JB @thedillimirror

This guy copies more tweets than sir jadeja. https://t.co/up6x1jDCZ7

Ab tu basement main murtiya dhoondhani band karo ! https://t.co/3HomgEy7vU

So Okja was not really a fiction . https://t.co/i0tYvh16d5

Anybody has any idea what's the flight cost of taking dog to India from US ?

Why does everything gets converted into Hindu vs Muslim debate. Women was raped, people died, property ransacked. But somehow it's H vs M

Please read this . All those claiming that he was given any special treatment . https://t.co/VFp3gvUvPj

Seems like this guy is doing even worse than Trump . https://t.co/k22Okl28Gw

Not a fan of bagga at all but this guy is worst . So I should give up Hinduism before having langar at Gurudwara? https://t.co/kqeBJklIS6

Genuine question - Can I run baba business in US on L1 visa ? Deepak chopra left a huge untapped market that is wide open to be explored .

A gentle reminder on who is N sitharaman. She single handedly could make congis pee in their pants https://t.co/OSOTjDD0BY

Adnan Sami had such such soulful voice. Along with weight he lost that voice as well.

This is Yuva appreciation tweet . Has to be one of the all time best OST of Bollywood .

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