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Still not an excuse to let political parties sponsor these road show pandals and fuck our lives. Fuck you. https://t.co/YG4rRsGcWE

someone gift me that SR71 https://t.co/ly7vVUWDLf

She: He's ma guy Me: She's pa gal Y u so creative harish

Why can't y'all keep Ganpati off the streets and be wiser jan.

But Chetan has been taking us for a ride ever since his first book. https://t.co/ZwuaIQRtWa

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Every damn time. https://t.co/uMmhMS09Tk

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First tweet from the Switch #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/pKNcolZCU4

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The opposite of Nykaa is Nike.

The atrangee case of Vakrangee's logo. Who did it better? https://t.co/kbLb8QybRp

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Happy @aaliznat jayanti y'all https://t.co/bFHobKYetc

Hi 2 all #PohaTwitter https://t.co/VzLTqLqReN

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This view never gets old. #Bombay #TeamPixel https://t.co/7bi0iFEQPE

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Nintendo Switch has been ordered. Now the wait will take forever.

if you date me I will have: morning anxiety afternoon anxiety dinner anxiety i made breakfast anxiety after work anxiety before bed anxiety just bc i love you anxiety shower anxiety i’m bored anxiety out in public anxiety holiday anxiety monday-sunday anxiety https://t.co/hIoTGetmiT

Uber directors: We need to change our logo (again). *Director's four year old walks up to whiteboard and practices handwriting* Next day: https://t.co/guGY6G6jZX

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Modaks are fake momos. https://t.co/SRS96IccQf

yer a wizard ravi https://t.co/ilcPLSWo5H

Life except every decision you make is a cry for help.

Rewriting suicide notes has made me the creative writer that I am today. Procrastinate and push that deadline forever. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

New Architects! Album release is on my birthday :D https://t.co/Qrh4pdXSwn

What do you call trees on TV? पेड media.

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