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oinkoo | Updated:

Arey ye kya ho raha hai

Bas mata rani ki kripa hai

  • Bollywood music these days is just Punjabi wedding playlist from 2010.

    My God, foodpanda delivery guys are really clueless about the areas they're allotted. Zomato zindabad.

    Asked a younger cousin not to touch my feet, turns out he wasn't going to touch my feet anyway https://t.co/zFH5guyXbI

    Priyanka Chopra looks different in every movie 😮

    Back to playing Candy crush.

    I've worn my merez lehenga thrice now. Kasam kha li hai paise vasool karne ki.

    🤷 https://t.co/aPCmccPErP

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    My bhakt fmly grp is on fire since yday because of naresh agarwal https://t.co/ZGKV3s0GcX

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    Omg my photo gallery is 😍😍😘😭👧💖💞💕 https://t.co/vltO6P9EMs

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    Yay! https://t.co/G61hjBzztO

    Tall and slender ki jagah tall and gas ka cylinder jaisa figure hota ja raha hai 😭

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