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Chris Farley and I started at Second City on the same day. You knew the minute you saw him on stage he was great. He was sweet and smart and funny. When I heard he had died, 21 years ago today, I fell to the ground. Rest In Peace.

First romaine lettuce is recalled, now cauliflower! What's next? A food I eat?!

If New York legalizes recreational marijuana, the Big Apple is gonna get hollowed out and turned in to a bong.

The walls are clearly closing in on Trump. https://t.co/hEs981EdbS

It really feels like we’re at a turning point in the Trump presidency. https://t.co/AmRUJLHYjv

Another decision in the landmark case of “Donald Trump v. Getting Caught” https://t.co/pKZ7Zu7iie

Advice for Michael Cohen: On first day of prison, go up to the biggest guy in the yard and offer to pay him $130,000

Wanna feel old? "Smocking gun" was TODAY

Nobody seems to want this job. https://t.co/SJbvRfMKNt

Weird time to introduce the new Pence statue to the White House. https://t.co/eXyasvgJEY

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Since Donald Trump was elected President I have tried to remind myself to never stop being shocked. https://t.co/d3dRZYoMPl

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