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#BadhaiHo is a 2 hour movie with 1 hour ads in the interval.

Ayushmann Khurrana is good at singing. He is better at acting. But he is best at choosing scripts.

Einstien once said, "Two things are always constant - Sun rising in the East and Virat Kohli being in great form and I am not sure about the first one" #INDvWI

Ranveer Singh when Deepika said she will let him wear her clothes forever. https://t.co/K0CGQSPslK

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"🎵 Suhaag raat hai, ghoonghat utha rahi hun main 🎵" - Deepika Padukone on 15th November

Prakash Padukone - Baratiyon ka swagat... Ranveer Singh - Ching's chutney se hi karenge

There's an app for extramarital dating. It's 2018. Still no flying cars. https://t.co/RSlDvTD8sP

#AajSeTumharaNaam https://t.co/DzdWg7WMof

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Person - Please change my name Yogi Adityanath - What's your name? Person - Sant Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan Yogi Adityanath - https://t.co/e4PVwUVbPw

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#PAKvAUS https://t.co/cpM88lDn5z

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Car and bike showroom owners on Dussehra. #HappyDussehra https://t.co/xZ1VpLJIJV

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Friend : What's your Netflix password? Me : https://t.co/3V4TFi76TW

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Someone tell Mukesh Ambani to launch Jio Audiobooks.

Kim Jong-un: I have a Nuclear button on my desk Donald Trump: I have a bigger button UP Police : Thaaye Thaaye

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