6pm ET to see a @ULA rocket & our next communications satellite, @NASA_TDRS:

NOW: @NASA_TDRS team is live at the launch pad ahead of Friday's 8:03am ET launch of a new comms satellite. Watch:

We're set to launch our next comms satellite, @NASA_TDRS. Weather is 80% GO for Friday's 8:03am ET liftoff. Latest:

‘Twas the night before [email protected]_TDRS communications satellite sits on @ULAlaunch pad ready for 8:03am ET liftoff

LIVE NOW: @SpaceX’s #Dragon cargo vehicle that launched Mon arrives at @Space_Station with science & supplies. Watch

In this view you can see @SpaceX #Dragon cargo craft firing its engines to orient itself for @Space_Station arrival:

The #Dragon cargo vehicle has left its 30-meter hold point and is now approaching @Space_Station for capture. Watch:

We caught a #Dragon🐲! @Astro2Fish & @Astro_Paolo use @Space_Station #Canadarm2 to grab #Dragon vehicle at 6:52am ET

.@SpaceX #Dragon is now in the grasp of #Canadarm2. Tune back in at 8:30am ET to watch it attach to @Space_Station:

LIVE NOW: @SpaceX #Dragon will be attached to @Space_Station, delivering tons of science & supplies to crew onboard:

With the fastening of 16 bolts, @SpaceX #Dragon cargo vehicle is now attached to @Space_Station at 9:07am ET. Watch:

Now attached to @Space_Station, where it'll stay for ~month, #Dragon cargo craft delivered science/supplies to crew:

From the nearby to the far out, our panel ideas are up for a vote at @SXSW & you get to choose! Voting ends Aug. 25:

Weather is 70% ‘GO’ for Friday’s 8:03am ET launch of @NASA_TDRS communications satellite from @NASAKennedy. Details:

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