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Today even the right wingers won’t be able to argue with assertions that Rahul Gandhi has come of age

JUST IN: Jubilant chants of "Major blow to Modi" heard as far as 1 km from NDTV office in New Delhi

Rain God: "F### the Gormint. Mujhe hi pollution ka kuch karna padega" #RainsInGurgaon

JUST IN: Indian security agencies waiting for #ChristianMichel with a pair of handcuffs and a pollution mask at the airport

JUST IN: #ChristianMichel steps out of the aircraft, takes in two lungfuls of air, and collapses on the tarmac

JUST IN: India thanks #ChristianMichel for coming to India and getting the media to move on from #NickYankaReception news.

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