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We took our Guardians into the explosive Destiny 2 Beta. Here's what we thought:

Sign up to test the new PS4 system software update and see the new features before they launch. Details:

We challenged @SupergiantGames to a showdown in Pyre's multiplayer mode. We may have been slightly overconfident:

Build and defend majestic forts from oncoming onslaughts of undead in Fortnite, out now in Early Access on PS4:

Plus members! Bend time, dodge bullets, and save 20% when you pre-order Superhot at PS Store: 🔥 Out 7/21.

How @Rebellion remastered PS2 cover shooter Rogue Trooper for modern hardware – and modern gamers: Out Oct. 17

New Absolver trailer details how weapons and powers factor into @sloclap's intricate combat system: Out 8/29

We've had a couple days with the Destiny 2 beta now — here are our initial impressions: What do you think so far?

ChromaGun is like Portal... except it's not: Coming to PS4 August 22 from @pixel_maniacs

Pyre launches Tuesday, enhanced for PS4 Pro, 50+ Trophies. Watch the launch trailer for @SupergiantGames' latest:

Flash Sale! Save on all things nerdy at PS Store with up to 80% off through the weekend:

We're seeing it over at too, weird...

Ever hear of Stormy Ascent, the Crash level cut 'cuz it was too hard? It's out now in N. Sane Trilogy. Surprise!

PS Vue news: catch a free preview weekend of HBO & Cinemax July 21 at 9AM PT through July 24 at 9AM PT! Catch up on #GameOfThrones & more.

Whether you're making the journey to #SDCC this weekend or staying at home, you can save on a bunch of PS Gear:

Rogue Trooper Redux hits PS4 October 18! @Rebellion talks remastering the 2006 cover shooter:

Tension is a key factor in @Absolver, launching August 29 on PS4. @sloclap explains: shares their impressions of the Destiny 2 Beta's story mission, Strike and updated Crucible:

Hone your color matching puzzling skills - ChromaGun by @pixel_maniacs is coming to PS4 on Aug 22.

There are more characters in Pyre's 90-second launch trailer than there were in the studio's first two games:

Think you can beat a level cut from Crash Bandicoot because it was too hard? Download Stormy Ascent:

Don't take shelter. Make it. Fortnite is here, with PS4-exclusive heroes. A few tips to get started:

Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Out. Now. Out. Now. Out. Now. Superhot + Superhot VR bundle:

Celebrating Fortnite launching in Early Access with some literal loot piñatas at PlayStation HQ 🍬

New to PS Music: Shadow of War playlist, Steve Aoki, Tyler, The Creator & more - now on Spotify. Listen here:

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