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Sulfur dioxide emissions, an air pollutant typically produced when coal is burned to generate electricity, increased by 50% in India, while they fell by 75% in China over the last decade:

1 of 8 massive rotating storms that appear as white ovals, christened the "String of Pearls" was recently captured in this stunning @NASAJuno spacecraft image:

During @NASAWebb telescope's first 5 months in space, it will examine Jupiter and its moons, search for organic molecules, hunt for baby galaxies and more! Get the details:

#JPSS1, a new @NOAA satellite launching at 4:47am ET tomorrow, will improve weather forecasts & help track hazards like forest fires:

Join us for the second launch attempt of @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1 tomorrow at 4:47am ET. Live coverage begins at 4:15am:

Up early? Join our busy morning! Tune in at 3:15am ET to watch cargo arrive at @Space_Station. Then join us at 4:15am to see @NOAA’s next weather satellite, #JPSS1, launch:

LIVE NOW: @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle approaches @Space_Station to deliver science and supplies. Watch:

Right now, @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle is approaching @Space_Station at ~0.4 meters per second to deliver science and supplies. Watch live:

LIVE NOW: Coverage from the countdown to liftoff of @NOAASatellites #JPSS1 at 4:47am ET. Watch:

The @OrbitalATK #Cygnus cargo vehicle is approaching @Space_Station for capture 10 minutes behind schedule. Watch:

Here's an overview from launch to orbit of this mornings 4:47am ET launch of @NOAASatellites' #JPSS1. Watch live:

Science & supplies are making their final approach to @Space_Station on @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle. Watch:

Scrub: This mornings launch of @NOAASatellites' #JPSS1 spacecraft was scrubbed. Updates:

Launch teams are working toward a next launch attempt of @NOAASatellites' #JPSS1 on Wed., Nov 15 at 4:47am ET:

Captured cargo! Crew used @Space_Station’s robotic arm to capture @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle at 5:04am ET:

Tune in at 6:15am ET to watch as @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle is secured to @Space_Station, delivering science & supplies to crew:

LIVE NOW: Watch as @OrbitalATK’s #Cygnus cargo vehicle is secured to @Space_Station, delivering science & supplies:

The @OrbitalATK #Cygnus cargo vehicle was successfully installed on @Space_Station at 7:15 am ET, where it will stay until early Dec.

Since fall 1997, our @NASAEarth satellites have continuously & globally observed all plant life at the surface of the land and ocean. Discover how else we’re monitoring our living planet:

Whether its crops, forests or phytoplankton blooms in the ocean, our @NASAEarth scientists are tracking life on Earth. Here are ten things you should know about our living planet:

Its got a ticket to space! A tiny satellite with big potential is hitchhiking a ride to space, launching tomorrow morning along with @NOAA’s latest critical weather satellite. Learn more:

We're counting down for the final two missions on the Delta II rocket, including tomorrow's 4:47am ET launch of @NOAASatellites #JPSS1, the nation's next weather satellite. Watch:

[email protected]'s #Cygnus resupply ship is less than 12 hours away from a rendezvous and capture at the @Space_Station. Get the latest:

We’ve got a busy Tues. morning! Wake up early with us to see cargo arrive at @Space_Station starting at 3:15am ET. Then, tune in to watch the launch of @NOAA’s JPSS weather satellite starting at 4:15am ET:

Solar oddity! @NASASun observatory saw a rarely-observed dark filament shaped like a circle above an active region, seen from Oct. 29-31. Take a look:

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