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Song they are singing in BJP HQ - "O meri Mehbooba Mehbooba Mehbooba Tujhe jaana hai to jaa Teri marzi mera kya."

Switzerland is playing so well that I’m now checking out their population.

The sad thing is that, when it comes to cricket, a Mexico-Germay upset will not even be possible because ICC will invite only 10 countries and call it World Cup.

Even if Switzerland opens their account, we’ll never know because of their banking laws and all that.

Apparently, Anushka Sharma's milkman has quit. He is too scared to come in the morning with one litter.

“We Putin a lot of effort. You Putin a lot of enthu. Hopefully the players will Putin lots of goals.” - Vladimir Putin opening #WorldCupRussia2018

Chess star Soumya Swaminathan pulls out of Iran event over headscarf rule. She was also worried that the chess pieces would look like this... https://t.co/wze6FT4WHc

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All set to see Afghanistan’s first test, first day, first session, first ball. https://t.co/3NiQadik1f

Ramesh Srivats top tweets
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