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🤣 Ravish will be proud https://t.co/0OwXzAasj2

Also note how the propaganda vehicle calls it 'Sati' and not 'Jauhar', which it was. And one of the assess was hurt at being called propagandist, which is the perfect description https://t.co/rz3gKRTKwW

Mamata Banerjee spreads a fake news https://t.co/wwZXcJHOOn

महलों और पुराने जगहों पे तो एक ही चीज़ लिखी जाती है इस देश में - "आई लव यू पिंकी" टाइप्स https://t.co/VXN4bd2gxu

Aloo ki factory details are out! https://t.co/K7ExNs55yY

After eating Aaloo Ke Paranthe https://t.co/c8PJCgVV4e

Android (or OnePlus?) appear to be randomly deleting contacts from the phone. Anyone else experiencing this?

Sex ratio remains worrisome in our country https://t.co/oFxiLiAGQN

Yes and No https://t.co/QTxdYDdfpz https://t.co/m7rjW81dyy

Is this true that Domino's has stopped giving oregano sachets with pizza for around a month now? Or delivery guy gave me a cock and bull story?

This appears to be true, yet there's no outrage over this. Some news channel should launch a campaign to #BringBackOregano https://t.co/phjekNKK4N

cc @OfficeOfRG bol de, aise bhi media tere pocket mein hai. No one will fact check, they will just report https://t.co/1D3SAVEyxt

Lagta hai ki Chacha Nehru ke birthday pe Congress double century bana degi is thread mein https://t.co/dYmoEy4Iqs

#KnowYourChacha - https://t.co/eTSx9KZA3P

👏 https://t.co/LmrzJElYLq

Participate na karne pe salary kategi kya? https://t.co/ouQt7CFqBu

Maine Pyar Kiya poster was copied https://t.co/tC79v80Uha

😁 https://t.co/84CBXCfu7d

Everyone is https://t.co/5oz24kJjbh

How can you be so petty to talk about Nehru's ills and mock his slaves on his birthday? His birthday is not some Hindu festival, when all you must do is to talk about even non associated ills and mock the faith behind it.

Rahul Gandhi is visiting temples in Gujarat for votes, while this was the attitude of Pujyaniya Nehru ji for a temple in Gujarat https://t.co/7b245UxFSf

If a man has sex with a married woman, he (and not the woman) has committed a crime, even if woman has given the consent. The consent that matters in this case is that of the husband of the woman. Am I reading it right? 🙄😱 https://t.co/GBsXDFVlI3

But awesome PR https://t.co/WwoxDmM4vo

Please say sorry for those disapproving emojis that can fuel transspeciesphobia https://t.co/rvMii26WNa

Same to you https://t.co/f8S80Yl3f9

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