Tanmay Bhat @thetanmay

</3 https://t.co/VCsxffmmrG

Hotstar should put out a fake leak of GoT thats just one long video file that says "bkl do din ruk ja aur izzat se legally dekh le na"

Wut https://t.co/AZqgDktobp

One minutes silence for the brand manager who pays a content creator to promote a video on facebook and rake up views

Oh my god https://t.co/Reeyo3bR3m

Dogs are so pure oh god https://t.co/PJSRXpQUTd

Bund mara lo sab @sarahah_com https://t.co/M1GMKo5wOi

How is Air China?

I've got an option of NY to Bom Turkish (8 hour lay over) or Air China but no big lay over. What to do?

Main kabhi, batla tha nahi, par censor board se darta hu main maa

Someone make a third party thing that can just let you port your snapchats onto your insta stories

Jai hind! :)

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