Mojo @singhlicious

TL is Lit af


Kejriwal, is that you? #moviebuff

Indian women cricket team must be feeling like a CA student, jeette jeette haar gaye!

Long time,no handwritten notes received!

Haar accept karna seekh lo, wahin se jeet ki tyaari shuru ho jayegi.

Happy birthday @lil_unsteady 😇

Pakistan ki team ek bhi match nhi jeeti, India final me aake haar gayi. Pakistanis are still making jokes, they be like:

Cravings are permanent, hunger is temporary.

Laugh at yourself not at your own jokes,once in a blue moon atleast!


Going to give spoilers of episode 2 of season 7 of GoT withina few minutes!

Every person on twitter be like:

This lady is regretting for ignoring the ones who had crush on her,never ignore the ones who love you a lot!

You can see patience live, the way they are playing is another name of patience. #IndvsEng


Robb stark

Wake up sid is a fine movie, I can watch it again and again and Jagga jasoos is inversely proportional to it.

Thank you onu

I have a joke on धागा, but you won't give it thread.

Peete nhi iska matlab ye nhi ki Saturday night ko jeete nhi.

Indian women will win hearts and game as well today. #INDvENG

Dekho kaisa banda h

इश्तिहार तो बिखरते रहते है, बिखरने का शौंक है तो मोती जैसा बनो

final me hi kyun dagmaga jaate hain ye. #IndvsEng

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