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I love Nick Carter's songs. Especially 'Show Me The Meaning Of Being Horny'.

#BrahMos Let the rhythm take you over.

Me: A judge hearing the Sohrabuddin case was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Right wingers:

Can we please have more such nuanced discourses on this platform?

Both are not Parveen Babi

Friend: We've just had a daughter. We're thinking what to name her. Mahesh Bhatt: Congrats! Name her Pooja 2, Shaheen 2 or Alia 3.

*Ed Sheeran planning his next India tour* Agent: The first flight back home is 12 hours after your show. Ed: I'm in no hurry to reach home. Book me on the first flight out of India. To anywhere.

Twitter these days be like Stay Angry Stay Foolish.

Time for a bounty on the BJP chief media coordinator's head. Let's go full circle with this!

Total Cringefest Basmati Blues - Trailer via @YouTube

Nana Patekar's daughter's kids call him by his first name. And I think that's beautiful.

A woman going for a sex change operation.

Thoda add-GST karlo.

*googles Mia Khalifa* 'Do you mean Ma Kali?' BHU app to block porn sites, play bhajans via @TOICitiesNews

They quoted Lord Macaulay from a forward 😂😂😂

More like Kota for talent. Because suicide.

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