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Hi @VodafoneIN I need some urgent assistance regarding International Roaming. Could you please call me?

Hello Fellow Gamers, If y'all own a Nintendo Switch too, join in the madness in the group below. I've started a little community to work towards building a Nintendo base in India. :) Please RT and tag your gamer peeps! https://t.co/LdWvI9mQFQ

My dog got her first period today. You won't believe what I said next. https://t.co/kV2GETBTk0

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It's about time that I caught up with this much awaited sequel. Thanks @gamestheshop #PS4share https://t.co/7s6iSIJdNN

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Hank Moody. https://t.co/8LqFGM59Tz

Jesus Myntra, I know I play a little too much red dead redemption but seriously? https://t.co/pN9RcYMQCr

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Me visiting the birthday reminders tab on facebook: "So, who am I unfriending today?"

My Andheri ending train became a Virar as soon as it reached Andheri. The chaos that followed was unimaginable. Watched an old man get trampled. As much as this city is known for its amazing people, shit gets super unruly.

Wedding planner: "We should have Falguni Pathak perform at your daughters wedding." Mukesh Ambani: "How about we go... beyond... say..." Wedding planner: "I've got it..."

Some people like audiobooks better than actual books. Hear, hear!

Yakuza with an english dub. Damn. https://t.co/QVR4O5EsSK

kaunsa agency hai yaar yeh https://t.co/uHO1hEw0v0

Obviously, I'm never trusting movers and packers again. https://t.co/8djmD1KPOA

Where did all the moth memes go?

Is homeophobic a thing because I think Homeopathy is shit.

Intruder is a great name for a bike in India especially the way most of the city bikers ride.

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