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People have manipulated this poll *after* the Six by Karthik, majority were predicting Bangaldesh winning. https://t.co/HJ1vEKYBYF

😂 https://t.co/97fYCjbnsr

  • Truth of that "reporter" https://t.co/sMHkpo3onM https://t.co/UXCpVPJmci

    tweet chor https://t.co/fMtjeEXvuk

    It will benefit news channels. Currently counting gets over virtually by the afternoon and not much commercial breaks are accommodated. News channels are bribing Congress to push for ballot so that counting continues for days and their earnings multiply. #Exposed https://t.co/lEhMh9q4Nh

    Thanks https://t.co/tlmMmhr7VG

    What people don't realize is the deeply disgusting casteist mindset that is making people opposed EVMs. Casteist people don't want to touch a machine that might have been touched by a "lower caste" earlier. This mentality promoting untouchablity is behind opposition to EVMs. Sick

    Thanks. I will continue serving this noble profession https://t.co/330SWwGMxx

    Main bahut pareshan rahta tha. Phir ek din TV pe maine dekha LoveMore tonic ka ad. Maine ek sample order kiya aur aaj mujhe saari heroines achchhi lagti hai. Ab main bahut khush hoon. Aap bhi aaj hi LoveMore tonic order karein. https://t.co/6g9tmTGzCw

    Kyun? Rohit Sharma pe pura bharosa hai https://t.co/H1W7VwctoX

    Jumlebaaz RaGa vs Databaaz NaMo https://t.co/GZYLGYPzYf

    Now that Rahul Gandhi has retired his @OfficeOfRG account, as a lifelong fan and supporter, I'm devastated and unsure how to follow my idol and what to do with the @OfficeOfRR account.

    Farmers don't pay any taxes, sabse pahle unko desh se nikaalo as per Congi logic

    If you are angry about Kejriwal sir not being allowed to work, donate here https://t.co/SIqXkdDW1S

    पंजाब, नॉर्थिस्ट, गुजरात, मराठा द्राविड़, उत्कल, बंग... hmm.. rhyme thoda gadbad ho raha hai https://t.co/UIETtreF17

    🙏 https://t.co/Gga1QjGLaM

    विदेसज https://t.co/oJwdWIwgRH

    Left is with farmers, with all firepower and lathis https://t.co/W4wbmMSN2E

    Guess he's paying tributes to Stephen Hawking by bringing in parallel universe https://t.co/7FWwfgcikO

    Rohit Sharma should be made captains in all formats, says @coolfunnytshirt after tonight's innings and victory

    Or read my article that takes elements from those articles 😎 https://t.co/Q2KIMZdqxR https://t.co/lnJttqRk1L

    😂 https://t.co/HLYq18ERKj

    Employee at leftist propaganda website threatening me https://t.co/OTyrNl8soW

    पेट ख़राब होगा https://t.co/jl6YV7Q4PA

    Kejriwal? https://t.co/ahPIVW7kxY

    This is unacceptable! 😡 If you are angry at this insult, donate to [email protected] https://t.co/OiKEq1fuUP

    Social justice and secularism https://t.co/OJ0OwzdXED

    If SSID and password remain the same, but wifi router is changed, will devices with saved network settings still auto connect?

    These assess knew it, but yet introduced him as "neutral journalist" to gullible audience https://t.co/OnMJcni1oL

    जब आप खेत में झाड़ा फिर रहे हों और लोटा उलट जाए https://t.co/WnAQpFHpFf

    Rahul Roushan top tweets

    daaru https://t.co/rrZ2CDbElH

    lovely.. aate hi hug diya https://t.co/DC87N9kRqc

    Not at all. Right appears losing because it can't control narrative and because compromised talking heads in media won't call out the other side, and neither will a 'comedy' group make 'farmers are dying' a punchline of their joke https://t.co/rWG0Rl1vZK https://t.co/tPmAiWr2aY

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