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Getting harder and harder to go to work.


  • I have a headache.

    “I’ll show them!! I’ll show them ALL!!! No one will steal my magic bag!!!”

    I very much agree. Let us hope this is not a pattern.

    There seems to be a prevailing philosophy among a certain section of the country that if you enter show business, you should forfeit your right to an informed opinion, shut off your brain, and think only about your job. Odd that this does not seem to apply to other industries.

    One party has made numerous efforts to act on stricter gun regulations. The other has fought them every step of the way. Stop saying it’s not a political fight. It is.

    Violence and conflict have been a part of Hollywood storytelling since the silent movie era. You can find it distasteful, but it’s nothing new. However, to my knowledge, no one’s actually been shot by Yosemite Sam.

    Donald Trump is President and the Republicans control Congress. I’m not sure what “enormous sway” you’re referring to. To be terrified of dissenting arguments while enjoying a virtual monopolization of power is... unreasonable.

    It comes w/ some sadness now, but word-for-word, Al Franken’s Giant of the Senate is the most accessible, enlightening account I’ve read of Senate process. If you’re easily confounded by legislative jargon like me, check it out.

    To those broad-stroke defenders of the 2nd amendment: How many of you have actually BEEN shot at? Any at all? Well, listen to these kids who have.

    To a reasonable person, it should go without saying that I am excluding military conflicts in that statement.

    Other countries have had great success containing gun violence through regulation. I support a conscientious analysis of the factors that have contributed to those success stories, with the goal being an appropriate legal adaptation for America. See what’s worked. Learn from it.

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