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I’m on @CBSThisMorning sharing all about my new book #WisdomOfSundays. Lots of “AHAs” and “Mhmms” today! https://t.co/Ys5tQPDWdm

Love that Ryan had his own AHA moment with #WisdomOfSundays! Had a good time with these two today @LiveKellyRyan. Fun! https://t.co/BERm13Dgy3

Who’s rooting for Nova and DuBois? You do not want to miss tonight’s episode. New #QUEENSUGAR at 10/9c. https://t.co/gcgtuFZwbU

Today’s the day! My new book, The Wisdom of Sundays, is NOW available everywhere. I hope you'll pick up a copy and share it today. https://t.co/TSICE3hQJE

I just love this moment when the aha-aha shows up. #FixMyLife

Teach! @IyanlaVanzant "We wear the mask that grins and lies .. it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes" P.L. Dunbar #FixMyLife

Went to bed #prayingforlasvegas , my heart overwhelmed. Woke up reminded of this Bible verse. Psalms 61:2

Psalms 61:2... when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. #prayingforlasvegas

It’ll be so good to spend time with our #QUEENSUGAR family tonight. See you at 10/9c. Two-night premiere. https://t.co/6mZjJWqaLE

5 minutes to #GimmeSugar .. who's joining us for mid season premiere? #QueenSugar

Always a good time with Ellen, and Nancy & Kevin at Entertainment Tonight. Catch me on @TheEllenShow today and @etnow tonight. Fun! https://t.co/0ot34Dd2aI

We've only just begun. #QUEENSUGAR premiere continues TONIGHT on its regular night, 10/9c on @OWNTV. https://t.co/R9TxkPRQjl

Guess they need that marriage counseling. Don’t u love Darla standing up for herself?#QueenSugar

"It’s just so unexplainable to finally be able to have freedom.” NEW #ReleasedOWN tonight 10/9c. Hope you’ll join us. https://t.co/yflWG8jCM8

Walking thru the pain of sexual abuse as a boy @IyanlaVanzant doing some fixin’ tonight! #FixMyLife

The difference between coping and healing. Brilliant analogy @IyanlaVanzant #FixMyLife

Who’s watching #Released?

[email protected] and I are back with our final NEW 21-day meditation, Making Every Moment Matter🙏🏾 Register for FREE: https://t.co/67i6hMDfLT https://t.co/pwxY44pBW4

Tonight’s the night, Sweeties! New #QUEENSUGAR 10/9c. Who’s watching? 👋🏾 https://t.co/pcbZZ5Y5jz

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