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Literalness and a lack of interest in social norms are not enough to sustain a series

One NYT reader's reaction to President Trump's tweets about Stephen Curry and NFL protests

Free Speech Week has been canceled at UC Berkeley. But Milo Yiannopoulos says he’s still going to show up.

Opinion: Trump's message was for all who seek racial justice, not just Kaepernick: Shut up and stop complaining

Silicon Valley has for years accommodated a fringe element of men who say women are ruining the tech world

One person was killed and 6 others were wounded after a gunman opened fire at a church near Nashville

“This is a serious situation because that’s our drinking water”

President Trump issued his approval for the locking of arms, while still condemning the players who chose to kneel

The U.S. military said it had conducted drone strikes on an ISIS training camp in Libya, killing 17 militants

“Some of them are really stubborn. But they’re so small, so delicate in my hands. You kind of fall in love.”

Trump suggested that the players locking arms were showing support of the anthem, rather than protesting his remarks

Pursued by authorities, the family behind Unaoil speaks up against accusations that it “bribed the world”

Iraqi Kurds are determined to escape their tortured past and fulfill a national destiny: a country to call their own

Spelunking in search of antibiotics #Daily360

Among the EU’s neighbors, only Russia, Belarus and Turkey have leaders who have been in power longer than Merkel

Melania Trump is as cautious as her husband is impulsive, and shares little of his desire for the limelight

The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans both stayed in their respective locker rooms prior to their matchup

He licked moisture off the cave walls and became so hungry he thought about eating crickets

A checklist for the neo-survivalist preparing for the apocalypse

The British police are investigating a series of acid attacks on Saturday by a group of men in East London

Long before Colin Kaepernick took a knee, Carmelo Anthony was standing up, marching against police and gun violence

Like it or not, Angela Merkel and the country she will lead for a fourth term have become global actors

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and “The Lego Ninjago Movie” underwhelmed critics. The masses seemed to agree.

Iranian families seek relief from the summer heat — with some rules attached

Merkel, Reluctant Leader of the West, ‘Has Gotten the Taste for It’

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