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Has anyone been to Sikkim lately? Planning a trip and need some help!


Zits on the nose bridge are real menaces to humanity

More nuance ❤️ https://t.co/25Z1NbM8RZ

According to science, the most nuanced critiques about literally anything come from people who have some footballer’s photo as their display picture, you can’t refute science.

Damn I need friends like Taekook https://t.co/GgAeqUfEGz

People who like children have not hung out with children

Why wasn’t this the same attitude when critics reviewed Veere di Wedding? https://t.co/MJe4sUswhB

WOW https://t.co/EcqrTgNeqB

I want film critics to review Race 3 with as much scrutiny as they reviewed Veere di Wedding.

Ladies, block him and drink water, but don’t copy tweets, ffs. https://t.co/bC8XAVHrnO https://t.co/M5uaOuUJzY

Hey old twitter India, do you remember there used to be this girl who had a very sweet voice and she’d record herself reading poetry or something on soundcloud.... WHO WAS SHE OMG

Is Black Panther streaming anywhere?

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Jurassic World was so boring 😅

If you like comedy and also laughing, then you really can’t miss this show, featuring two faves - @RougeAF @sumairashaik ❤️ https://t.co/qpz1aN7U7k

Just placed an order for five books because that’s just the kind of person I am now.

Please send some memes (wholesome or otherwise). I need to smile.

Is Instagram down or something?

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