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Her laughter haunts everyone for decades

Strongly suspect that Rahul Gandhi has read at least one of our two books ('Unreal Aliens' and 'Unreal Elections')

  • BJP official: "We had invested in an entire team dedicated to following all of Mani Shankar Aiyar's utterances. Clearly, this investment has paid off"

    JUST IN: Overjoyed party workers explode firecrackers and distribute laddoos outside party headquarters in Delhi. Party workers from both BJP and Congress.

    JUST IN: LK Advani welcomes Sonia Gandhi to the Margdarshak club

    Meanwhile in 7, RCR, the Prime Minister is saying, very slowly and deliberately "Congress President Rahul Gandhi" again and again, louder and louder, the grin on his face growing wider and wider #CongressPresidentRahuGandhi

    . @OfficeOfRG Sir, may be Pidi can help here?

    To know who delivered the documents on National Herald case to Dr. Swamy's doorstep, read Unreal Elections.


    And the Mani Shankar Aiyar award for quotable quotes goes to...

    From our archives! Budget Criticism 101: The 10 most common ways to criticize a budget [via @ashwinskumar] #Budget2018

    JUST IN: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announces new Burberry cess in #Budget2018

    First reactions: The Ashutosh: Will the Jet Li apologize for not reducing Income Texas for the middle class? #Budget2018

    The Whatsapp Express #1 - Right on TOP.

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    Effect of sending a self-driven car out into space

    We asked 10 office-goers about the jobs they were doing. 100% of them said that they were doing it because of majboori and that they would rather sip pina colada on a Goa beach

    Congress insider - "Only way we have a chance in 2019 is if both Modi and Rahul don't talk, because everytime they talk, BJP gets additional votes. We can't do much about Rahul talking, but we sure as hell can prevent Modi from talking"

    Rahul Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi: Um, I didn't get that joke at all... Sonia Gandhi: Me neither...

    Seems like Rohit Sharma came in during Modi's wisecrack on Renuka and departed before the House stopped laughing

    Hyena laugh in the House - Left foot in mouth PM of this 'category' comment - Right foot in mouth

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