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Put those emails on hold and take a load off - you made it to the weekend :) https://t.co/DKOas80JHS

I’m very grateful for my friends at @StJude hospital who are spending their #Thanksgiving week on the @TODAYshow to fight childhood cancer. This holiday season #givethanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not: https://t.co/tiR0cHkV9n https://t.co/hbomF8o1pZ

It’s an exciting night for music... the #AMAs are kicking off with a LIVE Red Carpet coverage on Twitter right now! https://t.co/7RY2PfuybV

Sad I missed this @LionelRichie, but the choir was probably better off without me in it #thenextidol https://t.co/6iTR3el1gi

Ok America - you watched their auditions on the #AMAs and now we need you to pick who gets the Golden Ticket. Send your fave to Hollywood by voting on https://t.co/IcU1BPzJUi now! #thenextidol https://t.co/l27RnE7xey

So during commercial Denzel and I agreed #thanksgiving should start earlier in the day for max eating time, but @kellyripa thinks it should start at normal dinner time (6/7p). What do you think? https://t.co/R3hyGrZbs5

You finally get to hear your favorite songs by @ddlovato, @katyperry and @jasonderulo in a whole new way! Watch the series premiere of #BestCoverEver hosted by my friend @ludacris on YouTube now: https://t.co/5x5eu2PuVd

How to get through this Monday: 1) Watch #DemisBestCoverEver 2) Watch #KatyPerrysBestCoverEver 3) Watch #JasonDerulosBestCover 4) Fall deep into the @youtube rabbit hole 5) Realize it's time for bed https://t.co/f2IT9wWpei

Trying to earn my #thanksgiving dinner this year. Thanks for cheering me on this weekend @kellyripa! https://t.co/AkDBeYVAUb

Some quick tips on how to crush evening wear as we head into holiday party season! cc: @macys #seacreststyle https://t.co/PemLbD1R18

Mama’s boy for life #tbt https://t.co/WQmPoTbHsd

FYI tmrw morning @bts_bighit will be joining @OnAirWithRyan in studio! #BTSArmy set your alarm for 6:40a PT!

Annyeonghaseyo #BTSArmy! We have @bts_bighit joining @onairwithryan in-studio right now! Don't miss: https://t.co/WfW8OXF2ld

One of my favorite #KIISCampus surprises. So nice to meet you @BTS_BigHit, thanks for this! #BTSArmy #BTS https://t.co/UGsaZwFbBG

We got tired of tiptoeing so @BenAffleck met us halfway. Those Batman squats are really paying off #kellyandryan https://t.co/9BXaM17H6T

Thank you @benaffleck for putting huge smiles on those children’s faces #SeacrestStudios https://t.co/Q2eIn9U7As

The good news is we gained an hour. The bad news is now we have to fix the microwave and oven #DaylightSavings

Can’t believe it’s been a year since my little sis got married. Happy anniversary Mere and Jimmy! Love you guys :) https://t.co/JSNrIJMDko

Happy bday to the big boss who makes it all happen @krisjenner! Kick your feet up today, you deserve it :)

My heart breaks for the lives lost in the Texas shooting today. Praying for their families and everyone affected by another senseless act.

Your plans for Sunday, March 11: 11a: Brunch all day 7p: Find sweatpants 8p: Watch @AmericanIdol premiere on ABC 10p: Admit tmrw's Monday

That’s about 125 days or approx 10,800,000 seconds... but who’s counting? #thenextidol https://t.co/hWhS1RVNtD

Drum roll please...and your #KIISJingleBall Village performers are: @InRealLife @whydontwemusic @jamesmaslow @PRETTYMUCH

You guys want to carpool? @katyperry @lionelrichie @lukebryanonline #thenextidol https://t.co/nhP0aw7y8A

If you missed it 1) what were you thinking... and 2) @AmericanIdol premieres Sunday, March 11 at 8p on ABC! #thenextidol https://t.co/QgJXrxTepS

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