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Monkey business https://t.co/UmT7dq2s6u

It’s #NationalDrinkWineDay, no work tomorrow and a new ep of #KUWTK starts at 9 p.m. followed by #RevengeBody... Some days just fall into place.

  • Still haven’t forgotten about @drdre…Happy bday!

    Happy bday @edsheeran! Hope your cake is as good as the gingerbread man I got you for Christmas. https://t.co/lrqHXjmBov

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Happy #RandomActOfKindnessDay! Let’s do something nice today, tomorrow, the following day and every day.

    Going for the specs appeal https://t.co/atCJCBMyF6

    Ryan Seacrest top tweets

    Grate question https://t.co/oVvfzl7ySM

    xin nian kuai le! Happy #ChineseNewYear! Wishing everyone happiness and prosperity :)

    Cheers to the long weekend! Any cool plans ahead?

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