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Farewell President Mukherjee, you rocked and how!

China *turns to India*: "Recall what happened in 1962" India *turns to Pak*: "Recall what happened in 1971" Pak *turns left then right*: FML

All those jokes on South African team coming back to bite us in the posterior #SmashesFlowerPots #WWC17Final

That's right, girls. Channel your inner Dhoni and take it to the last ball!

FACEBOOK SNIPPET: How Shivraj Singh Chouhan managed to assuage protesting MP farmers. (Via @ashwinskumar )

They should ask Nadal when he plans to retire, and if it's gonna be in X years, they should just give the next X French Open titles to him


Today's Reading Day. So order "Unreal Aliens" if you haven't already :)

Chill guys, Ashwin is just making sure Virat Kohli has a role to play in the chase #IndvsPak

Kohli walks over to Fakhar to troll him... #IndvsPak Kohli: Hi, I am Virat Fakhar: Hi, I am Fakhar K: Mother or Sister? F: ?!?! K: LOLMAX

Ashwin walks back to his fielding position after that over, disbelief writ large on his face: "Really? No boundary in that over? Wow!"

Taking a break and going to buy a dart board. On unrelated note, also printing out a pic of R Ashwin #IndvsPak

Time for Pakistan to summon their inner South Africa #IndvsPak

Birthday Special: 10 UnReal articles that celebrate the genius of Rahul Gandhi #Archives

Knew nothing about Ramnath Kovind. Turned to some media handles and immediately learnt the first thing about him - his caste.


Looks like the guy who handles Akhilesh's twitter handle is going to lose his job


[Media house in China] Editor: Hey, done with article threatening India? Writer: Yes, but it isnt scary enuf Ed: Leave that to Indian media

COMIC: A scene from a Chinese media house (by @karthlax)

Happy birthday, Captain Cool MS Dhoni! Here's a piece from our archives! via @ashwinskumar

China: Our friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than ocean... Pakistan: *blush* Thx! China: Abe hatt, we're talking abt Indian media

Inviting Dhinchak Pooja to compose a song about Sartaj Aziz. Please RT

China says RaGa met ambassador. Congress says no. If neither is lying, we've to consider a mind-boggling possibility - there is another RaGa

COMIC: What transpired in Rahul Gandhi's meeting with the Chinese ambassador (via @ashwinskumar)

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