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The awesome 50th birthday gift from my wife has arrived in advance. Now for the minor detail of actually learning to play the piano. https://t.co/AydeHlAaSs

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IndiGo vs Jet Airways https://t.co/qjqKJWAwfw

Ramesh Srivats top tweets

Sigh. Always a pain when you tweet something and then some related hashtag like #JetAirways trends later. https://t.co/FEysbPIzTY

What? Yesterday #INDvsHK, today #INDvsPAK? What is this Asia Cup? Yesterday Starter. Today Main Course. Our team is in a Soup. Especially with all matches being played in a Dessert.

Applause to cabinet on outlawing #TripleTalaq. As I had said before, it's a step towards Unity in Divorcity. https://t.co/YXTXc2a9pp?

#DeepThoughtOrMaybeNot If our PM gets 1 Rupee for each year of his age, he still would get less than a dollar. First time in history that this has happened. #WillNotLookAtRepliesForAFewDecades

ஹாப்பி ஹிந்தி திவஸ்

BJP: Congress is Mallya’s friend. Congress: BJP is Mallya’s friend. Those days, everyone was Mallya’s friend. These days, he is a loan.

At least Google waits till I type a few letters before suggesting things. YouTube just plays the songs I want without me doing anything. Creepy, but convenient.

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