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The main reason @Shakti_Shetty avoids tweeting threads and keeps his tweets really short is to deny us a chance to tweet 'itna data humein de na Shakti'.

Abeyyy kitne baar ek hi dialogue maarega! Also 'Made in' ke baad country ka naam hi likhte hain. https://t.co/tlVWjZh5SX

Welcome to Twitter. Choose your side and get ready to get offended.

Tu sly tweet hai kissi aur ka Tujhe retweeet-ta koi aur hai.

Once you've tasted blood... https://t.co/v4JSWE4rqB

Wilbur Sargunaraj. ROFL! https://t.co/iDiFxfKcmw

Phew, some relief! If you believe petrol pumps can't be recalibrated like ATMs. https://t.co/8CoDQJARMO

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From left to right, Tanishk Bagchi, Badshah and 90s songs. https://t.co/P1Fy93Cs1Z

Numbyaar top tweets

"Bhenchod tu insaan hai ki Old MacDonald ka farm? Here a muh, there a muh. Everywhere a muh muh.' - Mandodari while kissing Ravan

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are UAE https://t.co/BtDNUpH8bH

Since 1998, I have been anti-France when it comes to football. Not anymore. This song changes it for good. https://t.co/BtLR0NEidp

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