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Good read. by @vinodkambli349

I don't smile in pictures™

Never short of news in this country.

Value of Miss World crown seems to have been diluted over the years.

The Padmavati issue is distracting us from real issues like another IND v SL cricket series.

The Zuckerberg delusion.

Wonder what Suhel Seth's résumé looks like. He is an expert on literally everything.

Should have paid more attention during History lecture in school in 2003 to comment insightful things about #Padmavati on Twitter in 2017. Ashamed.

First movie in Bollywood history whose marketing budget is -10 crores.

Will Bitcoin touch $10,000 in December?

Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by a WhatsApp uncle masquerading as Sir Tharoor.

Another clean chit to @ShashiTharoor

Kids in Western countries have stopped participating in talent hunts fearing that they'll have to party with Farah Khan and gang in Bombay some day.

Kindly report this person who is intruding on personal life of @rahulroushan

This is what refined form of Karni Sena looks like. Open threats given to citizens. Hope the elites will take notice.

"Behind the Facebook profile you’ve built for yourself is another shadow profile, built from inboxes & smartphones of other Facebook users"


Everyone looks 30% smarter in winter clothing.

This man is living in 3017.

#Trivia Mr. Jasper Newton is Jack Daniel.

1997: Technology will change the world one day. 2017:

I am developing an app where you log in to Tinder, it opens shaadi dot com.


Happy Birthday @imVkohli . It's slightly difficult to accept that you're the greatest batsman of all time after Sachin. Love you, champ.

#BreakfastWithChampions on YouTube feat. @gauravkapur is a treat for all cricket lovers. Loved the episodes with Nehraji, Yuvraj and Kohli.

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