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Kids these days are dying because of the Tide Pod challenge, cause they're too weak. We've survived the ajinomoto challenge and we turned out just apples.

Feeling some kind of way

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  • Teacher: Can you give the class an example of Pot Calling the Kettle Black? Twitter:

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    I just published “How I Developed a Sense of Self”

    Thank you #StarMoviesSecretScreening for this most amazing award. I would like to dedicate it to my haters because literally nothing is ever dedicated to them and I feel bad <3

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    I’m deceased

    🎵 I was busy dreamin’ bout Marx 🎵

    Anyone else experiencing severely pathetic internet speeds from Vodafone Mumbai?

    The best thing to have happened to my mental health lately has been BTS. How a Korean band I had never heard of before consumed my mind space in the last two months has been phenomenal, AND I AM HERE FOR IT.

    Vinod Rathod: Chuppana bhi nahi aata Jatana bhi nahi aata Humein tumse mohabbat hai Batana bhi nahi aata 7 yr old me:

    Happy birthday to literal sunshine @BTS_twt J Hope. #GoldenHobiDay ❤️

    This is the most me photo to ever exist

    Okay, I was wrong. My balls froze and fell off at HKV today.

    Delhi aake jame nahi toh kya kiya

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    Yo everyone cutting the line at #StarMoviesSecretScreening today - you guys suck. Just because you have a friend standing there does NOT MEAN YOU CAN CUT THE LINE. There are people standing there who will get bad seats because you’re an inconsiderate asshole.

    Omg I have 10k followers now. Thanks for all your love and support and unending lovely messages and sweet seeet ReTweets love you all my babies cutie pies

    0 because I reply at the speed of 0.01 sec

    Why isn't wearing sneakers with everything acceptable? Why do you HAVE to wear heels or flats or whatever else with an outfit to truly complete the look?


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