Ellen DeGeneres @theellenshow

It’s Amy Poehler’s birthday and #GuacamoleDay! Which is exactly why I have a candle in all this guac.

Happy birthday, @NickJonas! You’re only 25, but I know we can get higher.

[email protected] did some dirty dancing on my show today. https://t.co/zIwjCHWRbc

[email protected] and @ZO2_ were here today to tell me about how amazing Lonzo Ball is. https://t.co/YFsofwnF0c

This selfie is worth 10 lbs of produce. Let’s see yours. #DrinkGoodDoGood @NakedJuice #ThanksSponsor https://t.co/MJL9WXTaKw

I have the best beauty & lifestyle expert in the world. I love @KymDouglas. https://t.co/vqOrFiibrS https://t.co/sara6bFCru

I can't believe all of these noises are coming out of this one person. https://t.co/Ib6Em2PmGU

This was fun. Thanks, @LuisFonsi, for performing #Despacito! https://t.co/NeJRpXAZOe

Looks like there’s gonna be a Maroon 7. Congrats @AdamLevine & @BeePrinsloo!

[email protected] is here today, and he brought me a special gift — a brand new sneak peek at #Kingsman The Golden Circle! https://t.co/SHT5kNnmTt

I took some people to see @MagicMikeLive with @ChanningTatum. Everyone is now pregnant. https://t.co/zg4Ymij09o

[email protected] got her revenge on @ChanningTatum. Princess gown and all. https://t.co/vH9e4UubQq

⚡️ Best of Hip-Hop on my show! https://t.co/3wg7jRukME

Celine Tam is about to knock your socks off. https://t.co/rhYaroEMss

Oh! Deer! https://t.co/Gue3e9JtYO

My brand new show premieres September 19th on @YouTube! I love my YouTube audience, and it was time to show you more! #EllenShowMeMore https://t.co/P9rRWJ6wxD

If you thought @AlecBaldwin's Trump impression was good, wait till you hear mine. https://t.co/25VQPUT2pt

Cuidado not to miss this! https://t.co/1RGCy7W4YR

Apple had a big announcement, and so do I. https://t.co/VpyPWefnAZ

It's #PositiveThinkingDay AND #InternationalChocolateDay. Coincidence? I think not.

What he said. Make this go viral. https://t.co/Vcl7WpjwjZ

Happy birthday, @NiallOfficial! I can't wait to unlock your iPhone X with my face. https://t.co/63bTwcCzuS

Kids make terrible chef’s assistants. https://t.co/jDqLbtH8n2

This is some impressive freestyling. @HarryMack https://t.co/e84ViFqhYp

Who couldn't use a puppy and a bottle? https://t.co/P7glNPztW7

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