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Visitors to RajNivas today from a School in Namalkal, Tamil Nadu. They are 98th batch of visitors today.

We would not know this if we were not doing the field rounds. Which is why it is absolutely essential for supervisors to visit the field units to raise quality and productivity in govt services..

Sharing. For my Hindi Reading friends.

Sharing. For my Tamil Reading friends.

Good #MorningNutrition

#TeamRajnivas on its 6.30AM, 124rth WeekEnd Round to MS Swaminathan Foundation Pilayarkuppam. A visit to learn and adopt good practices in comprehensive organic cultivation.

This visit has led to strengthening of knowledge sharing and networking for the benefit of rural and coastal community in Puducherry. This will bear huge rewards for immed present and future. Also enable implementation and enhancement of GOI schemes in letter and spirit.

We have best resources. But they are working in SILOS. We have to collaborate and offer to each other what we have and get for our people what they need. This coming together will provide to Puducherry what it's agricultural-rural and coastal community most needs @ANI @PTI_News

Here is the amended weekly report for all Secretaries introduced. It's implementation will fast forward transformation of Puducherry in several respects. Improve the interface and take the Government to the door step of a common man. It will raise accountability thru visibility.

Fantastic. Long awaited for India. I was lucky to catch it. Thank @StarGoldIndia who thought of this. Needed a platform of this kind to spead new ideas. @iamsrk is ofcourse the best one to anchor it. All shows b on Twitter as other TED talks r for a revisit with Transcripts.

May have look if U wish. This is concerning our morning interaction with women in Self HelpGroups, and Holistic Farming, supported by NABARD and Swaminathan Foundation..

Good #MorningNutrition

More #MorningNutrition.

More #MorningNutrition

My close friend from ICU was successfully evacuated to US this early morning, for continuing medical care, Thanks to GOI, @SushmaSwaraj, #AirIndia @MEAIndia @RajBhavanMaharashtra + close family and friends. An amazing organisational learning experienced. Pray for God's Grace.

Observed Sainik Welfare Day at RajNivas. Resolved to ensure visitation/adoption/ facilitation by Area Police+Public Officers for Sainik Families in rural or urban areas whose parent gave their lives for the country.This way they will remain supported and cared for @nsitharaman

With all your prayers my friend has reached the safest and now the surest place for her treatment. Cannot Thank #AIR INDIA , @MEAIndia @SushmaSwaraj Enuf. An amazing coordination was accomplished in limited time. Total credit to the family & friends who believed in not giving up.

Good #MorningNutrition

This ought to be the way. Not a reminder.This is the minimum we can do for the families who give us their loved ones. Flag Days b year round gratitude for men & women in uniform (in essential services who give themselves to the nation) @nsitharaman @PMOIndia @rashtrapatibhvn

Sharing. I have been doing this from the first month itself. It helps in reviews considerably. Particularly for Performance Appraisals. Also keep track of ideas which were generated for that particular month. It's a useful leadership and management tool. @DrJitendraSingh

This morning #TeamRajnivas on its 123rd Weekend Morning Round. Visiting an RO plant at Thanampalayam & a PHC Centre, Thavalakuppam. Good #MorningNutrition

Today morning round took me to an RO plant and a PHC. Life is worthwhile when it can help improve matters for those we are here to serve.

RajNivas, Puducherry was visited by Alumnies of Coimbatore Institute ofTechnology (CIT) with their spouses. They were 96th Batch of visitors to RajNivas since it opened up to visitors to see this 300 years old French Heritage building,second oldest of Governor's office in India.

This is the youth leadership in Puducherry for New India.. @rashtrapatibhvn @narendramodi_in @swachhbharat @PondyConnect @ANI @PTI_News

All in a day. Thank you for sharing @LGov_Puducherry

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