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I know it's late but I'm slowly learning to use emoticons. Happy Navratri 🍺🍺

She: I want to sleep with you He: I would have, but I'm an insomniac

Pata nahin kab iss darpok choohe ka khoon khaulega kab isska zameer jaage ga aur ye toy bomb nahin, asli bomb phodega. Jaag BC Kim Jong jaag https://t.co/weE384Ca7K

Karnataka main huyi shahadat ki aag thhandi nahin huyi aur inn Bhakton ki Navratri aa gayi. Patrakaar goliyan khaayein aur tum dandiya khelo

"You can't compare Kohli with Sachin" Kohli: Challenge accepted *Gets out in 90s*

Come back, tell this to Indians, win election & then change the system that you didn't, in 60 years. Ch. Rahul, full name Chaudhary Rahul https://t.co/CwOEujemZr

Utter confusion. Now Indrani is related with Karthi Chidambaram. If I'm not wrong Peter married Karthi & their son Indrani married Mukerjea

Someone please nominate her name for Nobel Prize for showing highest level of intelligence wit & wisdom. Naari shakti ko naman https://t.co/n8t86kx0XH

Behen, ek baar IQ bhi check karwa le, kitni giravat aayi hai RG se milne ke baad https://t.co/Kxt4RloJPY

Problem is that this is not a parody! https://t.co/ERvdEfRoUZ

Hattrick by Kuldeep. Scintillating batting by Kohli. Fiery bowling by Bhuvneshwar. All-rounder Pandya. A Lion called MSD. Unbeatable India

India is playing the best cricket in the recent times. It could be even better if Sanjay Majrekar keeps his mouth shut & disappear

Pic 1: What Kejriwal desires Pic 2: What Kejriwal deserves https://t.co/sRuWyp7Tyo

Twitter is recommending me to follow Rana Ayyub. And they say Blue Whale challenge has been banned

Please help. Anyone near RML Hospital, please contact @mainbhiengineer https://t.co/xpx24EbHM7

Question is not that should Rihingyas Muslims be given shelter or not but why is govt not giving them jobs & reservation in school, colleges

Flaunt your body, wear bikini, post pics on SM but if any man looks at them, slit his manhood, complain to police, FBI, CBI, UN ~ Feminists

So until all the Rohingya Muslim become threat, we should continue to give them shelter. Stupidity takes a somersault & hump off a cliff https://t.co/b124RYLDSi

So the KPs were security threat for Kashmir. Koi Nobel prize hai intellectualism ka toh inhe de do https://t.co/7fxp3zEGhv

We are professionals, no matter at position you're at, you can work freely but I'll take all the decisions howsoever small it is - CMD, CEO

During a candid covo with a lady who is an author told me, she can go to any extent to make stories, she says she even slept with many men

I'm not amazed that she slept with him but I'm shocked he slept with her

Bihar dam. damn it!

Let's quickly decide on how & where to settle Rohingya Muslims in India coz refugees from Syria, Libya, Yaman, Iraq are waiting at the fence

Rajdeep talking about morality. LOL. What next? Taliban talking about peace, Lalu talking about family planning & Tejpal about women safety

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