Supriya @supaarwoman

I think most of the cracks on my phone screen are from all the times I've flung it at the wall after seeing my ex's posts.


America ki junta ka national anthem outrage dekh kar kin kinko hasi aa rahi hai? Smug waali?

On the upside, thanks to forced bed rest, I can finally catch up on my reading.

I have been visited by the slipped disc fairy and I'm now bedridden. Please send me attention and money thank you

Will do a giveaway at 10k followers yeh mera waada hai

Who are your favourite non-Indian YouTubers?


Apart from killing it in life, Beyoncé is also killing it on Instagram lately and I cannot handle

Hi dear friends

It's been a decade since I graduated college guys wtf

I need new friends but everyone just annoys me too much

"Yay, awesome :D"

"Galti toh insaan se hi hoti hai, aur galti se main insaan hi hoon"

I love all these books, y'all need to grab this deal fam

Hasi mazaak mein aise hi 9000 followers ho gaye Twitter pe. Thanks guys. You mean a lot to me.

Wrote something about being a woman online.

Does anyone want to sponsor my weight loss?

Worth it or nah

Thanks for the overwhelming no. I'm not buying them 🙏🏻

Horsin' Around's theme is stuck in my head

What are your hobbies? 10yo me: Singing, dancing, cooking, reading, videogames... 31yo me: Breathing. Breathing is nice.

To the person in my building who's blasting Adele on their speakers, I get you. I really do.

Trippin' on this song since the AM. Also the album is pretty pretty decent.

Where do you guys buy your phone cases from?

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