Pranav @pranavsapra

Me: Happy Independence Day Mom: 😊 Me: maid isn't in? Mom: no Me: driver? Mom: no Me: sab khud karoon kya? Mom: Happy Independence Day

Taxes in India are getting more complicated de bhai de.

The only time people should get to complain about momos is when they don't get them.

3 Types of people in a gym: -Fat trying to get lean -Lean trying to get muscular -Muscular trying to tell everyone they didn't take steroids

Ek dog filter kya dala, sab log bhaunkne lag gaye. #micropoetry

Mom: Had lunch? Food blogger: Not yet Mom: There's dal for lunch Food blogger: Mom! *Spoiler alert*!

Q. How'd you know a new season of #GoT is here? A. Twitter suddenly has more Mother of Dragons than Nehas.

Finally watched #GoT S07E01 and absolutely loved the ending. *Spoiler Alert*

Me: Can I go play tennis? Mom: Ask your dad Dad: Ask your mom Mom: Ask your dad Dad: Ask your mom Me: Bas ho gaya, thanks!

Microsoft: We're killing Ms Paint Me: *Strikes off skill from CV* [After 2 days] Microsoft: Ok fine, it's staying Me: *Applies to 5 jobs*

Make best omlette in 3 easy steps: 1. Beat egg, salt, onions & mirchi 2. Heat on a pan 3. Shout "mummy kitchen mein aag lagne wali hai"

Q. Why did Sansa & Arya Stark come home? A. Raksha Brandon.

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