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Please tell me this is parody. https://t.co/E21JaDW54h

Back in the game.

Lingarda pori Lingarda pori Lingarda pori Lingard

Not an underdog world cup yet. Every time such shocks happen during the league stage but in eliminations it'll mostly be the Giants fighting it out with one or two exceptions. #WorldCup


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Today's man of the match has to be Lolargson!

Guess the French colonised Africa to make good football teams.

What an entertainer!

This match already has more goals than the total number of goals Spanish matches have in an average tournament.

Our sentiments are our sentiments. None of your sentiments. https://t.co/c3CTMzIygj

Once upon a time a stylish bus conductor was discovered and he became a superstar. Today, he would've become a meme.

I'm so outdated I take 10-15 minutes deciding on an emoji.

When is Panama's game? Can't wait for BAADUMBAAAAAAA. #WorldCup

The best part of the game was Cheryshev. 2 goals. Both spectacular.

aye Aye AYe AYE AYEE https://t.co/5yg0RbSgqg

Ghar se Kuch Dur nikalte Chalte hi.. hi.. https://t.co/v2NR1MA7nD

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My favorite part of this tweet is where acknowledges the mathematical error over the controversial part. 2000 nahi, bus 1400 years 😁😁😁 https://t.co/Gq6hS7cmBd

So between games in US and Mexico, players will scale the wall to warm up. https://t.co/a2Z1jujlEg

That chai piyo aunty is neither unusual, funny nor cringeworthy. Except that clip where she pushes her kid away. Can't understand the hype.

Even this time the Coca Cola anthem is better than the official WC song. Just like how Wavin' flag was better than Waka Waka. Jason Derulo - Colors (Official Music Video) The Coca-Cola Anthem for th... https://t.co/G9G2nyvzLR via @YouTube

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