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Feel proud to see so many young Indians making their contribution @Google. Lovely place to work! http://t.co/SbQhkzGudG

Was Inducted today into the National Academy of Engineering. This has been a great moment for me! https://t.co/8qOt3hummo

Great to see the genuine public adoration for Sacin Tendulkar. He has truly made us all proud. He has achieved so much with such humility.

We overlook importance of oceans on our planet. We must preserve this essential resource. Go to http://t.co/5Uo85X4UfH and make yr comments.

The world has lost a great leader. Nelson Mandela was the father of a free South Africa where all people had equal rights. He will be missed

I greatly appreciate the kind sentiments and greetings received on my birthday. They mean a lot to me. I wish you all a happy new year.

Wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for, and that yr dreams are fulfilled

Greatly honored to receive recognition from UK so graciously bestowed by Her Majesty. See link for press statement. http://t.co/V9iB4RBL4p

Dr.Manmohan Singh demits office this week after 10 yrs. He led with great dignity and displayed high personal values. http://t.co/Yu5QaPlqTQ

Mr. Modi's landslide victory echoes the people's mandate for strong leadership and clear policies for growth and prosperity for India.

The nation voted 4 change. We need 2 stand together 2 support the new Govt's actions to re-build economic growth and prosperity in India.

Tks 4 suprt.Nev spoke of ind dev in State-only view fm car in Rajarhat fm airprt 2 Sonar.Mitra's angr needless.C link http://t.co/F7XH3pyNvX

The #ocean is essential for all life on earth - ­ time to protect it. Please join me and sign the petition http://t.co/vdvawTBMbG

If you care for the #ocean as I do, please click here and sign the @GOceanC petition http://t.co/vdvawTBMbG

Help us reach 250,000 voices for #highseas #ocean health and protection. Sign and retweet @GOceanC petition! http://t.co/vdvawTBMbG

#bringbackourgirls it is time to rescue the #ChibokGirls and bring them home – supporting @GoceanC Commissioner @obyezeks & all her efforts

I salute the govt for encouraging new airlines to fly in India, so that travellers can reach their destinations faster at affordable prices.

My deepest condolences go out to the families of the innocent students in Pakistan who were shot yesterday in an unforgivable massacre.

My heart goes out to those on board the missing AirAsia flight , their friends and relatives at this difficult time.

I want to thank those who sent me birthday greetings for their kind words and thoughtfulness.

Wonderful to see US & India come together in a bond of mutual friendship and trust. Both charismatic leaders deserve great credit and praise

I congratulate David Cameron on his great victory. I am overjoyed that he will continue to lead the UK to greater heights in the years ahead


Good article, well worth reading. http://t.co/LOibLgFlSa

Felt proud to be with enthusiastic, young entrepreneurs at T-Hub, the new incubator at Hyderabad. I wish them all the best. @KTRTRS

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