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Was just reading about @MoSalah 🔥 https://t.co/WXJXf01YUX

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Anushka Sharma Impact. https://t.co/VjL1GfRK18

Rainy Mumbai from the top. https://t.co/6UOUtkUs22 https://t.co/GcuTc1CwuK

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According to in-flight magazines, all colleges in India are too damn awesome. https://t.co/rsXZ9892aG

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Has anyone found the guy in this video? https://t.co/nHuQBiEBBM

Not a fan of Virat Kohli going after a citizen on social media. Seemed quite elitist tbh.

Pin-pointing & shaming one single guy for littering knowing your social media clout isn't the best way to spread awareness about cleanliness. But then, it's only MY opinion. Right intent, wrong execution. https://t.co/pDbEwoauyB

In parallel universe... https://t.co/EHK1ZwjWkv

Fathers are unsung heroes like Rahul Dravid.

Happy #FathersDay 😊 https://t.co/NWCjijcXiU https://t.co/H46Sf6pXjT

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Quoting Oscar Wilde. https://t.co/MZeAcxMICw

"Every time they go on to the field, they remind themselves of the difficult lives back home and vow to give their fellow Afghans reason to celebrate." #INDvAFG https://t.co/siHaGf24G3

Great to see Robbie Williams at the opening ceremony of FIFA #WorldCup 1998.

Good match, amigos. #PORESP https://t.co/lU9DVlaQ1f

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Every FIFA #WorldCup I regret losing touch with Club Football. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

WOW. @Cristiano ⚽ https://t.co/z2WokOXAdx

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