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Congratulations @JindalGlobalUNI, Chancellor @MPNaveenJindal &VC Prof Raj Kumar for signing an landmark MoU with @Cornell, a US Ivy League university that will offer a dual degree programme w/ @JindalGlobalUNI. Glad whenever Indian students receive a world-class education.

So Vidarbha have batted Kerala out of the #RanjiTrophy2017. Yet another match-winning knock from @faizfazal. I sometimes feel our batting talent is so great, it's a pity we can't field two Test teams!

Inaugurated a bus shelter built with MP funds at Poojappura last night. The simple development work we can do that helps the daily lives of constituents.

Ended the work day at 9.30pm last night with this high mast light inauguration in Vattavila. Got home by 10 to find petitioners still waiting patiently with their requests. #ALifeInTheDay

At an art exhibition at Bharat Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram this morning &being sketched by artist Kurian Shabarigiri

The irresistible charm of kids encountered in the course of a busy day!

Addressing a memorial meet in honour of late @INCIndia leader Gilbert alongside his son KG Jacob

Addressed the annual meet of the Kerala State chapter of the Indian Medical Association. Strong case for increasing %age of Govt budget devoted to health. A national health insurance scheme would be transformative.

Presented the Indian Medical Association's annual journalism awards for public health reporting in Kerala to Pravina of @Asianet & Justina of @manoramanews

Visited homes of anguished fishermen's families in Vettucaud. Nature's deceptive calm belies the emotional turbulence it has caused.

This baby's father has been missing at sea since #CycloneOckhi. So have these kids'.

At the humble dwelling of a Vettucaud fisherman missing at sea since #CycloneOckhi

Inaugurated an exhibition of photographs of transgenders taken over a decade by @madhyamam photographer Abhijit. One of the transmen depicted, Vihaan, showed me his pix

The transformation of Vihaan & Eby to men in Abhijit's photographs at the #ManIAm exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram

The anguish of the people deserves equal intensity in response by the government.

Interesting opportunity to listen to fascinating young speakers at In a short video in the top of the page, you can hear this year's 23 participants speak about their project plans. @Kantharis

This is true. Those who have truly felt the pain of bereavement will confirm this. The pain dulls with time but the wounds are always there.

Addressing a @ProfCong discussion with young doctors in Thiruvananthapuram in an interactive exchange on challenges & opportunities for the medical profession in India

Switched on & inaugurated four high-mast lights installed with MP funds in Vattiyoorkavu Assembly constituency tonight, accompanied by MLA K.Muralidharan

With @INCIndia colleagues at the memorial to the historic Vattiyoorkavu Sammelan of 1938, a landmark in the freedom struggle in Travancore

A long day draws to a close with some enlightenment: the power went just after i switched on this high mast light! It beats me why we can't manage uninterrupted electricity as almost every country does: avge 5 power failures a day at my home in Lutyens' Delhi

After seven hours without a break visiting cyclone victims around the Thiruvananthapuram coast, am running late to address a seminar on freedom of expression at #IFFK2017 with @aparnasen. Racing there now

I feel emotionally shredded but all the more determined to get them the support they deserve from both Central and State governments.

My speech for the 75th anniversary of Campion School, Mumbai:

The wails of the bereaved are the most painful reminder of our own powerlessness. #CycloneOckhi

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