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In the interest of saving internet space... this here is a Hart Family PSA. There is gonna be a shit load of motorcycle riding, chocolate eating, fun having, and naked dance parties going on. Now we know. Now we can get back to the other dumb shit we were doing. πŸ€—

Wow that’s absolutely stunning and cheers to you https://t.co/fSTSitVk84

And yet I feel like the lucky one. This made me laugh though I’m not gonna lie https://t.co/qks2xR94jj

About to watch the documentary about Mr. Rogers and I think I’m going to be a better person for it. 😍

Daaaaaammmn https://t.co/PMS2RmblyQ

THANK YOU 🀟🏾 https://t.co/fFTu9Aa7t3

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