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Pre-show breadless pbj #iHeartFestival https://t.co/TBNbQPrFnj

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And we’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have @kenjeong @officialellenk #iHeartFestival https://t.co/lLgjYChphb

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Act natural @Sisanie @TanyaRad #iHearFestival https://t.co/qyq4npVOub

Legend in the house - @StevieNicks! @fleetwoodmac #iHeartFestival https://t.co/808gQH46C9

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Reunited :) @PaulaAbdul #iHeartFestival https://t.co/QkgR0feSPS

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[email protected] now you can see a star with your name on it even when it’s cloudy ;) Always knew you were destined to be one. Congrats! https://t.co/5H48QdCJaO

Good evening dahlings. What happens in Vegas...you’ll hear about tomorrow at our #iHeartFestival @MariahCarey https://t.co/TN93V6QJoz

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A friend since I first moved to LA and started in radio. Happy bday @officialellenk – miss you! https://t.co/HhZpPeVgc9

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Thank you @OldDominion for giving back with a special show at @theryman benefiting the @ryanfoundation! Shout-out to @KelseaBallerini, @kennychesney, @SamHuntMusic, @Michaelraymusic, & the Nashville community for an unforgettable night filled with so much love and music. https://t.co/tnjHhIwBEz

Happy bday to my buddy @jimmyfallon! May you be forever young because growing up is EW! https://t.co/xa8Nqj7uCd

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Tie-gen, tee-gen…it doesn’t matter. Your cooking is amazing @chrissyteigen #cravings2 https://t.co/XSfNx7Bt4M

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In the presence of royalty @IAMQUEENLATIFAH #kellyandryan https://t.co/vAxW6kiqve

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Known Glenn Weiss since I was starting off as a host on Gladiators 2000. Triple congrats on his #Emmys wins last night: outstanding directing for a variety special, best proposal speech, and the engagement! https://t.co/g2tAlqNktx

Cooking with @chrissyteigen tomorrow on #kellyandryan! Can’t wait to try something off her new cookbook #Cravings2, or as I like to call it, my bucket list. https://t.co/A5JdiLrXq0

[email protected] also need to try this peanut butter dessert of EGOT champs https://t.co/LIxs4O3Vtk

Congrats to my friend and @POLISHEDForMen partner @DrLancerRX on his newest collaboration with @CandaceCBure! There will be #NothingStandard about the launch tomorrow, no doubt. https://t.co/AlgWjlDPU3

Tribe/fam. @OnAirWithRyan https://t.co/qOtvLt47Hq

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Happy bday @nickjonas! Thanks for all that you do for the kids at #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/GudxHo1dl5

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