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Top stories now on https://t.co/Fbzw6mR9Q5 #NDTVTopStories https://t.co/oUJG9C7Bzr

#Amethi: Congress workers celebrate after @OfficeOfRG elected as the party president (ANI) #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi https://t.co/S7m1b1JUfE

"PM must apologise": Manmohan Singh's unusually sharp counter on Pak row https://t.co/CfSvyDrVXx https://t.co/EnQSurlDPF

In Australia for school games, Delhi teen drowns while taking selfies https://t.co/kkkSNRuhtT https://t.co/TcDQl0GLKb

Told to pay 'outstanding' electricity bill of Rs. 9,000, Madhya Pradesh farmer ends life https://t.co/wcrR6gtwut https://t.co/R38ODKrJNK

This is a news alert. More details to follow. #JustIn #NDTVNews https://t.co/vUMkY5fXL1

93 cases of circulation of "objectionable" videos of women till November 30: Naveen Patnaik https://t.co/lOqZt2rrce https://t.co/Y30RBXZxc7

New York police responding to reports of explosion near Times Square: police tweet https://t.co/V1AoAfR79l https://t.co/rAd6YbX3LW

#BREAKING | One person arrested in #Manhattan blast: media reports (AFP) https://t.co/J63JgpdGg4

Schools closed, flights delayed after UK snowfall https://t.co/yDX567gyUl https://t.co/uXjf3ln3EW

This is a news alert. More details to follow. #JustIn #NDTVNews https://t.co/WLJRClWYnh

#JustIn | PM @narendramodi wishes @OfficeOfRG a 'fruitful tenure'. #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi https://t.co/3ZYfCUq6jr

This is a news alert. More details to follow. #JustIn #NDTVNews https://t.co/RjLxnRtVK4

Lead story now on https://t.co/Fbzw6mR9Q5: https://t.co/SFMFHbZlGS #NDTVLeadStory #Manhattan https://t.co/hwwyto4lIp

Uber charges man $18,000 for 8-kilometre ride. It wasn't surge pricing https://t.co/RVxMpiK6mw https://t.co/USaiKBTAQu

Top stories now on https://t.co/Fbzw6mR9Q5 #NDTVTopStories https://t.co/7wMYzYCfMy

[email protected] and @imVkohli married, say reports. Announcement soon #Virushka https://t.co/YWCTxOfG2Z https://t.co/3rUwjVm4q3

Mt Hope new tallest mountain in British Antarctic Territory (BAT) https://t.co/9pc0T4qxSA https://t.co/MZfsAAcNkf

[email protected] gets PM @narendramodi's wishes on being @INCIndia president https://t.co/OHi4BtLbt9 #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi https://t.co/4BCY2dbpcz

#SwachhIndia | Now a satellite can help identify levels of #AirPollutionemitting from cities across the globe and pinpoint specific source of pollution https://t.co/ZhINyWg12l https://t.co/R3LvxwbMYX

Congress should come out with facts of what transpired in meeting and explain what was the necessity of it : FM @arunjaitley https://t.co/4cDaZ01mY0

This is a news alert. More details to follow. #JustIn #NDTVNews https://t.co/RVfyfehBlw

Top stories now on https://t.co/Fbzw6mR9Q5 #NDTVTopStories https://t.co/k9Kw98q1ED

⚡️ “Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli married, say reports. Announcement soon” #VirushkaWEDDING #Virushka https://t.co/eDXTPvGxj5

Explosion In Manhattan, Man With 'Possible Second Device' Arrested https://t.co/zfO25TGdx7 #NDTVNewsBeeps https://t.co/tucXUVO4W7

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