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England vs. Tunisia: The night might get worse before it gets better for Tunisia, as it's all one way traffic right now. Live updates: https://t.co/aUcogpQBLR

“We’ve seen more nonstate armed groups emerge in the last 7 years than in the previous 70 years” https://t.co/kjlrnTEHsq

She is the first Latina and openly lesbian woman to be nominated for governor in Texas. Her first task? Winning over a skeptical progressive community. https://t.co/qNMSKMEiFq

How a plane crash and a personal obsession shaped Poland's leading politician https://t.co/wut8V5xKOi

"My friends’ fathers were present but seemed ordinary in comparison. Mine was absent but felt mythic." https://t.co/ng9jPAzcEc

What happens to a rural town when it loses its only school? Communities across America are finding out. https://t.co/fGd5Lz8ot9

For years Monticello avoided mentioning Sally Hemings. Not anymore. https://t.co/LHL0eW25Yc

"When you are in the trenches, you can watch a match and the way the ball is passed and you forget everything" https://t.co/H8PX184att

Does the Mediterranean diet prevent heart disease? A big study found it did. Now the investigators concede it was flawed. https://t.co/Jg7qLkPrzL

Are You Too Old to Have Been Sexually Harassed? In Italy, Maybe https://t.co/G2LBpA26Dw

The notes Albert Einstein wrote while traveling through Asia and the Middle East reveal xenophobic views of the people he encountered https://t.co/Sa4X9sQTfg

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