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When your parents want you to be a plane, but you want to be a ship. https://t.co/WtfW26QUUA

WOW! All the actresses I follow on Instagram have the same first name. https://t.co/D5wBfid6v2

Emergencies on Facebook are a little different: https://t.co/tXbrYJH8ei

Friend: yaar can I borrow money? Me: https://t.co/io2H8UDumA

When Indians Express. https://t.co/9EPFBkj8ZM

Manyavar: We also want to promote the kids wear. Virushka: https://t.co/Airp7Nqxox

Intellectual Me: "Not investing in bitcoins because it's all a big bubble." Inner Me: "Saale! Big babool khareedi hai kabhi apne paise se?"

Friend: 32 years and still no savings. Me [counting cashback from my 4 wallets]: I have some.

New Zomato billboards are up. #foodforthought If you spot some, please send pictures! ☺️ https://t.co/0VxxN5XX1c

Friend: I'm investing in bitcoin. Me and 5 others: bubble hai bhai! Isse acha humein treat dede. [After 1 month] Friend: I made 1 Lakh with bitcoin. Me and 5 others: sahi hai bhai! Treat dede.

Marry ChristmasπŸŽ„ @Varooonnn & @TheDramedyQueen #VarunTookADip https://t.co/Tau06nP2oh

Happy New Year to all of you from @Square_Boxes & me. https://t.co/TeJ2VPmwm7

Nita Ambani is as encouraging as my mom. Farak sirf itna hai ke meri mom mere mooh pe taali bajaati hai.

Friend: β€œI lost all my money in shares.” Me (tweeting): Who called it de-mat and not mat-de account? Friend: β€œJab tu marega na, tab yeh tweet favourite karunga.”

Live updates from the Yamuna... https://t.co/w3kNAl7Fih

Padmavati got so many cuts. Even dettol isn’t helping.

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