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Hello from Belgrade. Last day of my trip to Serbia. A beautiful, proud, war-ravaged, erstwhile Eastern Bloc state trying to reinvent itself.

Modi sir ko yeda samjha hai? Petrol price is high now so that it could be slashed to 20 rupees a litre before general election of 2019.

Follow @SandeepMall for some seriously good wildlife photography.

Heartiest congratulations to @ChickenBiryanii aka Subrat Saurabh for his maiden publication. A book of verses. Indeed a moment of pride.

Bullet train coaches would come with messages like "To stop train in Mumbai, pull chain in Ahmedabad".

Move aside the Gulzars and the Majroohs and Sukhwinders the Arijits. Bol na Aunty aaoon kya is the real, raw, unadulterated India.

Wise. Airlines are very strict with no-fly lists these days.

"Box of condoms please." "Show Aadhar. Furnish photocopy." "Fuck!" "Sorry, but YOU can't!"

"Doc, I have a painful officer." "Report him!" "Hurts in the morning!" "Can understand" "Dammit doc, officer in anus!" "Ah! Fissure? Okay."

Very symbolic gesture. As if something is going to get chopped off.

Avoiding net has its own perks. You don't get stirred over prices. No flying fucks. Desks get cleaned. And u catch up with beautiful people.

Happy Birthday Modi Sir. Let us all celebrate today. But please declare a day of national mourning tomorrow for our true hero Arjan Singh.

Protesting is an art. Unfortunately @ManishTewari seems to have completely lost it.

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