Harish Iyengaar @scaryhairyman

Lipstick Under My Burkha was a fantastic watch. Also, Plabita Borthakur is so pretty. <3

Good morning with some ridiculously mediocre photography of my view rn https://t.co/Yz3WPKoLga

Someday my cat's gonna realise she's just a test subject to figure out the nine lives theory conclusively.

Happy birthday @AGirlOfHerWords ^_^

Auto Driver gives me a 50 rupee note as change. Me: it's fake AD: lekin yeh note ATM se nikla saab Me: ... AD: https://t.co/BVJ0MZnTBK

Every RPG ever https://t.co/JEDScA9ANi

Not all heroes wear capes. https://t.co/73mY9siLpW

It's so sad when people don't like mattar in their aloo or paneer. They come in peas.

🎵 I can spin my head right round right round 🎵 https://t.co/5b4UUZ0WKY

Does anyone use Letterboxd here?

So glad I carry my passport around. Had a last minute meeting in Thane.

"I love how vegan go without eating meat or animal products." - Vegans

SAW IS BACK OMG https://t.co/8hifBYHUBL

sup https://t.co/14E3N0XOvC

If you suck at making snacks and are looking for something to eat just remember... PATTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Shama is the only person who appreciates my tweets. Ironic.

I hope she retaliates with another song. https://t.co/OpxQDib8fN

Who called it wanderlust and not home-o-phobic?

If you see someone blocking people's path just to pet a stray dog, that's probably me.

Pussy's waiting for me as soon as I get home. https://t.co/0yRsYIxpo5

Don't have kids. https://t.co/daX0QrLXda

Happy birthday @triptoes

Happy birthday @anymysha

Good morning. https://t.co/KBZaogqpAu

Harish in the photo not to be confused with Harish in the article. https://t.co/0oTNGiXvK1

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