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Some of PlayStation's greatest hits have been (or are being) remade for PS4, but what exactly goes into those remakes? Four teams share their stories: https://t.co/VaJVtaUhzk https://t.co/6bLghbTGtW

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What do you get when you mix purple and orange? FUN! Collect the Spyro + Crash Remastered Game Bundle at 24% off! (34% w/ PS Plus). https://t.co/3vJjDWsNQo https://t.co/mjQ5DsZMY7

Here are the three new suits you can unlock in Silver Lining, the final DLC chapter of Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps: https://t.co/N8lY6my67G Out December 21 on PS4 #SpiderManPS4 https://t.co/7GFV6XpJYU

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Get Marvel’s Spider-Man newest DLC free when you pre-order Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on PS4. Then jump into Silver Lining 12/21 and earn Peter Parker's #SpiderVerse suit 🤯 https://t.co/6iyBcSwl0t

Virtual reality sensation Beat Saber was the most downloaded #PSVR game of November 2018: https://t.co/a7ljLy5XOT Congratulations, @BeatGamesStudio! https://t.co/d9y5ChgYn5

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The Warframe community blew us into another solar system with these epic intergalactic shares: https://t.co/CdXIsnoiff #PS4share #PSBlog https://t.co/NMzprcvm6p

Befriend the locals of beautiful Pandora in Borderlands 2 VR, out now for PlayStation VR: https://t.co/EjnAsq2juN https://t.co/dP0rEQNgMe

PS Music Recommends: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Soundtrack, new music from Alan Walker, an NBA on ESPN playlist and more - streaming now on Spotify. Listen here: https://t.co/iwvxehAfot https://t.co/pHLsc3tM2Q

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New PlayStation games out next week: https://t.co/8Edy6OQwuy Steel thyself for intense co-op chaos in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 https://t.co/Wigs8NfTAG

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Smash Hit Plunder lets you rummage through treasure rooms with reckless abandon... without having to clean up the mess: https://t.co/paHqbgtmzx Out now for #PSVR https://t.co/xoTdUM3GXm

Ready to level up to PS Plus? Start the new year off with some game-changing savings: https://t.co/x9R5dbENmd https://t.co/mBJQXl5jUp

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Following the release of the Fortuna expansion, these Warframe shares have us ready to head to space. Congrats to @TheFashionFrame, @AliRasoulAja, @ Frieza1989, @YtSpectre, @cinammonsugar01 and ahmed_u5man on IG for their shares: https://t.co/CdXIsnoiff #PS4share #PSBlog https://t.co/M6iU30U8Iz

Fight along the unbeaten path or fight to stay on beat in the new #PSVR bundle featuring Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber, out now: https://t.co/N2HSjLOOXh https://t.co/pszRnbfdSu

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Defeat the darkness in style with the new Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle, launching January 29. First details: https://t.co/11magMBPjC https://t.co/Pl8Al9NKVh

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How does one go about bringing beloved PlayStation favorites into the modern era? The teams behind Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Spyro Reignited, Resident Evil 2 and MediEvil talk: https://t.co/VaJVtaUhzk https://t.co/gAiGSlcD27

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Undead partygoers, Catalyst Zombies, and other horrors await in the new "Dead of the Night" Zombies experience for Black Ops Pass: https://t.co/RmaEcZQOKb https://t.co/0IY1kEfdxS

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Familiar friends and foes feature in these fresh new screens from Kingdom Hearts III. Less than two months to go! https://t.co/WdXjwwETW5

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It's all led to this. Silver Lining, the final DLC chapter of Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps, launches December 21: https://t.co/N8lY6my67G #SpiderManPS4 https://t.co/0hSEyqbDZr

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A lot can change in 20 years! Four developers detail the resurrection of PlayStation favorites Crash, Spyro, Resident Evil 2, and MediEvil: https://t.co/VaJVtaUhzk https://t.co/07WE11bgkG

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Ready to harvest space-mutant spinal cells and face off against Berserkers in #PSVR? Get a taste for The Persistence with an all new demo out on December 18th: https://t.co/IQga2rHaX8 https://t.co/AttYyqQiJT

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Get behind the wheel during The Crew 2's free weekend now through Dec. 17 to explore an open world, try out the new PVP feature, and snag the Maserati GranTurismo S Touring Car Edition for free with a purchase of the game: https://t.co/03t1kJGowP https://t.co/Ittlsaolmv

You are cordially invited... to survive! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's new "Dead of the Night" Zombies experience is out now: https://t.co/RmaEcZQOKb https://t.co/xiB4j6J5WT

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Unwrap the deals 🎁 🎉 PlayStation Store's Holiday Sale brings five weeks of savings on titles like Hitman 2, the Spyro + Crash Remastered Bundle and more: https://t.co/ZZJnxwiaBp https://t.co/Ebos0rNQoh

Gather round while Skygoblin details how their intense new twin-stick shooter, Hellfront: Honeymoon, practically exploded out of their fingers: https://t.co/HuFPw9BbX5 💥 https://t.co/0tE4gv9kMH

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Twin-stick shooter Hellfront: Honeymoon is a fast-paced frenzy of button-mashing mayhem: https://t.co/HuFPw9BbX5 Coming to PS4 December 19 https://t.co/WdQGyEqie0

Wake up... https://t.co/hkvCNaseWN

The Dawning has returned! Visit the tower and partake in the festivities, available to all Destiny 2 players now through January 1 on PS4: https://t.co/5us3VtDJ9i https://t.co/hw2gXymbx8

GTA Online: Arena War, a ruthless battle for supremacy powered by all-new vehicle types across 7 explosive new modes. More details: https://t.co/ZQADkwBUVW https://t.co/e1nRCjLhwJ

Three modes. Endless hours of mayhem. Gear up for FPS supremacy with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 bundle: https://t.co/5B5w2b89tQ https://t.co/N6DetmI6OM

We have Monster Hunter World: Iceborne questions, and Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto has answers. Watch (or read) the full interview: https://t.co/iPCV16aq64 https://t.co/jfNQBllIr4

Hack into Operation Absolute Zero, with new specialist Zero available for all Black Ops 4 players: https://t.co/QpBhhdkOoP https://t.co/wOiOSwYJnT

Captivating visuals blend with fluid archery action in The Pathless – a new game from the creators of Abzû coming to PS4: https://t.co/qxxtogIYcS https://t.co/MxJr77ppt0

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Defeat elite beasts and forge top-tier hunting gear in Dauntless. Play for free when it arrives on PS4 next year: https://t.co/QyyLig7AcO https://t.co/RR3Bx1pmnE

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A beautiful post-apocalypse blooms from the ashes of Far Cry 5. Return to a transformed Hope County in the standalone sequel, Far Cry New Dawn, on February 15: https://t.co/1FwHCzb4Nb https://t.co/L5peuVV3zG

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Warframe heads to the frigid frontier of Venus in its open world expansion Fortuna, live now on PS4: https://t.co/o8DNipwt25 https://t.co/ckmpc8OJmU

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A new adventure awaits when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne flies onto PS4 in autumn 2019: https://t.co/4VLW7PQku3 https://t.co/6dDXlvsNfJ

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition free trial on PS4 continues through this weekend, and Capcom Cup starts today: https://t.co/qeVUagAPxr https://t.co/ca3MXZiedI

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The #CWLPS4 Las Vegas Open Grand Finals are live! @OpTicGaming vs @eUnitedgg - who’s taking the first Black Ops 4 event of the season? https://t.co/ZqNwoDPS65 https://t.co/AnnxGq1RKv

🤜🤛 https://t.co/OnCo28cvr7

"Metal Gear?!" Yes, the stealth action classic is one of 20 preloaded hits available on #PlayStationClassic https://t.co/to1bFVApun https://t.co/TF6mp4B2mB

This is your last chance to help decide November's best new game! The PS Blog polls close tonight: https://t.co/bOi7aTQky2 https://t.co/l7zJe0vhlW

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Loot and motivation matters when exploring Midgard in God of War. Here’s how @SonySantaMonica created compelling quests: https://t.co/NI8RinETiz https://t.co/fFl2lfWl5x

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New PlayStation games coming this week: https://t.co/GjlMNLA5yh Borderlands 2 VR, Earth Defense Force 5, Desert Child, and more https://t.co/BjuxbkW0Fo

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