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Straight from a John le Carre novel.

Another Gujjar type stir in the making. strong are railway tracks in Gujarat? Just asking.

This pic that I clicked today says it all. #DelhiSmog

Men are trash? No, they aren't. Men are quiet, brooding, sensitive, industrious & fun loving. Yes, they are goofy, often misjudge, and are prone to making mistakes. For which they are treated with contempt & made to feel like trash. Bring on the beer mate! #InternationalMensDay

It's time there's a threadbare debate on this. Doctors on the TL too are requested to read the thread and record their opinion in comments.

Chilika Lake, Odisha. A quiet and reclusive abode of peace and tranquility. Travelled to Chilika at the last moment and was rewarded with this breathtaking sunset.

When you are a healthy dad you become a super dad. @ICICIPruLife shows how:

Just polished off half dozen Oriya Rasogollas at Bhubaneswar. Concluded that Oriya & Bengali Rasogollas are probably as different as chalk & cheese. Different phyla altogether. Oriya ones chunky & solid with minimum syrup within. Bengali ones spongy & dripping. Both taste divine.

Honoured Sir 😁🙏

Look idiots, you created a needless ruckus 4 years ago and no international cricket match has been held in Jaipur since Oct, 2013. Now you're doing this with Padmavati and you may have major distributors boycotting Rajasthan altogether. WTF is wrong with you?

Ab OnePlus 5T ke liye kuchh poochunga to log kahenge paid tweet kar raha hai. 🙄 Honest opinion tweeple, how's this phone?

Jagannath Puri. A romantic's sylvan esplanade. A raconteur's riveting amphitheatre. A pilgrim's idyllic paradise. Stills from moments when time stood still.

Just discovered that Hike Messenger is owned by Kavin Bharti Mittal, s/o Sunil Bharti Mittal of Airtel, and is valued at a whopping 1.4 BILLION dollars. Jab ghar me pada ho sona...etc etc.

This guy urgently needs some healthy attention on Twitter. Please fulfil his wish, brethren.

Never thought about this.

Waves back. Yep 👋🏻

Waves back. Yep. 👋

Traveling by @IndiGo6E with elderly parents. Mighty impressed by the discipline, attitude, manners and training of the unsung ground staff, especially porters entrusted with transferring wheel chair bound passengers.

Sex wouldn't be half as exciting were it not for the food you eat. There can just be no 'erotic' without 'roti' in it.

I can have it even on 20th March 2018, and it will work just as great.

I don't know why people are so crazy about the blue tick! Personally I find it creepy and disgusting.

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