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Still reeling from this. Can't believe this happened. Most stressful moment of my life. See you in April, @BTS_twt with @madamejoshi @dancing_kitteh_ @ruchi_saw @thisisridz https://t.co/pz6ffajh5E


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Guys. I got BTS tickets. I GOT BTS T I C K E T S I’m... actually going to watch them live. This. Is this a dream?

Soooo... who else is trying for bts tix tomorrow?

Hi guys - if you have any tips on how to buy BTS tickets esp for the Thailand concert, please HMU. Need to make it happen folks ❤️

Now can Yoongi please wish that BTS come to India to perform?!?! ALSO WOW. A GRAMMY. THIS IS JUST INSANE 😭❤️😭❤️ what a year it’s been for @BTS_twt

Happy birthday ma ❤️ https://t.co/EG1wCuN9I0

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