Numbyaar @numbyaar

It's surprising Arnab didn't become an engineer. Because in college #ArnabDidIT

I walk good. Remember me in your prayers... Channa mine mine, Channa mine mine...

If we had AAP at the centre, maybe Padmavati would've been named Jhaduvati.

But how do you grind water? #OkBye

Here is Nambia...

Priyanka Pochra

Hey @TheTweetOfGod, how many RTs for world peace?

If capital means wealth how does capital punishment mean death?

He takes the 'pub' out of the 'public'.

Overrated out-of-work author.

Men working together to give out a message on women empowerment is negated because they're all men? Ok then.

Yun hi chala chal Rahu...

I am Crain!

These texts on fb videos are such give aways. Like if they had Gupt, it would come with the text, 'Kajol is the killer'.

Google Tez, because the only thing Google doesn't know yet about us is where we spend our money.

Good. Now post today's rain.

Twitter polls are just confirmations from echo chambers.

Heard EDM nursery rhymes because of the junior. That's the most sense EDM has ever made.

I wish people liked my sense of humour as much as Suhel Seth loves his own.

We'd rather combine 'N' from 'Nippon' and 'Hi' from 'Hindustan' for a 'Nahi'.

What if we combine 'Ja' from Japan, 'Na' from Namibia, 'Ch' from Chad, 'Ut' from Utah, 'I' from India and 'Ye' from Yemen?

While we're at it, let's also combine 'Bol' from Bolivia, 'Na' from Nauru and 'Aunty' from Auntyarctica.


Snakes on the train.

#ThrowbackThursday for those who remember when Nirmal Pandey came out with his album. There's Mallika Shehrawat too

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