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I keep reading Wakanda as Wankhade and think that IPL is back.

Trying to douse the fire with petrol. https://t.co/3BTY0flgLI

  • same question https://t.co/intp8woZ1F

    #WakandaPohaTwitter https://t.co/bkTDHEv2my

    Dude @omithehomie you ok? https://t.co/ROdQ6Np98G

    Y dools y https://t.co/nqQTNr6lJd


    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    This book is fantastic! I wish I could have been there for the event :( https://t.co/u2tfx8qKLS

    I hope Black Panther is legit good and not Thor Ragnarok good because Ragnarok was a shit movie, fuck y'all.

    "bhai first list mein naam aaya kya?" https://t.co/tOUFi0r7B9

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    When your fuck buddy's oral sex game is strong, it ain't booty call. It's headphones.

    This but made even better with beef https://t.co/kR0Cv1LAz7

    Harish Iyengaar top tweets

    Sat down at Keventers and almost 50737 people came to Instagram my drink.

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