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When I hear about Nikhil, I say "Nikhil chutiya hai, mar jaaye tabhi achchha hai, but hopefully he'd improve." When I hear about Neil, I say "Neil will hopefully improve. He errs, but there's hope." I'm unbiased and neutral regarding Neil and Nikhil, as I have criticized both. https://t.co/ycLszpM1Tx

Entirely blame @ARanganathan72 for spreading this misinformation that NOTA can do some shit. He should be locked up with a communist in a JNU hostel room for five days as punishment. https://t.co/1O1wpSGNfE

Karan Thapar has written fictional stuff to boost his ego and we are even discussing it. Instead discuss this about Thapar 😎 https://t.co/ZmDPwBwDPA

TDP should organize a protest against Kohli during next England-India test match too. Will go in line with this no-confidence motion.

Data and facts are boring, because it requires brains to process and critique those. The biggest curse on this country are its so-called journalists and public intellectuals, some samples 👇 https://t.co/fxYr8k21tm

Air-hostess tells you how to tie a seat belt each time you fly. Tumhe tie karne nahi aata kya? Stop maligning our MPs* *I want to be one. https://t.co/okOZsygRYC

My Dell computer says updates are available, but hangs when I click to install updates. Happened too many times. Can a protest be organized in front of Dell office @ncbn?

Naamdaar vs Kaamdaar is going to be the theme for 2019 it seems. It's well deserved too. Journalists and others who are in business because their parents were well connected supporting a naamdaar.

Rahul Gandhi is right. Congress has no anger. Occasionally when party cadres get angry, earth shakes a little.

My sources say Narendra Modi government is planning to deliberately lose the no-confidence motion, thus going for early polls with sympathy wave. What do you think of my sources?

Private businesses still somehow survived in India https://t.co/q5H1ANexrT

Essentially they hate a civilization, a culture, and will hate anyone whom they suspect is in love with it. https://t.co/zM9LoDl5wo

India missing an Adivasi middle order batsman - Rajudeep Sardesai

I opposed Lalu when he was rising up as the voice of the backward castes, I support Lalu when he's going down as a corrupt dynast. #IAmCongress

Nice to see people who can bring in caste when someone slips off a banana peel wondering why should one bring in religion in communal issues.

Fascist CM trying to take away the lie spreading rights of mainstream media https://t.co/TsWHprqZ5l

That was not beating up. He was saved from Bharminical violence of slogan shouting in a peaceful manner https://t.co/Q2clnD9ilT

Ranga Sir mere namesake ki lanka jalaane nikal pade hain. That's why Angry Hanuman is hated 😂 https://t.co/ZGY9IuYdUh

Since hordes slaves in media have queued up with long tongues to wipe off all sweat and dust from Rahul Gandhi after his token tweet, this thread becomes very important. https://t.co/zMQ8izSi0S

When did you stop watching Indian innings? #INDvENG

Resounding slap to @coolfunnytshirt https://t.co/GYHzLCjgnn

Dhoni haterz ke free speech ko curb karna zaroori hota ja raha hai https://t.co/3A7etfxvn7

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