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Yes, @KimKardashian did just accidentally tell the world the gender of her baby. https://t.co/clBxCKPvAL

[email protected] did not hold back in this round of Five Second Rule. https://t.co/QEZqkKPVfz https://t.co/fV19VSJlMX

Warner Bros. replaced my billboard, so I sent them a little message. https://t.co/Rib5JvM3cW

Thanks for watching, sharing, and loving my new series, Summit. Episode 2 is here! @ellentube https://t.co/mkZnsEbl51 #EllenSummitSeries https://t.co/GOwjFV9vZD

Reuben meeting his idol, @KimKardashian, is the kind of thing you need to see today. https://t.co/dEsRWJJwCM https://t.co/pUZetYDeom

Oh, Straight People. https://t.co/MZTXYueqms

Today I asked @KimKardashian about her pregnant sisters and about the Kardashian family group text. https://t.co/Tq3cuQ1mYS

It’s true. @BTS_twt is coming to my show, and we’re saving limited space for #BTSARMY to see their performance. https://t.co/LIvF0qs0g9

I can’t bear it. https://t.co/B5nUjia1TH

Colin Farrell is a wonderful actor. Questions aren’t really his thing. #EllenShowMeMore https://t.co/kLRJ1jLmZK

[email protected] is brilliant at giving relationship advice. If you tweet me your question, he might answer it on my show. #AskDax

Happy birthday, @JimmyKimmel. What a year you’ve had. Thanks for all you do – especially making me laugh. ❤️ ya. https://t.co/xNhzBRgwX6

It’s #WorldKindnessDay! Find a new way to show the world some kindness. #ThanksSponsor https://t.co/5NqnfYzbnp https://t.co/rxBz0EBIdL

This round of Mega Memory was mega risk, mega reward. https://t.co/twM7BqjyC7 https://t.co/Db5wZzwBP4

#SweaterWeather #EDbyPetSmart https://t.co/bVFxT7NIXt

My friend @JonDorenbos in his first interview since the surgery that saved his life. https://t.co/5dcNQm48Aj

Happy birthday, Kai! I’d catch a grenade for you. https://t.co/OWjN3hMhYT

I picked three of my all-time favorite audience members to play “Don’t Leave Me Hangin'.” Here’s why. https://t.co/NRNBLWTsRw

[email protected], you’re right. They are the best. But they love you too. https://t.co/wpd3bIkEXA

The holidays are almost here, and I’m looking for the world’s greatest gift wrapper! If you know who it is, send them here. https://t.co/2x1tZ63liO

The video of the Watson Family honoring their stepdad will melt your heart. https://t.co/6ha5WSocI3

I love this new segment Ask Dr. Dax, w/ my friend @DaxShepard1. It’s the only love advice you need. #EllenShowMeMore https://t.co/Wwa3zVpS37 https://t.co/OXZkyh3y00

Happy birthday, @JoshDuhamel. I hope it’s a ripper. https://t.co/9zMCd21cVz

Colin Farrell is sexy and talented... one of my favorite combinations. https://t.co/tahBFX354y

What are these? Oh, just some of @Pharrell’s shoes for @adidas that my friend @Pharrell sent me. https://t.co/PeaTcLSRhK

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