Ramesh Srivats @rameshsrivats

My roller coaster morning 10am: Yay, my wallet is full. Sigh, my petrol tank is empty. 11am: Yay, my tank is full. Sigh, my wallet is empty.

Looks like I need both to light my cigarette. https://t.co/yaKAC5bb89

Yennada Manohara? You're going to screw up the one good free fun state we have a? https://t.co/pf8kIQgtHb

No. They are not exactly a 'priority'. But, if we only do the one thing which is most priority, we'll be closing Twitter and growing wheat. https://t.co/sARRLMHYRM

Achievement Unlocked - I just got blocked by @sagarikaghose. I suppose my last tweet was highly intolerant and abusive.

I'm okay with @sagarikaghose blocking me and so not being able to read my tweets. But, but, NOW, I CAN'T SEE HER TWEETS. So much fun lost.

Happy #EngineersDay. Yes yes. I engineered one tweet in 2011, and have been repeating it year after year. https://t.co/0ImuCwhdvo

It may be far more efficient to keep #EngineersDay and Valentine's Day on the same date. I doubt there's anyone who celebrates both.

Looking forward to the #BulletTrain. IRCTC has 5 years to ensure that the booking takes less time than the journey.

Life in the future with #BulletTrain - Finish work in Ahmedabad at 5pm. Reach Mumbai at 7pm. Put booze till 9pm. Back to Ahmedabad at 11pm.

ஹாப்பி ஹிந்தி திவஸ்

ಹ್ಯಾಪಿ ಹಿಂದಿ ದಿವಸ್

Welcome, PM Shinzo Abe. Please ensure that you link your Japan to your Ja-Aadhaar. #MegaSelfThoo

I think Gopichand just told Sindhu in Telugu, not to listen to that other coach.

Phew. That was not a rally. That was an unnatu-rally.

This school-teacher referee is being rather strict with Sindhu.

Electrum is an alloy of Gold And Silver. Best would be to make 2 medals of it, and give one each to Sindhu and Okuhara.

This week has seen some excellent performance in courts. First Supreme Court. Then High Court. Now Badminton Court.

Watching Bangalore traffic. Hebbal flyover traffic jam was out of form, but Krishnarajapuam traffic jam is putting a solid performance.

Everyone has their favourite traffic jam. Krishnarajapuram is Dravid. Hebbal Flyover is Sehwag. But Silk Board seems to be Tendulkar.

Pujara? https://t.co/7NdO6Ma5ow

India must have threatened to send the Electricity Board regiment to #Doklam. China build road? We dig it up.

Decadence starts with decade. In this case, it ended with it. #RamRahimSentencing

Oh! #RamRahimSentence was 20 years, is it? With the first 6 years being PowerPlay, I suppose.

Wondering if I should change my name to Sri Sri Ramesh Rahimesh Robertesh Baba. I believe there's a job opening for this.

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