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Narendra Modi: Lalit Modi. Nirav Modi. Oof! These Modiis are killing my name. Mahatma Gandhi: Dei. Stop cribbing da.

Virat Kohli - Man of the Moment. Man of the Match. Man of the Series. Man of the Year. Man of the Decade. Man of the 35 Centuries.

  • I like #RepublicDay because that's when our official Sena parades on the road. All other days, it's the unofficial ones.

    Murali Vijay gets hit and limps a bit. Cut to an ad. Commentator has not even finished his sentence after 6th ball. Cut to an ad. Dei Sony, I know you didn’t get IPL rights, but slightly less desperation please.

    #INDvSA #AustralianOpen Kohli batting here. Federer playing there. Remote Zindabad. This is what I am up to... https://t.co/j6UZPV26kP

    Ramesh Srivats top tweets

    Terrific innings from Rahane so far. Some of the shots reminded me of Rohit Sharma on a batting wicket.

    My big worry is that we’ll put off a good target, and umpires and SA batsmen will decide that the pitch is unplayable when we need 2 wickets to win.

    I’m quite impressed with long-term vision of our think-tank, in leaving out Rahane & Bhuvi in the 2nd test, so that they are well-rested and fresh for the 3rd test.

    Summary of last 2 tests. 2nd Test: India drop Rahane & Bhuvi. 3rd Test: South Africa drop Rahane & Bhuvi.

    Welcome to the #IPLAuction. Where cricketers move from playing for honour, to playing for owner.

    A bunch of us will be tweeting about the #IPLAuction from @PlayFandromeda. So please follow madi, enjoy pannu, and retweet karo.

    Chetan Bhagat's next book. https://t.co/tYo44Dn8Of

    Well played. Well batted. Well bowled. Well fought. Well won, India. #INDvSA

    With their new picks, the Chennai team is set to wear a Ngidi Lungi, eat some seasoned Bhajji, and polish it off with an Imran Thayir.

    Now that the IPL teams have decided how they're going to spend their money, we can move on to the next most important thing - How our country is going to spend its money. #BudgetSession starts today.

    #Budget2018 Has the opposition already declared the budget anti-poor, or are they planning to wait for the speech to end?

    #Budget2018 Seriously, I'm waiting for the day when, instead of rattling off hajar number, the FM puts a powerpoint presentation.

    #Budget2018 Looks like the odd-numbered pages are in English, and the even-numbered in Hindi.

    #Budget2018 Hey Gadkari, stop peeking into Arun Jaitley's notes.

    Well done India #U19CWC https://t.co/CZMeGT4VDe

    Prithvi Came. Prithvi Shaw. Prithvi Conquered. Congratulations India on winning the U-19 World Cup.

    AB de Villiers - Finger injury. Far du Plessis - Finger injury. Quintin de Kock - Wrist injury. The South Africans are nearly one full hand short.

    These days, whenever I come to Twitter, I feel slightly out of place, because I'm not angry about anything.

    Basically, everyone is: Angry in Twitter Happy in Facebook Succesful in LinkedIn Artistic in Instagram Jobless in WhatsApp And of course, lonely in Google Plus.

    Btw, I was trying to make a point in my last 2 tweets. - Why you always be so angry, uni-dimensional, and eventually predictable on Twitter? You are changing nobody's mind on the issue you are harping about. You're just becoming a bore. #StartAndEnfOfRant

    Modi seems to be making an election speech in parliament. I guess, he is hoping to convince those 40 Congress MPs also to vote for him in 2019. https://t.co/0eeMTDmPLf

    Very hospitable of Delhi to welcome a Bangalore guy like me with a nice mega homely traffic jam.

    Congratulations to PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi on becoming the first independent female director of the ICC. She now controls 2 important things - Cola & Kohli.

    Punjab National Bank reports a fraud of $1.8 billion. Thus becoming India's first Unicon.

    Somewhat apt that this Nirav Modi scam broke on Valentine’s Day. It’s after all the day of LoU.

    It’s quite charming to see that Virat Kohli still celebrates when he reaches a century.

    The V-I in Virat stands for 5-1?

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