mrdl @psilosophy

me: send me chassis number, need to check status Autocorrect: send me chaddi* number, need to check status

Je suis Totos

Quick question: Is winter the peak wedding season just for North India or other states also follow similar trends? #NeedSomeAnswers

"..from 4chan to foreign policy" *starts updating resume*

told my landlord I'll be moving out at the end of next month, now he's whatsapping me emo memes

successfully avoided meeting any relatives in delhi for 5 frikkin years then dad visits for one weekend and I met 3 of them in one day

it amazes me how unbothered old people are about not being in touch for years at a stretch They grew up with no phones or internet after all

very keen to work at a place that starts late and ends midnight-ish That's my ideal zone. subah 8 baje uthne ko mat bolo bas

don't know some people talk about trusting each other with their lives I find it difficult to even trust someone with my subway order

GIFs have stopped working on Facebook?? Aren't auto playing, showing up as links instead

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