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Congratulaaaaaations to @ava 8 Emmy nominations for @13THFilm!! 👏🏽👏🏽

Author Charles Eisenstein is on #SuperSoul this week discussing how we can shift from a culture of judgement to a culture of empathy. Sun 11 https://t.co/mvkI0G24vY

It’s #WrinkleInTime time! Get ready to meet Mrs. Which. Countdown to March 9th 2018 starts now! https://t.co/ZRHPXb672c

Things are starting to heat up with our Sugar family. New #QueenSugar episode TONIGHT. https://t.co/QXtj4NhaiS

Cracked myself up with this one😂😂 ! #lovinalaska https://t.co/C7CmBtechc

The Bordelon bond is being tested TONIGHT. You don’t want to miss this #QueenSugar episode. Watch with us tonight -- Starts at 10/9c. https://t.co/x5OIquMQbX

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family fights are never what they appear to be on the surface. #QueenSugar is making that clear

Now here it comes! #QueenSugar

"Just cause you 2 always see my mistakes... love that line #QueenSugar

All I gotta say.. DON'T MISS NEXT WEEK's midseason finale #QueenSugar

Ready for Church service Y'all?! The Greenleaf’s are back & there’s a lot of questions to be answered. Two-night premiere Aug 15 & 16 10/9c. https://t.co/oVtWWFEkH5

How We Make Black Girls Grow Up Too Fast - https://t.co/m2Jk4uzU6M thank you for this @tressiemcphd https://t.co/qzBovKZI5P

Questions are getting answered TONIGHT. You cannot miss this one. #QUEENSUGAR mid-season finale is in just a few hours! Watch with me 10/9c. https://t.co/qgeDA3L7cX

"It wasn't my truth to tell". Such a great apology @QSWriters ! #QueenSugar

We asked some fans what #QueenSugar means to them… here’s what they had to say. Thanks to ALL OF YOU for watching. We’re back in October! https://t.co/E1uzjJ8Qsk

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Only ONE more week until the two-night mid-season premiere of #GREENLEAF is here! What do you think happened to Mac? August 15 & 16, 10/9c 🌿 https://t.co/jVB5aofE7M

Thank you, Blake! Love reading how much you’re ALL loving the podcast! https://t.co/rXjbRn2tGQ

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