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Asked a trainer in gym to guide me on shoulder exercise. He said he's only a personal trainer & cannot guide me on the same. I went blank for the next 30 minutes.

Sorry for my German.. Par main toh shaadi se pehle hi randwa ho gaya.

  • Log Italy mein shaadi kar rahe hai.. Aur idhar Mathern jaane ke liye paisa nahi hai.

    A real Mumbaikar is the one who hates Pune.

    Half of the people tweeting about the wedding in Italy don't even have a passport.

    Life mein utni roti nahi khayi jitna pyaar mein dhokha khaya hai.

    Pyaar mein dhokha khane se accha biryani khaao.

    You are not rich in Mumbai if you don't put atleast one Keventers pic on snapchat once a week.

    The best politics was played by Ranbir Kapoor in Rajneeti.

    WHO DID THIS?? https://t.co/MlELgTRgX7

    Raj ThackerYAY top tweets

    Didn't expect bhubaneshwar having such cute chicks.

    You are on the top game of your life when romantic songs don't affect you anymore.

    Fuck new year resolutions. Make money!

    Logged into social media sites and broke my new year resolution already.

    Aisehi kat rahe hai din. https://t.co/0fCCmoJidX

    Raj ThackerYAY top tweets

    Punjabi - Veere Di Wedding Marathi - Amchya dada chya lagnala yaicha haa. Navin aaher swikarle janar nahi.

    Ordered an Under Armour tshirt for 2,500 Rs. & had to replace it twice due to size issues. Naseeb mein 300 Rs. ke upar ka tshirt likha hi nahi.

    Friend just asked if I'd be able to make it to Bangkok. Idhar abhi tak Mathern nahi gaya.

    The best place to release Padmavat is torrent.

    Scientists landed on moon but can never figure out the logic behind people wearing reflector sunglasses on Indian weddings.

    Breakups hurt. It hurts more while your ex has a stable job, a one plus 5, her fiance works in an MNC & posts pictures of pre wedding bachelor party photos.

    Ticket liya hai kuch logon ne zindagi ka.. Tamasha bhi bharpur hona chahiye.

    Padmavati Padmavat Padmava Padmav Padma Padm Pad Padm Padma Padman

    Legends are born in January?? Matlab baaki sab January mein paida hone waalon ka mooh dekhe kya?!!

    One Padmavati ticket seems to be costlier than Pakistan's GDP for one year.

    Padmavati ka pata nahi. But Allauddin is turning a rapper in his next movie.

    Posting Ranbir Kapoor's emotional songs as whatsapp status should be declared attempt to murder.

    USA - Game of Thrones, Legion, Star Trek: Discovery, Vietnam War, American Horror Story. Maharashtra - Majhya Navryachi Bayko.

    USA - Grammys !! India - Manikchad Lux Fair and Handsome best actor in a positive-negative role award.

    *US Magician performs magic* - Puts phone in a bottle. Audience - WOW!! How did you do this?? Incredible!! *Indian magician performs magic* Audience - Ye kya kiya chutiye.. Nikal ke de nahi toh idhar hi gaad doonga. MLA ka bhanja hoon. Aaizavadya!!

    Kishore Kumar was beyond Grammys.!

    I thought Ed Sheraan won a beard trimmer at the Grammys.

    Budget ka nanga naach !!

    There should be a separate budget for people who roll in G-Wagons !!

    Refuse to be unhappy even after travelling from Thane to CST during peak hours as my friend Nikit sent me a 'Good morning.. Stay Positive.. Stay Happy all day' message this morning.

    😒 https://t.co/T3pHtykFgx

    Raj ThackerYAY top tweets

    People posting photos on Instagram with sanitary pads to make women in rural areas (which are not on Instagram) aware of them.

    RT if you belong to this class of people. https://t.co/N9juqsy8v5

    Raj ThackerYAY top tweets

    Half of my life went in seeing Bollywood stars' airport look photos on social media.

    The girl seems cute only because she winked at the guy. If the guy winked first, he'd have been thrashed by the girl's dad under his Land Cruiser.


    Girl - Tell me.. Marwaari boy - What? Girl - Those 3 magical words Marwaari boy - DHANDE KA TIME..!!

    Courier aaya toh khokha milega.. Aur pyaar kiya toh..

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