Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Praying for everyone in Mexico City. So devastated.

Enter to win the @Coach Selena Grace bag by listening on @Spotify. Top Selenators get their name on my site! 😏

Connecting with my fans! And filters.

I got the most inspiration during seasons of change

Yes - there's one that is really special to me. It's ballad.

I have to always grow #streamwithselena

Kill Em With Kindness is up next… a song that’s close to my heart now more than ever. #StreamWithSelena

The album making process because I learned so much about myself as an artist #streamwithselena

With confidence, you just have to believe it until it's natural. Don't just say it. Believe it. #StreamWithSelena

The collaboration and being a part of their family #streamwithselena

Lately? That I'm moving to Europe... so random. #StreamWithSelena

Most of the time I am. I'm just really good at covering it up 😀

Now let’s listen to ‘It Ain’t Me’ with @kygomusic. This was such a fun one to make! #StreamWithSelena

I don't know. I have always preferred piano

I love my Brazilian fans!

Eminem! #StreamWithSelena

Slow Down

I always have that on every album!

I don't have favorites. I have recents. I just watched Lake Mungo

I like feeling like i'm creating a whole new sound each time I collaborate. @KygoMusic's sound is so unique, I loved being a part of it.

It was so much fun. I was in a room full of boys. They were all on their phones.

Now playing: Hands To Myself! #StreamWithSelena

I really like "me and the rhythm"

Quail egg

Up next: My favorite song from Revival, Me & The Rhythm (Sober was a close second.) #StreamWithSelena

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