Tom Hanks @tomhanks

Me and Steve the Truck Driver stuck in hwy const. We were both hauling STEEL up 93! Hanx

From a Kindergarten class. Hanx

Not "Fake". Hanx.

Insect? Bunny rabbit? Bird beak? Nope. Lost single glove, made of leather. Pricey loss. Hanx.

Great writing. True story. Wise men, all. Hanx.

Bill Paxton was, simply, a wonderful man. A wonderful man... Hanx.

Artist Bill Mauldin got it right. Hanx.

Let’s be good Americans! Let’s all go! Hanx!

No Fake News here! Hanx.

I got a new truck! I'm going camping! Hanx.

Kick off your shoes and dance? Done! Hanx

Ah, you Kooky Kids! Hanx

That is correct. Woody Harrelson! I want a ticket! In St. Louis. Hanx (not Harrelson)

What Would The Snake say? Maybe, "Throw deep, baby, in Oakland." Hanx.

Not lost, perhaps. Certainly mismatched. Hanx!

Tonight, take a stand for our rights and liberties with funsters Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and a bunch of others to raise money for the ACLU...

We'll memorize the Preamble to our Constitution, together! Gonna be a blast! And, the defense of Liberty needs the bucks...

Join us all on Facebook Live from 7pm eastern. "We the people…”

So do I. Hanx

A God died today. Don Rickles, we did not want to ever lose you. Never. Hanx.

This is why my hair looks such a mess! Hanx

An hour later. Who took my brush??? Hanx

Shameless Self-promotion! Beware! Major HanxWriter announcement coming tomorrow. Hanx

Hey, Baby, it's me. Happy Mothers Day! I love you everyday and so much. Hanx

New Hanx Writers! Thousands cheer! Now in 7 Languages. See the link. Hanx!

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