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“They don’t call ‘em emergencies, they call ‘em Patronis”

I’m repeating myself with great delight: Congratulations @AlexBorstein on your SECOND Emmy win in a week for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series!

It’s a feat of successful corporate propaganda that climate change is still seen as a “political” issue like health care or tax reform, even as steroidal hurricanes shred the coast. https://t.co/P5EoAuJWmg

Not within the community of credible climate scientists. At one time, scientific advisories were taken seriously by BOTH parties, not just one. Notable campaigns to discredit them usually come from industries with a financial stake in denial (i.e. the tobacco industry) https://t.co/oPemwy2vhu

A nation is only as strong as its educational system. https://t.co/CdIMGY0hfj


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Trump railing against the Woodward book on Twitter is like me discussing Billy Budd in my high school literature class: neither of us actually read the fucking book.

Congratulations @AlexBorstein on a long overdue and massively deserved Emmy win for Outstanding Voiceover Performance for Lois Griffin! What the fuck took you so long, Academy - this lady’s the best in the biz!

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