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This is both embarrassing and inspiring

Hey you can follow The Orville at @TheOrville for all the latest #TheOrville news about “The Orville”.

Passed on to the corporate overlords. Like to keep the fans happy.

Go watch the Hulu documentary “Too Funny To Fail” about The Dana Carvey Show. Thank me later.

World Series - having a beer with Lt. John Lamarr

Brand new episode of #TheOrville tonight at 9/8c on Fox!

Hey East Coast! I’ll be live-tweeting The Orville tonight at 9! Use the hashtag #TheOrville for all your questions!

Calm down.

The Orville starts in 1 minute, East Coast - get your questions ready and use the hashtag #TheOrville

I think there’s been an absence of optimistic, episodic sci-fi recently. The Orville sets out to fill that void.

We like to keep you guessing.



In a manner of speaking.

Actually wrote this episode a year and a half ago after reading @jonronson’s terrific book

The irony...

“So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”

That’s next week.

I just want Peter Macon’s pipes.

No comment.

Thanks for watching, everyone!!

Attention UK! #TheOrville will be landing on December 14th on @FOXtvUK!

#TheOrville has been picked up for season 2! Thanks to all our awesomely enthusiastic fans who’ve made this happen!

Celebrate the season 2 renewal of #TheOrville with a brand new episode tonight at 9/8c on Fox!

Check out @RalphGarman on #TheOrville this Thursday on FOX

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