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Yay. #Moody upgrades India's rating to Baa2. Or, as Ramdev would say, BaaBaa.

Happy #Dhanteras - The festival where we buy gold for future prosperity, and jewellers sell gold for immediate prosperity.

President Kovind must be mildly worried that someone will soon figure out that his residence is a blot built by traitorous British invaders.

Happy Birthday Anil Kumble. Many happy turn-turns of the day.

Happy Deepavali. Eat sweets. Burst crackers. Enjoy.

Hello Tamil people. Here, take T-shirt design for Happy Deepavali - https://t.co/lhxrY0wkIN

Reached the age of 49. My last year in the Party Forties. Gulp! Next year onwards, Thrifty Fifties.

#HappyDiwali Wear new clothes and read old tweet... https://t.co/P851O0RcpK

Today's plan - Play Teen Patti. Put party. Burst crackers. Gambling. Drinking. Pollution. All good for the G.D.P. #HappyDiwali

Right now, somebody in NASA must be busy photoshopping that Diwali-night-in-India photo.

Hey NASA, here you go. You can use this image for this year's Diwali - https://t.co/ilCHnBGm2w

Lakshmi Puja: We light diyas, keep door open, so Lakshmi can come in. While praying that Mukesh Ambani keeps door open so Lakshmi can go out

Happy Birthday @virendersehwag Simple. Fun. Devastating. In cricket, and in Twitter.

Today commemorates the day in which Ram's followers said, "WHAT? What Bharat couldn't do in 14 years, you expect Ram to do in a day?"

Earlier media gave us truth, and movies gave us entertainment. Now media has shifted to entertainment. So, MOVIES BETTER FACT-CHECK. #Mersal

Modi doing Mann ki baat. Congress retaliating with Andar ki baat. https://t.co/GP237vuT5F

Good news: Modi will announce. Ok news that can be positioned as great news: Then also Modi will announce. Arun Jaitley is announcing. Gulp. https://t.co/lrhOpMVQiy

I'm obviously getting this wrong, but did the government take my money and give it to PSU Banks? I could have done that directly.

United Spirits must be feeling good after the 2nd quarter. Pretty much like its customers.

I suppose someday he will figure out that our soldiers die on our borders precisely to protect our right to stand when we want. https://t.co/gVM6ZfUJ3p

Happy birthday to the coolest state in terms of weather as well as attitude. #KarnatakaRajyotsava

Feroz Shah Kotla now has a gate named after Virender Sehwag. Super. Perfect tribute to an opener. https://t.co/jMuKlINWpG

Alright. But if we have to stand up every time we eat it, I'd go for idli. Much easier. https://t.co/Z9AHRJDhrD

Bye bye Ashish Nehra. I'll remember 33 things about you: That one heart with which you bowled. And the 32 teeth with which you smiled.

K...K...K...K...Cake. K...K...K...K...Candles. K...K...K...K...Cool. Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan. The K...K...K...K...King of Bollywood.

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