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If you haven’t seen black panther you better go now @chadwickboseman did his thing this is the…

LA! Come hang with me at @ShoePalace tomorrow

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  • Shaqstradamus does it again congrats to nick Saban and university of Alabama great game…

    I can only imagine what kind of player I would’ve been w/these tools. #prouddad @SSjreef

    18 year old @shaq Vs @SSjreef: Sorry son but I would’ve had to touch you up coming in the paint. #prouddad #justalittletouchup

    Saw my good friend steveaoki today #truelegend

    Shining Star for you to see what your life can truly be. Happy Birthday Son I Love You! @SSjreef #prouddad

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    Got some big news to share with you guys. This is real, people! This is happening! @CarnivalCruise #CarnivalAmbassador #ChooseFun

    Uh oh I’m starting a you tube channel it’s about to be crazy. SHAQ UNCUT via @YouTube

    Started my new job as @CarnivalCruise's CFO, Chief Fun Officer. Now, what should I do first? #CarnivalAmbassador #ChooseFun

    Hey ladies follow

    Shaq Whips Up Baller 18th Birthday Party for His Son

    Thank you @BellatorMMA for this amazing Kimbo Slice bobblehead! They are giving these away this Saturday at my old stomping grounds during #Bellator192 #theforum

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    The OG crew is BACK. Badder (and older) than ever. #UncleDrew #NBAAllStar

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    Thanks @PixsterLA for hooking up my son’s photo booth at his was great

    For all you pretty ladies with the big gorgeous hair check this out @tressforus

    I want you to join me in voting for the next glaze flavor from @krispykreme. For the first time ever we get to decide! What will you vote for: Lemon, Blueberry, Caramel or Maple? Get your pick in by Jan. 22 at #VoteForGlaze #sponsored

    Happy birthday to my favorite twin nephews @_tylerbroughton and his brother [email protected]

    next week my man @grabbitz_ is dropping heat stay tuned ☁️ #mycloud

    For all you ladies with beautiful curly hair. Finally a hat for you follow on Instagram at tressforus

    i came a long ways since kazaam ... don’t miss The ONealienist on TNT #SHAKOTAFANNING

    Greatest commercial ever

    #tbt Throwin it back to @LondellMcMillan #hiphop awards @Nelly_Mo #nelly If you wanna go and…

    Proud of the little bro @kendricklamar and the topdawgent TEAM 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 @dangerookipawaa @retone…

    Dangerous man with a #grammy in his pocket 🎶🏆🎤🏆 Bruno smoother than a mugg🕶 #brunomars #shaqfuradio

    Great job @SBNation


    #FamilyGreatly #KraftEntry

    Want a chance to be coached by yours truly? Then get to and vote for Team @Pringles! @MagicJohnson's team is about to get crunched.

    Check out a young Shaq Daddy sparking the biggest rap war the NBA has ever seen in this weeks episode of @OBBPictures #The5thQuarter  only on @go90 🎤 🔥

    Excited to continue my partnership with @TheGeneralAuto on our mission to #MakeLifeEasier for customers!

    BEAT DONUTS EVER #krispykreme #krispykremedoughnuts

    I rather be blind then to not sing my favorite artist beyonce song #beyoncesbiggestfanliterally

    Happy Birthday to THE SHARK @SharkGregNorman

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    Fun video of my boys thanks to @overtime #overtimechallenge

    The bigger we are, the harder we ball. Meet the #BigFella when #UncleDrew hits theaters June 29! @UncleDrewFilm

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    Happy Birthday to the ALL TIME 🐐 11✖️@nba 🏆 Bill Russell much love and respect

    SHAQ top tweets

    See you there

    It’s almost time for the Big Fella to shine! Watch the brand new #UncleDrew trailer right here! The movie busts onto the big screen on June 29. #OGBigBaller

    I need to get one of these for my house. Reserve your spot now for this amazing @AmericanExpress Experience! #AmexAmbassador #AmexNBA

    Can’t wait to join #XboxLiveSessions at #OneCourt to play #XboxOneX and discuss all things #NBAAllStar. Make sure to tune-in at home to 2/16 @ 3 p.m. PT and ask me questions throughout the stream. @thenbpa

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