Harish Iyengaar @scaryhairyman

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your casual saffron terrorist https://t.co/5sD3644Sbv

the awesomeness of this video totally negated that 12 year old in me chuckling at the name https://t.co/jzxMkcIDXL

definitely not by tweeting with "don't @ me" https://t.co/mzQUbnKVbY

Hello @joogasama @february_31st boys pls to suggest good source for Akira with subs

close enough https://t.co/fhEn9Cvi8C

Fuck old people who abuse the “respect me I’m older” attitude to cover their irrationality.

Bhakts are a national embarrassment. https://t.co/0cDOD6Aov3

Is there gonna be another Bharati movie? https://t.co/RgXU1BzZIV

Finished South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Found the first game so much better.

Next - Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Filter coffee made by yours truly. Good morning. https://t.co/sk1H2KPJSr

Happy birthday @discopiggu :)

"I don't care who you are... where you're from... what you did..." https://t.co/8cye9nC5cU

😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/s8UfxJjL6Z

Please ban bhakt trolls also please https://t.co/5DXgP2QNBf

Good night. https://t.co/6nNX5yxOFH

Happy birthday @GrumbleBee_ :)

Mildly disappointed that Dr. Dre’s twitter handle isn’t called Tweets by Dre.

The ethnicity representation for India in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is ‘punjabi’ lol. Wtf @Ubisoft https://t.co/n3LN3Stmu4

Vatican’t https://t.co/vtjKyCixBR

When life gives you lemons, bring out the fucken Poha #PohaTwitter https://t.co/Aol09mR2EG

My demon is on the papers today alongside @TextualOffender and @february_31st’s tykes. https://t.co/VdXbHyndoc

Don't be a complete Apple fanboy or a Google worshiper. Distribute your souls among them all.

James Blunt in India woohoo

You had me at “nothing is sexier than someone who can swallow” https://t.co/sRi8VJjkHZ

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