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Mildly disappointed that he didn't mess up the spelling of Karwa Chauth in this tweet



4 years ago! #FromOurArchives

#FromOurArchives #HemaMalini contacts NASA, recommends installing Kent water purifier on Mars after water discovery


Shocking expose by Times Now -> A first class ticket to Zurich (one way) costs 8 lakhs!?! PS: Vadra indulging in shady business... Meh

Arnab, shaken by Times Now's expose, is reportedly making frantic calls to friends of Hrithik, Kangana, Sheena Bora, and some VVIPs

Chota mota error

Awesome pic selection

This day last year counts among the top days of Unreal Times

Laughter quota for the week. Check.

JUST IN: Congress leaders rush to Rahul Gandhi's home to prove that they too can stand on their haunches & balance a crumb on the nose #Pidi

JUST IN: The Ashutosh tries to get Mogu to balance a biscuit on his nose, gets bitten

Dumb idea. This will only increase tensions because PLA soldiers will start recognizing MC BCs

Congress leader: "A week ago, Modi announced massive recapitalization of banks, and now World Bank improves India's rating by 30 points!"

JUST IN: Rahul Gandhi spotted scolding Pidi for not coming up with a tweet on World Bank improving India's ranking by 30 points in EODB

Here's Sanjay Jha performing Aikido with the truth

Reporter to Piyush Goyal: "Sir, what is the biggest challenge facing Railways?" Piyush Goyal: "Nitin Gadkari"

*cough* ..thank you.. *cough* ..Punjab.. *cough* #NotUnreal

Whoa! So many mistakes just in the trailer!

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