Rahul Roushan @rahulroushan

😂 https://t.co/8FfN7Sel3V

1. You won't click and read it https://t.co/4B5wrcSj5M

Is this true? https://t.co/cUKkdRRygx

Nope. For me, its only strength is its opponents, who are either dishonestly Hinduphobic and/or hopelessly inept. https://t.co/vlHxpJtzzy

Those creeps can't think beyond caste. I'm damn sure he'd be some SJW type accusing others of being casteist. Blocked already. https://t.co/L9GysQBnNL

Rahul Gandhi ji meant Bangalore Urban District, not the city. #MainBhiPallaviGhosh

😂 https://t.co/hTuIU69AtE

True. Stop Indi(ra) Imposition https://t.co/IWXA5Ivw8Y

Basically it pays to incite people and burn down an area. Congress will repeat the template https://t.co/kMcAi7vEM9

Matlab hadd hai.. people are giving "feedback" about me to other people's sarahahahaha, and those people are sharing the feedback with me 🙄

Just replace "Brahmins" with "Muslims" in everything these bastards say and then see how they lose their shit https://t.co/zTznwWHEiP

This is funny shit, but why are they using a Sardarji to mock India? They could have made someone wear a Modi mask. https://t.co/l5g4zli9eV

बहुत बड़ी क़ुर्बानी दे रहे हैं फिर तो https://t.co/56S9WlUnWR

👍👍👍 https://t.co/fJKXim1y3u

I have not sent abuses to anyone using sarahahahaha but I admit to sending messages to @reviewero and @IndiaSpeaksPR where I praised myself

😳 https://t.co/9Z6iPARgu8

What stops you from de-legitimizing The Hindu newspaper, which supports rapes? #StupidQuestionDeservesStupidQuestionsAsResponse https://t.co/NYjN8eiW9o

Haha.. Jihadi whataboutery. Why talk about problems in Islam? What about my imaginary sting operation? https://t.co/i6OGerDoB5

लोल.. तुम्हारी 'अम्मा' इंदिरा ने जो किया, और अपार सफलता के साथ किया, उसे आरएसएस का आइडिया काहे बता रहे हो भाई? https://t.co/m5aokHjHax

In which @jogakhichudi writes how activist feminist types have got their priorities wrong - https://t.co/uEKQYkbi0V

मां थी तो बीच में, इबादत और वतन के वंदे मातरम् https://t.co/laBsNjsBo0

पोथी पढ़ पढ़ मेहरा मुआ, कुशल हुआ न कोय गाली गलौज ट्विटर पे, करे सो मंगल कुशल होय https://t.co/2zV5ng5mcO

Disagree. Divisive is not a synonym for "parasitically ingrate and vicious" https://t.co/69sy4aBGkf

👌👏😘 https://t.co/trD5KorABW

Kerala also is like Kashmir now? https://t.co/hiJp2b1LWy

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