Ryan Seacrest @ryanseacrest

You haven't lived until you've been upright spooned by a stranger with sweaty pits in a crowded subway https://t.co/sn3rfT0MMP

Got some big news I can't wait to share. Flip on @LiveKellyRyan right now :)

Reuniting with an old flame. So excited to see u again :) @AmericanIdol https://t.co/sFhgMWxMH7

Bring on the good thymes https://t.co/o9zz1GnXmo

Word. #KellyandRyan https://t.co/L0fqMEX1yV

Will @katyperry and I see u at auditions? https://t.co/XX4kYiVNiR

I've been told i'm more like a stress ball for the contestants https://t.co/fL0MLrPeZO

Every morning :) https://t.co/VfwVYYw359

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon...so @kellyripa I hope your answer is no https://t.co/2LgFardIhA

reunited and it feels so good https://t.co/VVSpklV2sG

My TV wife @kellyripa is going on vacation in august so my radio wife @sisanie has agreed to fill in for a day! https://t.co/TEWgOQb1Co

BTW...this is the ONLY time ur wife can take a vacation and u can have another woman fill in https://t.co/bN3FCExCZ1

The news about Chester Bennington is devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and @linkinpark. Such a tragic loss

This pic basically sums up what @americanidol means to me. Excited to return to my old stomping grounds! #tbt https://t.co/a6S5gHLUZe

About to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017 w @SofiaCarson. @kellyripa we'll work on ur cool pose ;) #kellyandryan https://t.co/uL9wLExeD7

Almost didn’t recognize @SteveAoki without the cake. His new track #4000000 w @RSVPMase and @badroyalemusic is a club banger #kellyandryan https://t.co/l85Rfkb5ho

the sweet, sweet sound of revenge https://t.co/4hF02MBlir

tomorrow we have some guy named @harry_styles calling @onairwithryan after 8a???? Send us ur questions using #harryonseacrest

And the countdown to music’s holy grail begins #iHeartFestival https://t.co/sWiMRrmDxK

Can't believe I've been working w this one for 7 years. Happy puthday...I mean birthday @TanyaRad! https://t.co/Fbpa8FXXGr

.@kellyripa heard me describe myself as a cusp millennial to @KeeganMKey and she literally almost fell off her chair. Rude #kellyandryan https://t.co/tJLgI6rK9Q

Good boy Storm! Georgia is single FYI https://t.co/bmCmusIwHR

according to my coconut oil's state of matter, it is over 76 degrees right now

Sometimes the best shows in ny are on the subway https://t.co/kl49ikAz22

when someone says “that’s crazy” they probably weren’t listening/interested in ur story

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