Raj ThackerYAY @raj_thackeryay

Being Human electric bicycle costs 40k. That's 40 times more than the bicycles I've owned so far, with maintenance.

Being Human Land Cruis.. OH WAIT!!

This is why they get thrashed in Mumbai. https://t.co/YXNU6Tol3Y

Excitement so high, just hoping the match on 18th doesn't get aired on Pornhub.

Give Ronaldo a MRF bat & he can chase the remaining score all alone #INDvBAN

I still can't comprehend how Bangladeshi players afforded a UK ticket. #INDvBAN



Kohli's biggest record so far is Anushka.

Sorry cutiepie. #INDvBAN https://t.co/7FWKwdP05v

It's 2017 and scientists still couldn't find Pyaar kis chidiya ka naam hai.

Govt needs Ration Card. Govt. needs PAN card. Govt. needs Aadhar Card. Govt. needs Paneer Tikka. Govt. needs Veg Kolhapuri.

Dear Pakistan, Indian fathers don't boil. They BBQ. #CT17Final

Match jeeto ya haaro. Kohinoor leke aao. #CT17Final

Pakistan - 338. 3+3+8 = 14 14 in Hindi = What India would do to Pakistan.

India leading 3-0 against Pak in hockey. We know we are good with hockey sticks anyway.

Sharma ji ka beta might get 99% in academics. But can't survive in real world. #INDvPAK

Give 100 Rs. each to Pakistani players and end this match. #INDvPAK

Shadab Khan looks like that KewL DuDe college guy who acts cool for a week after stepping down from a rickshaw with 3 amplifiers.

Sorry for my Latin, but lavde lag gaye hai. #INDvPAK

Can't believe a guy with a Hummer can get out in such a critical situation. #INDvPAK

Mohtarma, I'd buy you a commode, but you don't even have food. https://t.co/Zdm39IPbEx

Kitne bhi wickets lelo, Kashmir toh humara hi hai. #INDvPAK

This over was more costly to Pakistan than a Bugatti Veyron. #INDvPAK

ICC should gift Pandya the London Bridge if we win this. #INDvPAK

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