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ICC should gift Pandya the London Bridge if we win this. #INDvPAK

Pandya touched fifty faster than Salman bhai. #INDvPAK

Give him the bat. https://t.co/VvxZ5ePuPE

Baby ko bass pasand hai. Pandya ko chase pasand hai. Ye jadeja kidhar se aa gaya madarchod??!

There should be a FBI enquiry on how Pakistan afforded UK ticket. #INDvPAK

Phir did do Hockey ko. #INDvPAK


Tubelight is so emotional, you almost forget the pain of your teenage love.

If you watch Tubelight in 3D, you'd see munni around making bhai cry more.

If you watch Tubelight in 4D, you'll also see a Land Cruiser.

What's the opposite of Fair & Lovely? West Indies.

Dhinchak Pooja drops bombs harder than North Korea.

Dhinchak Pooja is the reason why NASA is discovering earth-like planets.

Ashamed to tell you about my teenage when I felt cool after updating my Orkut status 'Big boyz play at night' and go to bed at 11 am.

Same people, same street, same garden, same buildings, same polluted air around me. Where is the new India?

The last historic midnight I experienced was when my friend Swati called me at 2 am from Lonavala to ask how do I feel for her.

No tax on aunties sitting in a corner at a wedding bitching about people? Damn!

There should be atleast 300% tax on people who keep an eye on the 4th seat in Mumbai local.

Being jobless hurts. It hurts more when your dad gives you a weird look whenever Vibhuti Ji is called 'Nalla' while watching the show.


Jab Harry Met Sejal, Sejal ka baap MLA nikla.

Jab Harry Met Sejal, she was dating a cricketer.

Also, a happy rakshabandhan to all those sisters who demanded a major cut while selling the ancestral land ending up breaking the relation.

Game Of Thrones S7 E5 what a trailer! Looks like the director chose Panvel & Raigad to shoot the entire season.

Hollywood - Dunkirk, The Mummy, Baywatch, Transformers. Bollywood - Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi.

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